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  1. Super simple, but I dig how shroomish they look
  2. Still love my reaper, but wiz kids has some nice monsters
  3. Thanks...the tentacles came out kinda wonky, but I’m overall happy with it
  4. Can’t remember the mold, sorry...added some GW heads I had laying around. Needed an executioner for a game...seemed fitting
  5. Very simple, lazy even...but he’s ghostly enough for a session
  6. It’s Bones...Battleguard Golem
  7. Undertaker is very plan, just messing with light effects
  8. Aquarium grass...I had some laying around for use in jungle scenery...cheap at any pet store
  9. I love the poses, but the face on this mold is terrible. Either way, I had fun painting them up!
  10. Love it...that’s a mini I’ve passed over cause it looked rather bland, but you have me thinking twice
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