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  1. I absolutely love this! Any roughness translates as painting over wood to my eye. Inspiring idea and beautiful execution.
  2. He looks great - nice color choices and clean painting - can't believe it's your second mini - keep painting
  3. She is lovely, especailly the skin tones
  4. I am distracted from distraction by distraction....
  5. Figure painting 🙂 DnD Sci-Fi Novels Bach Chocolate! Does childbirth count?
  6. I really like the group shot - it shows off how you made each character distinct
  7. Outstanding pattern on the fabric! The satiny black is splendid and her face is perfect. Inspiring
  8. Beautiful! From the fur, to the ferns, to her face... your time off doesn't seem to have impacted your skill!
  9. Nice sword - and the verdigris really sets the tone
  10. Fantastic colors beautifully executed. Love the hair and greens... and the blades
  11. Wonderful colors and I especially like the boots!
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