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  1. We're 100% Funded! Huge thanks to everyone here for your support! We're live for a few more days so you can still pledge if you like - we've recently added a whole lot of playmats to choose from (basically the whole Playmats.EU catalogue - in classic rubber or double-sided eLeather) which you can even if bridges aren't your thing :)
  2. Hello again! Sorry for possibly spamming the board, just thought you guys may be interested: we're 60% funded at the moment (yay!), and the bridges were recently reviewed by WarGamerGirl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh_Ojuh6e4U
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to say thank you again and let you know we've added an extra bridge model available for every backer. :) Check it out! - http://kck.st/2JEME8c
  4. Cheers guys! Thanks for the kind words! :) I think it's safe to say we're past the first rush - we're still planning to expand the Add On list with stuff from the Playmats.EU catalogue (since we're offering flat shipping) and the Stretch Goals will get an overhaul, with a new type of bridge unlocked already when we hit the Funded level. Thanks again guys, and if you're strapped for cash but feel like helping tell your friends about the campaign - it's possible they've looked at it (we had lots of visitors on day 1) but didn't pledge because there wasn't a Saver Level. :)
  5. Cheers Jeneki! I really hope we get to unlock some of the SG stuff! That goblin in a bucket cracks me up every time I see him :) On that topic, I come bearing great news for everyone who finds the >$49 price tag to steep. We've just announced a new Saver Pledge Level - for $34 you can snag one of our highly detailed unpainted resin bridges and help unlock more models! Check it out! - http://kck.st/2JEME8c
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know, we are hearing you re: the price point. We're looking into ways of making the models more cost effective without sacrificing the high quality, the latter being the sole idea behind Resinarium. We were hoping a flat shipping fee (irrespective of the amount of bridges) would be useful, since it'd allow people to pool their orders together, but obviously that only helps so much. I will let you know as soon as we think of anything! And in the meantime, if you have any questions, I'll happily answer them.
  7. There are, and they're cheaper than the painted versions. One of the reasons we chose resin instead of cheaper material is because it's great for painting. We're actually surprised by how many people went for the unpainted option - almost half the people pledged for the unpainted cast! Edit: ninja'd ;)
  8. Link: http://kck.st/2JEME8c Playmats.Eu isn't a new name for many gamers. They've been supplying playmats, 2D terrain and even some 3D accessories to retail customers worldwide and even provided components for a few successful Kickstarters. Now they've launched a campaign for Resinarium Bridges - a new product line of exclusive, hand painted bridges for wargames. With the new brand, they hope to provide customers with high-end 3D terrain: the sculpts are detailed and made of resin, and they come hand-painted out of the box (though there is an option to buy a plain resin cast too, if you fancy painting them yourself). Anyone looking for a nice-looking tactical chokepoint for their battles, can back their Kickstarter to bring the new line to life. You can see the campaign for yourself here: http://kck.st/2JEME8c If it sounds like something up your alley don't wait too long - in the first 48 hours of the campaign, every backer gets one of their modular rivers (with an anti-slip foam base) for free. You can currently choose from four models: Wooden, Stone, Orcish Wooden and Orcish Stone. The first two fit pretty much any heroic-scale game, while the latter work great in fantasy settings. More bridges, including an Elven one and a Sci Fi one, are planned if Stretch Goals are met. In a rather nice twist, you don't have to make a decision on the Bridge model(s) the moment you pledge. You will choose which models you'd like to receive after the campaign ends, in the Pledge Manager. Let me know your thoughts!
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