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  1. Thank you! I love the Genestealers. Bought an Icon ward on a whim and loved them ever since painting him.
  2. Well I don't just paint Reaper minis. I painted this one up lats year. Rather proud of this guy. I'd love to hear what you all think. I have more detail shots if anyone is interested https://othikent.deviantart.com/art/Genestealer-Patriarch-Detail-Games-workshop-716107576
  3. Thought I'd post some of my earlier work. This is a speed paint I did a while ago. Feedback appreciated
  4. Nice job. I like the NNM of the cleaver, and the basing is good too. I like this mini painted one of these myself awhile ago.
  5. Thanks, every one. Glad you enjoy my work.
  6. Painted this up the other day. Had fun with it. Haven't had a ton of practice with faces this size, or doing makeup. Had trouble getting the face to photograph right kept coming out blurry. Hope you all enjoy. Feedback appreciated!
  7. Just another quick speed paint. Feedback appreciated
  8. Thanks! glad you all like it. It was a fun if quick project.
  9. Nicely done. I like the skin tone you've achieved.
  10. After my huge cthulhu project I thought I'd unwind with a few simple projects. Here's the first. Just a simple speed paint but I'm happy with it. Feedback welcome, hope you all enjoy.
  11. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like it. I'm rather proud of how he turned out. Sure here you go. I also have some detail shots if your interested https://othikent.deviantart.com/art/Great-Cthulhu-Detail-reaper-745231103
  12. My first post here, Been lurking for a bit and decided it was time to share some of my work. So here's my latest completed project. I'd love to hear what people think. If you're interested I have more detailed shots Here
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