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  1. Gnomes are the smallest army right. Cant be but a few inches each!!
  2. Thanks, Yes I'm painting them to play with. The chests do have a some wash but these pics really don't show very good detail. I painted the chest and armor a dark grey. Then did a wash in black, Using a big brush to keep the wash off the raised areas. Then went over the areas 4-5 times with very thin layers of silver/gun metal. Basing is not something I'v ever done. Going to have to give that some thought. thanks.
  3. I Used to play warhammer 40K with the old rogue trader rule book. And some old battletech. So needless to say its been a long time ago. Back then a base coat and painted shoulder pads was about as detailed as we ever got. Since then I only got into warzone just before it went under. So while I'm not real new to painting, I'm new to trying to paint well. I'm getting a group here playing Warlord so I'm working on a few small armies to run some demos at the local shop. Here are my crusaders so far. Sorry for the terrible pic quality. Still trying to figure out best setting on my camera for minis.
  4. Oh yeah, ok. I knew about the book but for some reason my mind took a vacation there for a post.
  5. Beta for what? is there another set of rules coming out? what did I miss?
  6. I use figures from my Reptus warlord army lol
  7. And then again. that is how much it cost to play with 1000 points. Around here we pay a lot of skirmishes with 500 points. Not every one plays with 1000 or even 500 for that matter. Some games really break down at low point because of varying cost of some troops. I find that warlord is pretty balanced and totally playable at all different level. We even thought about trying a royal rumble with just warlords in an arena with one or two body guards and gear. Or maybe any leader could work as long as all the points are even.
  8. That looks good. thanks for the advice.
  9. I have a number of old mutant chronicle capitol guys. they are in armor and assault rifles but nothing too crazy.
  10. ~Copied from my warlord blog~ So I have started to put my crusader army together. So far I have picked up Duke Gerard as my warlord. And Sir Brannor As a captain for my second unit to field. I also picked up an army pack of 9 Justicars. I have used the army creator over on reapergames.com to make more than a dozen different lists using these guys. So far I'm pretty happy with these choices. The Duke is a bit expensive in points, But he is "the Duke" after all. I figure I might as well have my big bad be "the big bad" of the faction. Or Big Good in this case. I really chose Sir Brannor because he is a justicar and thought he would be a good choice since my army pack was all justicar. My one concern with the 9 justicar from the army pack is they are the most expensive soldier in my factions list. I'm not sure if I want all 9 in one unit or split between two different units. Looking at the unit cards they are a very tough and solid unit though. Maybe I will use 6 or so at part of "the Dukes" posse. And then the other 3 as part of Brennors mob. With that in mind I could get an elite or two for The duke. Maybe Finari. Get a hospitlier for each unit. And round out Sir Brennors unit with a few Templar knights. This leaves a big question for a solo or a hero. I would love to just pick up Guardian angel, But a solo that cost more than my warlord may be a bad choice points wise with my target being 1000 maybe better when I shoot for 1500 points. Another thing to consider is this list has no ranged other than spells. If I am looking to do 1500 maybe the next unit should be some Ivy crown archers.
  11. That made me LOL for real.
  12. I saw on an online store there was a preorder button for savage north. It said it was to be a hard bound and was asking 30$ I think it was. Is any of that true? I'll see if I can find it again and link it. Found it
  13. It was anounced a while back. Greenronin is making the tabletop RPG How I found out about the game back during the first announcement. I am a total GR fan boy. So I'm getting it. That dwarf looks much cooler in the pic on their website. Or is that the same dwarf? Ok there may or may not be another or similar red headed dwarf. Chopping at a wolf. I guess dwarves just look cooler when screaming into battle....or drunk. Or screaming into battle drunk. Otherwise they look like the other picture.
  14. Making the bases part of the tile floor is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. genius!
  15. The metal ones are for lieutenants for the expansion road to legends, which iv got. Yeah I like the ones that come with it. But fantasy flight message boards are ripe with player created heroes cards. Just though I might print a few on card stock if i could find minis to fit them LOTR minis? hmmm they are a bit smaller aren't they? any one know what size they actually are? I'v been told they are smaller than other GW figures but never seen one to compare.
  16. HANZO

    Any pictures?

    Well I can see why there is not a lot of photos on the warlord boards...It all makes sense now j/k
  17. I can see the beholder saying "you tak'in to me, you tak'in to me?" And that bull headed thing....is ....freaky. love it
  18. I'm really surprised there isn't a Post here for showing off your painted units. Conversion pics. Alt minis. Any thing?
  19. I think that is good advice. Maybe ill just show off the cool minis instead . I just ordered enough for two 500 pt armys of both crusader and reptus. I went with a warlord for each (gerald and khong-to), I figure might as well show off a big bad for each. one elite for each (nai-khanon and sir brannor) since I think painted they will look great. And a 9 pack of justicars and 6 pack of reptus warriors. These were two of the three I wanted to check out and maybe play. The other was dwarfs. Maybe ill get them next month. ~EDIT~ I just realized Sir Brannor is a captin, not an elite. ment to get a Finari, Well That was a Snafu.
  20. I just got my warlord 2nd book a week and a half ago. I did what I always do to books that will see a lot of use. I cut the binding and put it in a 2" binder with sleeves. This is great because I can pull out and use the unit cards. Or pull them out to photo copy them easily.
  21. Sorry, Hope that didn't come across as bad talking reapers way of running black lightning or anything else. But as some one who has drummed up interest in other games in this area I know what it will take. Having a preexisting player base needs to be in place before the demo is all I was saying. Just don't want what I said taken wrong.
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