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  1. my daughter elisabeth anne 5 months old currently
  2. very nice think i shall get him even though dwarf wizards are abominations but its a nice fig and exelent paint job
  3. looking for a rakshasa mini for the rappan athuk dungeon by necromancer games also need jackleweres
  4. thanks all im currently leaning torwards blitzkrieg commander , think i will order 1 mini from old glory 1 from quality casting and 1 battlefront then go from there , for me rules gota be easy and fast , and my minis gota be cheap since to actualy play anything i have to buy 2 armys , none of my friends are gamers commited enough to buy there own stuff but willing to play with mine ,
  5. hey all im looking into getting into 15mm ww2 minature gameing and would like some advice on different rulessets unfurtunatly i live in a blackhole gameing state so anything i buy other then games workshop stuff i got to buy online so cant go to a store to check things out . so far in concideration is command decision III or blitzkrieg commander and maybe flames of war but thet seems to much like gamesworkshop with the suplements . also any one have experience with the old glory 15mm ww 2 minis how are they comared to battlefront figs?
  6. i seen the website but was wondering how small they were compared to reaper's darkheaven line are they true 25mm or larger ? 10 meatal mounted figs for about the cost of 8 the evil empires plastics seeems like a great deal. 30 metal infantry for 33 wohoo.
  7. anyone have experience with oldglorys historical figs ? especialy the war of the roses line ?
  8. as far as i know ralpartha went under because they became a part of fasa and when fasa went so did they , but ralpartha is back now same guys just a new name ironwind metals
  9. about how well does warlord play at about 2,000 point does it get boged down ? ive collected alot of necropolis and havent played a game yet. i plan on collecting an oposeing force about same size so i can play my wife since i cant get to any locale game stores , closes ones over 45 miles away.
  10. the court of abyst has some male half fiends
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