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  1. I think my jaw just rolled under the table... Wow that's some wonderful shading and blending. Beautiful bottles. Lovely blacks, everything is spot on
  2. Very cool (pun intended!) Menacing, dark shiney!
  3. These look great - wonderful dessert chiton - nice vermin love!
  4. Beautiful work with the yellow and brown - the staff really provides a nice contrast and makes the piece work - she is inpiring
  5. Great painting on figures to fill out a scene.... I like their individuality!
  6. I like his almost watercolor look
  7. Love that side eye! I like how he looks kind of oily and especially the hair
  8. Really like how you've done the face and the richness of the browns.
  9. Fantastic - my favorite bits are the dragon's base and touches of green, the almost transparent quality of the giantess' skirt, and the stripped pants on the skeleton pirate!
  10. Beautiful - such subtlty to her greens! Inspiring
  11. Great grungly look! Perfect for the sculpt
  12. Niced pair of lovely little ladies - love the armor and their faces - they look sort of like: "great, another large person underestimating the damage I can deal..."
  13. It worked! Like the pattern and the green tenticles
  14. That blue skin! Wonderful! Really like the blood too... transluscent, not over the top, but very much there
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