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  1. great coat pattern really works!
  2. That gem - splendid! I totally got the Eldar scrolls vibe from it! Inspiring!
  3. I like her and good work on that tiny, tiny face....
  4. Nice glow to the torch, great colors well executed, and I too and he so, so, Ozzy...
  5. He certainly is spiky! Great job and I really like the stitched together green leather clothing.
  6. Love the colors - just the right mix/contrast of realistic/wrong
  7. That armor is fabulous! And it really fits the sculpt - he has such an odd expression sculpted...
  8. Love the colors and well done shading the snake body
  9. Very productive - my faves are the portal, the wizard, the dragon and that beholder - orange is def its color!
  10. I see why you admired that sculpt! I love the color choices you made - transitioning from the natural dead wood look to the unnatural blue...
  11. Sword really glows - great call adding those specks of black to the middle to give contrast - I'm stealing that idea!
  12. I also can not tell where she broke! Love those flowers!
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