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  1. Wonderful set - my favorite is the vardu warrior - its flower is sublime!
  2. Fantastic skirt! And yes, he clearly needed wings because if you had not told me, I would not know it didn't come that way .
  3. Love those wings! And the base looks great - a roiling river!
  4. What a lovely job - I like the autumnal color scheme on him - great face, especially knowing how small those eyes must be!
  5. Wonderful idea with the bees - nice freehand! I like Nan too, good use of worn looking colors
  6. Glorious coloring and trying to pick my jaw up over the detail on that book!
  7. Nice group of pirates, I like the look of sandiness and nice flesh tones. I am not a very good photographer, but I find that using some white paper as a background and the light that I use to paint with coming from the side helps. There is much better advice for elsewhere on these forums...
  8. All very nice but what I like best is the fleshy creepyness of the horrors
  9. I really like the webbing effect! Thanks for sharing your technique
  10. Nice work with the subtleness of faded colors on the armor and jewelry - stunning!
  11. Wonderful aged look to him - and nice work on the khopesh
  12. Love the contrast with the spectra hand and the blue of the gems -
  13. I love the idea and execution - it also really works with this sculpt and those sweeping wings. The back of the wings really entrances me...
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