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  1. I'll get a link up as soon as I can.
  2. I've done a few but I don't tend to do WIPs mostly because I'm terrible at remembering to document my work. But since this is my first bust and going to be a slower process than most of my projects I figured I'd give it a go. I got my hands on Ouroboros miniatures New Skin bust a bit ago. Fell in love with this sculpt the first time I saw it, and I only hope I can do it justice. My work on the bust has been slow going so far. I've gone about clipping off the gates and cleaning up the rough patches and seam lines. And attached the arms, I'm keeping the head loose as a sub assembly at the moment. I've pinned the arms and the skin flaps to the hands as well for added strength as the connection point is very small and I fear them breaking. Then I did a bit of green stuff work to fill in the minor gaps around the arms and smooth the seam where the skin flaps meat the fingers. At this point I'm sick of sanding and looking forward to the next step. Now I've got to give her a bath to ensure any mold release is gone after that I'll get her fixed to a cork and on to priming.
  3. Glad everyone likes it! I've been trying to work on my skin tones and blending, glad to hear it's paying off. Thank you! Finally getting some more use out of my old mage knight figures.
  4. Just a quick little project I had some fun with. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  5. Great work over all! Love the color scheme and the shield is a great touch.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to adjust for next time.
  7. This was an experiment on my part with harsher highlights and some crude NNM. Over all I'm happy with the result, even if the face was a bit soft on this sculpt. I'd love to hear what you think.
  8. Othikent

    Tavern Terrain

    Nice work! Your detail work is great.
  9. Great work! I'm a sucker for mini dioramas.
  10. Thanks for all the info. And I'm glad you all like it!
  11. I picked this Miniature up somewhere awhile ago. I know nothing about the game it's for or why I bought it. But I decided to to finally do something with it. Originally I was just going to paint her up, but as I put her together I decided she needed some customization. I decided to go with a post apocalyptic feel and decided she was too lightly equipped. First I decided to add the bed roll under the back pack with green stuff. Had some extra made up and added the shoulder pad and gas mask as well. I had some very small scale guns (No idea who made them) and added a pistol to her hip and was done. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  12. Good work! I always found the Dark Young a bit more disturbing when painted in skin tones.
  13. Great work. Both the sculpting and paint work are well done.
  14. Great job. Live the drool.
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like it. This was a very fun project.
  16. "The War devastated all, this service bot persists. Festooned with old wires and dead compactors, trinkets of the fallen. In reverence of lost companions and wrecked warriors and grips a fetish of bone to protect against the organic. It wanders the wastes contemplating the code. " After my Renegade Drone I was still in a post robot uprising mood and dug through my collection of figures, and I found the Tin Man Figure. After clipping off the ax and a good long stare I came with the idea of a robotic shaman. Decided he had perhaps repaired himself with bits from a police robot thus the mismatched arm and leg. The kit bash is nowhere as extreme as the renegade drone but I'm happy with it. Just a few bits from my bitz box and a bit of greenstuff for the necklace of wires and he was done. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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