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  1. I would certainly like a Mouseling KickStarter too- with 'to scale' critters for a Mouseguard session maybe?
  2. Yuppers, I was just doing randomness because I could, while trying to remain in the 'rules' of real cut pupkins: Keeping conections so you can be more elaborate! Now that I think back on it, I should have gotten fancier with how to do the eyes. This is good practice to actually make real pumpkins!
  3. Okay everyone, time to start making up your Acorn Jack-o-lanterns for the year: Here's my four! Based on pennys (Froggy style) and made from acorns, epoxy (To disguise the pennies), pennies, and Paint.
  4. I'll show you a forest fire you stinking git! Only YOU can prevent the forest firing-squad from killing you!
  5. Hehe this bloke gives new meaning to 'flower power'! Bravo, your froggyness! Still using those sheet-metal bases you like, I see.
  6. Wemic. Haven't seen a new wemic mini in a LONG time by ANYONE. Cat-raurs. MEOW! Chitter
  7. I'll just hand him the leftovers of my last SG jug- I get together with him enough. It may suck, but it's a laugh at the same time!(Going to bring one of my mages over to his house and get a photo of him next to it just for a good laugh- 'the winner of the duel'
  8. Adding to the kitty-nation of the board, I present, Lily- who was born pure white(No jokes!) on Jan second of 2004.
  9. Wonderfully done- I like the way that you had a spiralling staircase of sorts on the outside that is actually friendly to the minis for showing where they are! I feel sorry for any trolls or larger that try climbing up there though! I should get around to making some scenery for my demos out of foam- I have this dungeon-crawl scenario in mind that I think could be fun.
  10. For lightning, I've found(As been shown by others, such as Mel) that having two lesser lights, or even three, is much better than one super-powered spotlamp for mini pics. Also, for digital camera pics, take the pics at your highest resolution, and if you have a macro function, it does wonders. Remember: You can reduce resolution easily enough- but can't up the resolution and expect the pic to look nice afterwards. I use a Spypen Zyra 3.3 megapixel camera- very nice, very low price if you find a computer show with them, and the only qualm I've ever had is the lack of battery life(It eats the things like I drink Mountain Dews)
  11. Love the green, the way you shaded it, and especially the clean bores of the barrels- did you drill them, or is that the stock for that mini? They look too clean for a basic stock, considering the scale of those bores. The 'headlights' are a nice touch to make the thing 'alive' as a vehicle!
  12. Rear View, for the shield's detailings. :)
  13. Well, in the fluff for the game, it says Iks has a Crimson knight shield- So, I gave him a scratchbuilt shield 'upgrade'- comments on the look? Was way too plain on the inside idge, and when I finished the shield, the tip broke- I think the break is a good thing though- makes the shield look more 'borrowed' this way. (Edit) The shield is putty, based on Athak the Crimson Knight's shield- not an actual metal shield. :P (Edit)
  14. Thanks for all the tipoffs, friends- I'll be painting a fresh one for my Warlord demo kit soon, and since it's a haracter, I'll put full detail into it like this one.
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