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  1. anyone with the barge know if it can be used without the middle section? might make for some variety if you can....
  2. I was kinda hoping for this actually. Just looking at it I felt I would be to big to transport to a game session. Quick question: could you concievable drop out the middle section without it looking to funky? Just trying to think of alternate uses for the barge.
  3. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE REAPER SAID THE SHIPMENT WAS IN CHINA????? All they have said is that they are still “awaiting *one more* container”. The last update indicated expected landfall of the container to be “the first week of March” i.e. NEXT WEEK. NOTHING they said in update 116 indicates it hasn’t shipped!!!!! Simply that AS EXPECTED, they have not recieved word that the ship is in port yet, something that according to Update 115 would happen NEXT WEEK. They have also indicated that they are exploring options so they don’t have to wait for that container.waiting for the container could mean waiting another2-3 weeks after it arrives in port. Other options, like air COULD get what Reaper needs to begin waves 1, 2, and 3 without having to wait for their container.
  4. Has anyone at Reaper confirmed that there is a delay? i don't see anything in the new update that goes contrary to the announced time table. They said in the last update that they expected the ship container to arrive the first week of March. All i see is Reaper being anxious to receive their last container which according to the previous update they should still be waiting on. they have also added on that they are exploring options to get the pledges out shouold that container be delayed further. Am I just overly optimistic here?
  5. Here’s my take on Wyrmgear, painted as gift for Valetine’s Day.
  6. Did some digging a few months ago when i had the same question and found it, promptly saved it for future use.
  7. This might help you Nunae, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure/comments?cursor=18097235#comment-18097234
  8. I don't and it's not much to look at. Mostly just a red smudge with some orange in sort of the right place for eyebrows. Thank you both! That's what i get for using my phone, I didn't intend to post these, mostly i was taking a couple quick shots to send to a friend. Thanks for the advice. The sword kinda happened by accident really.
  9. These are the first figures I painted after lurking around here for a few months. Think they came out well.
  10. So i did the math at 392 miniatures i'm paying ~1.14 per mini. Not bad all things considered.
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