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  1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. 


    The sign is a bit of I think balsa wood? (I've had it lying around forever) That I shaped with sandpaper and some clippers then wrapped in thin cardboard to make the border. The letters are for scrapbooking . Then slathered the whole thing in many layers of mod podg. The pots are just paper I painted up with a little UV resin inside for the "broth" and more paper for the noodles.

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  2. SO my brain has been taken over by Cyberpunk. Being me I've turned my obsession onto crafting  and started building and painting some Cyberpunk miniatures for If/when I get to run a game of Cyberpunk Red or even Shadowrun. First up is a Solo/street sam type I put together from a Jyn Erso from starwars legions miniature game. Replacer her right arm and left leg and Scratchbuilt a hand.










    I'd love to Hear what you think.


    More pics Here

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