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  1. Splendid - any chance we can get all the drow together in one shot? You certainly have been busy!
  2. Nice spider freehand and great armor. I also like how you placed him at the back of the base, really fits the sculpt and his expression
  3. Lovely OSL and great highlighting on the clothes
  4. Love how you did the back of the coat - nice work
  5. Like his different coloring - again I'd love to see a group shot -
  6. Another fine bugbear - I like how you have added dead leaves and such to the bases so they each look a bit different
  7. Nice amor and axe - I like the worn look of the axe in particular
  8. Consistanly nice ogres - would love to see them all together in one shot -
  9. Again nice skintone, and the satchel is very nice, the leather looks supple
  10. Great skintone and armor - very nice piece
  11. It's known for the univeristy and the free speech movement, but the most interesting thing to me is the hundreds of paths and stairs hidden in the hills, some leading to really nice spots. wish I had more time to explore them
  12. Nice - a blank background would help show him off.
  13. Stunning freehand and I very nice with the blue icy/shimmer dress
  14. I fear I have many that aren't even to the halfway mark....
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