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  1. I've had this lying around for awhile and decided to paint it up and make a little display for it. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  2. Found this miniature at a new local games store and picked it up. It's for the skirmish game Twisted. The sculpt is great but at a metal miniature it is a bit prone to bending. I love the style of it and will certainly be on the look out for more miniatures from Demented Games in the future. I even tried a bit of OSL and I think it works well enough. Love to hear what you all think.
  3. The alternate sculpt for the Flesh Construct for Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures. Picked this one up awhile ago and after the undead troll I decided to paint him up. The sculpt was pretty good for a metal miniature, the face was a bit muddy on the right side and I had no luck attaching the left hand. So I left it on the base as if it fell off. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  4. Thanks! Glad you all like him. The skin tone was an experiment on my part, happy it worked out.
  5. Painted this one up the other day at a painting day at a local games store. Very happy with the result and I couldn't resist adding a bit of drool. I'd love to hear what you all think.
  6. Keep it up! I'd encourage you to branch out it can be fun and great practice. Dollar stores have a lot of repurposable stuff and no worry about screwing up an expensive miniature. BONUS: I was at the dollar store again and grabbed a comparison shot!
  7. Thank you! I was a bit u certain about the color choices but it came together nicely.
  8. Sorry I am not Canadian. I got it at a Dollar Tree. No idea if their in Canada or not.
  9. Thanks! I used army painter brush on primer through my airbrush. I didn't bother washing it just whent straight to priming. I had a little bit of chipping at the beginning but I patched it up with a bit more primer and was gentle with the first few coats of paint. Hope that helps.
  10. I was at a dollar store the other day and spotted some little "Paper weight" marvel busts. The factory paint job was terrible but the sculpt was passable so I decided to grab spider-man here and get in some practice on busts and different scales than I'm used to. He originally came on a tinny crappy plinth that had seam lines I could have shaved with and even had the little spider-man logo painted on upside down. So I cut him off it, eventually I'll find a replacement I like but that could take awhile. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture but by the time I remembered that it was al
  11. Thanks! I hope you finish yours, I'd love to see it.
  12. Great color work and I love the base.
  13. Thank you! Glade everyone likes it! Such a contrasting color scheme was a gamble for me but I'm happy it turned out so well.
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