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  1. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like him!

    On 10/31/2019 at 8:57 AM, Corsair said:

    I crack up at the scene in Short Circuit 2 where he is gunning up and they start playing "I need a hero".

    The one right after the mildly scaring part.


    On 11/1/2019 at 9:04 AM, Corsair said:

    I was thinking about his eyebrows. If you use some thin sheet brass you can cut them to shape and epoxy them on, they should hold up then.

    That could work.


    22 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:

    So, this is awesome! Which reminds me, I have an NPC in a campaign I've been running for years now. The setting is basically D&D Hogwarts and I have a Warforged NPC that is a teacher in it named "Professor Johnathan Five" that teaches History Class. A major plot point involved the PCs, students at the school, discovering that his memory was tampered with when he started a lesson on "The Demon War" and immediately went into a sort of debug mode and then started teaching a completely different lesson. This eventually lead to time travel that included meeting several professors as students. And attempts to get the Druid's partants together!



    Sounds like an awesome adventure!


    22 hours ago, snitchythedog said:

    Be careful..  Lost Raven is trying to generation gap us!!.  Darn you kids and all of your young!!!  (shakes my walker in the direction of the kids on my lawn)

    Ha ha! Short circuit is still a good kids movie, not sure how well it holds up but I'd recommend it any day. 

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  2. Glad you guys like it!


    As for it's accuracy, it's more of an inspired by kitbash than an attempt to fully recreate it. 


    As for the eyebrows, it might me possible but at this scale I'm not sure how feasible they would be. I'm amazed the hands I scratch built are as sturdy as they have turned out to be. I'd be afraid the eyebrows would just break off at any provocation. 

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