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  1. Whoa, you guys are fast!! THANK YOU!!! Now, I read that the store is getting a redesign... . My suggest would be to have a drop down listing the material a particular sculpt is available in, and the cost next to that. Just my $.02. BRB buying all the things.....
  2. Totally new to the Reaper brand, so forgive me if this is mentioned somewhere else..... When I look at the Mousling line of minis, I see a few different models that are listed as 2 separate SKUs and 2 different prices but there's zero information about them so I don't know what's up with that. For example with SKU 03744 it's $7.49, while — SKU 77290 is $2.99 (Mousling Druid & Beekeeper). I've also noticed this with the King & Princess, Ranger & Yeoman, etc. The cheaper models are shown with a B next to them on the table as well. The only other difference I've no
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