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  1. Damn! That puts a damper on my plans... All well. back to the drawing board Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks! Thought it looked scifi took a gamble. Like I said it was found in a bin of random bits. Now I just have to find a matching right arm.
  3. Not sure this is the right place but I thought I'd go for it anyway. Found this bit in the bits box at a local Games store, and I'd love to know what it's from.
  4. I bring another offering from the Lancer RPG by Massif Press. The Genghis a "Total Biome Kill" mech built to burn everything in sight and leave not but charcoal in it's wake. A fun and challenging build built I've very happy with. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  5. So I recently found and fell in love with the Lancer RPG from Massif Press, And decided I needed to build a few miniatures for some of the mechs from the game. Took me a bit but I cobbled together a Raleigh. A "Front line" mech frame with a gunslinger flavor I love. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  6. Sure! I did the glow effect by dry brushing increasingly lighter shades of blue. The lightning I did with thinned white and a thin blue glaze to tie it all together.
  7. Glad you all like it! It was a fun project, glad I decided to go the extra mile and do the power effect on the hammer.
  8. Found some Space Marine Heroes blind boxes and pulled Brother Aramus. I'm happy with the results, and happy to get a project done. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  9. Thanks! Glad everyone likes it!
  10. Picked this Mei Feng up at a bits trading event at my local games store a bit a go and decided to give her a paint up. She was already assembled and attached to a base when I got it. the person to put her together did little cleanup and left some bad gaps but i did my best to smooth everything out. She was just glued to the base with no other basing work done so a broke up some coffee stirrers and tried to blend them in. Once I was done with the paint job I decided I wanted to try some freehand with a tattoo and I'm not completely pleased but I think it's passable. Any more fiddling and I risk
  11. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like him! The one right after the mildly scaring part. That could work. Sounds like an awesome adventure! Ha ha! Short circuit is still a good kids movie, not sure how well it holds up but I'd recommend it any day.
  12. Thanks everyone! Glad you like them!
  13. Found these guy at my local Games store and love the sculpts, so I decided to give them a paint. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  14. Awesome job! I love the head! And the freehand on the book is amazing!
  15. Glad you guys like it! As for it's accuracy, it's more of an inspired by kitbash than an attempt to fully recreate it. As for the eyebrows, it might me possible but at this scale I'm not sure how feasible they would be. I'm amazed the hands I scratch built are as sturdy as they have turned out to be. I'd be afraid the eyebrows would just break off at any provocation.
  16. Johnny 5 is alive! Got this Idea in my head awhile ago and it finally crystallized when I was at a bits trading event at my local games store and found the perfect piece for a head. Once I had it I built him in a few sessions. The longest bit was the base unit witch had to be cobbled together/ scratch built the fiddlyist bits where the neck and hands. I'd love to hear what you all think! If your interested I can post links to my WIPs forbthe build as well.
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