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  1. Very well done - ick! Really looks like rotting shark...
  2. Love the look of the water on the shark!
  3. OOO terrain! Very nice. I really like the bare trees with fungus
  4. Nice vermin encounters - my favorite is the rats - the continuity of color brings a creepy feeling as the creatures transition to that unnatural rat ogre!
  5. My favorite is definitely the axebeak - nice use of color without going tropical
  6. Like them all! Can't choose between 10 and 1 for my favorite The bright colors are inspiring on some of these
  7. She is beautiful - especially the face - wonderful tones and the cheekbone.... Perfect colors
  8. Great pair - really like the white face tufts on the female
  9. Iridil

    Dragon Turtle

    Wonderful coloring - love how the scars on his belly look
  10. Beautiful skin in particular - somehow looks cold yet warm from the rosy skin triad
  11. Love the armor and the freehand!
  12. Really like the way you formed the tree around her... excellent!
  13. Very nice - my favorite is Cassie - the green, the jar, the gem!
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