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  1. Impressive group. And then there is the freehand on the cloak - wow!
  2. As usual wonderful painting - what I really notice is how nice the contrast of the staff colors and her skin is - superub
  3. Great tropical coloring and patterns
  4. Wonderful painting - nice eyes (love the blue against his brown robes) and the brown robe is splendid. The base is top notch, did you sculpt the crystals?
  5. And how am I supposed to sleep tonight? Great job.
  6. These are wonderous! The coloring strikes me as cross between dog patterning and frog coloring - splendid! Really like the armor on the bottom left one - looks just like what he would wear
  7. Great story and figures - love the colors on the cloths
  8. These are wonderful! Really like the stone arch thing, looks very like stone. What a great scene...
  9. She is beautiful! I love the pink hint on the skirt(?), her face, the smooth skin, and her bodice especially! You inspire me to take mine out of the drawer.
  10. Wonderful freehand and shading on the cloak
  11. Great colors - she fits right in - really taken by the snake part against her alien blue-green humanoid top part
  12. Another vote for the great freehanded wood-grain!
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