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  1. Chrome, thanks for that.. Spartan6, It's not an official rule, just don't use it. no one is hard done by, it's not in the rule book.. abngi, It's differnet in that you have to move to walk, etc. costing power, changing bonuses on the shot etc. if you can just pop up on it's legs, and this is another can of worms, you could be clasified as not moving etc. and if you pop up shoot then move you can get further away and hopefuly right out of harms way. anyway there are differences.
  2. I agree, shoot at, get shot back with defencive fire. so be it.
  3. Actually I have never had a problem with it. It might not be official rules, but that's why the question. No, not all mecha would become multi-leg they can't and keep their configs and battlefield use. It made sense to me that the CAV could rise on it's multi part legs to see over level 1 terrain and then drop back into cover, yes you get the defensive fire back. I am yet to see this "break" any balance the game has. And I've played every game, except official demos with this rule; it makes for some fun... Spiders don't need to pop-up they seem to get used for other things than direct fire.. But just to make sure you all know, this is not an official rule so ignore this thread if you don't like it.. sorry. Thanks
  4. Thanks for that, yes, I was in the BL program and I'm sure that's where it was discussed. but I thought it went a bit furhter than discussion, not official but more along the lines of the house rule stuff on Mil-Net... Thanks
  5. OK people, I have been searching for a friend who asked me where this rule came from, I remember seeing it as either an advance discussion or some such thing. I just can not find it anywhere... some one please help... the rule is the one where the scorpion can rise up on it's legs to shoot over low terrain etc. then drop again, Or am I just on drugs, and dreaming I saw this. He really wants to know as he loves the dang Scorpion CAVs... Thanks..
  6. Darkrelease, I use the thin wire for shafts, and for the fletching just ordinary paper. I cut small pieces of paper to shape (with fine scissors) using tweezers glue them to the wire with superglue then cut the paper to shape and for the feather effect and coat with more glue. Works great for me. Neil
  7. Chrome. Thanks, I'll try it out. I knew the person that I was demoing too when Coogle was seeing how devastating the DF can be. Mind you he got a one shot kill ( we it might as well have been ) on the Rhino next game... And then the game after that I did slow down on the DF and the guys playing were asking why I wasn’t shooting DF as much as I could. But the Rhino does do some nasty damage at times so I was trying to let them see the game in action and not kill them off. Neil.
  8. Coogle, Thanks for coming, It wasn't bad for the first demo there. Yes I was running the Hunt the Rhino demo where Defensive fire can be a killer, in larger games as the others have stated it's not as destructive to the flow of the game. After you left we had some others come and play, but maybe I didn't explain defencive fire well. the card flipping the guys are talking about happened every time a different mech had it's turn, so in the Demo it was 1 mecha 1 turn so defencive fire appear to be limmitless as it recycled when each mech had it's go. But in a 3000 or bigger game if a section of 4 mechs activates and shoot the Rhino then he can only shoot back at one of them. that's the big difference. the demo is only really designed to show the mechanics of the game. I appologise if the way I explained it last night was confusing. Correct me if I'm wrong people please. I'm trying not to confuse people.. Neil
  9. Ouch.... that's very very nice, I must study further your report and actually try some nmm myself.. Thanks for that, sharing techniques is very much appreciated. Neil
  10. Haven't seen it, but it wouldn't be hard to improve, yes I watched the origonals too...
  11. thanks Frank, and BB, helped me get another convert :D to the growing ranks of CAV. Neil
  12. I have a friend who wants to play and asked me what a good size and composition for a normal game. So I'm asking you guys for your thoughts on what a good 3 section force would be for starters.. Thanks Neil
  13. Yes, but the Samurai miniatures could be used for a historical army... and or system.. go Crane :D
  14. Thanks Ladystorm, couldn't see them before :( must have had a blind fold on Neil
  15. where can I see these minis, I love to see the general and Co but don't get much down here. Neil
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