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  1. He looks a touch grumpy.... that noise must have disturbed supper... Nice job - I like the red cloak in particular
  2. Looking good - especially the NMM on the shield! Looking at this mini evokes a dusty arena to me
  3. Love the tombstones and the rusty blade.
  4. Wonderful colors and blending! Inpsiring!
  5. The alternative coloring makes it look sort of mummified - very cool
  6. Great paintjob - love the magenta against the off white. Are these vixen plague mummies in stilettos?
  7. Lots of well painted variety! My fdaves are the demon and the naga
  8. Love the color choices and the freehand!
  9. Gorgeous! It looks almost hyper-real - wonderful OSL! Inspiring
  10. Wonderful pair - great match superbly executed - such shading on her shirt and the fur! Inspiring!
  11. Love those colors and the highlighting and nice job the grey/white hair
  12. Wonderful job - love all the colors, the pants, the parrot, her leather hat and feather - so many details well done
  13. That''s on imposing figure! She looks great and I do see a depth of color. However, her hair is really stealing the show - it must be a seperate attack, that hair....
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