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  1. Iridil

    Bones 4 catfish

    Fantastic Fish! Lovely blending with the red and clean line between the dark and light on the body - inspirational!
  2. Iridil

    Reaper hill gaint

    I like how you got his hair/fur on the arms and feet!
  3. Iridil

    Don't you find me Beautiful? - (80098 custom)

    Really like this - the yellow dress and blood, the purply, pale eyed monstrosity.... well done
  4. Iridil

    Bones 4 Scenery

    Nice set of stonework - I like the subtle color differences and the use of the glowinthedark paint
  5. Iridil

    77174 Leisynn Mercenary Mage: Lich conversion

    Wow - that book is amazing! Also nice desiccated flesh and purples.
  6. Iridil

    The Ice Queen (77281 Succubus, modified)

    Fantastic conversion - really makes a new vision from the sculpt
  7. Iridil

    77311-Large Water Elemental

    Very nice - perfect watery colors
  8. Nice trio of very different ghosts. I like the shading on the first one's robes and the way you added a dirty/earth/body connection to the second, as if it is still tied to its body despite its incorporeal nature.
  9. Iridil

    Bear McBearson, including progress pictures

    Great eyes - they really add to the figure and his pose!
  10. Iridil

    77427-Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2)

    I like this color scheme/varient - suggests poisonous creature! Nice painting articulation of the body
  11. Iridil

    Kev!'s 44051: Raft

    That really looks like logs - very nice
  12. Iridil

    Kev!'s Bombshell Raptor Hatchling

    I really like the speckling on this - well done and creative
  13. Iridil

    A lot of Bones 4

    Impressive output - and nicely done - my favorite is Gauth, not only does he look great but the base is so imaginative! Inspirational to see so many done up!
  14. Iridil

    77222: Aaron The Conjuror

    I like how you did the OSL - it's very nice against his brown clothing - great NPC!
  15. Iridil

    60114 Viorian Dekanti

    Nice job on the face - and I like the relative simplicity of her cloak with its nice color