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  1. Love the armor and the freehand!
  2. Great tropical fish theme!
  3. Really like the way you formed the tree around her... excellent!
  4. Very nice - my favorite is Cassie - the green, the jar, the gem!
  5. That base is wonderful with the fish - and so it the dragon - nice execution of the plate's color scheme
  6. Looking again - it is so impressive that the OSL looks 'right' from all of the different angles!
  7. Iridil

    female oni monk

    Nice work with the vibrant colors - especially the pants and skin! I would not know the fangs were only paint if he hadn't confessed.
  8. Nice looking shield
  9. Congrats - so many figures! Lookin' nice
  10. Love the colors and the clean look - and that mushroom looks like a brain! Perfect for the sculpt.
  11. What a difference! Great choices on bringing out the red and dulling down the braclets etc. Great skin!
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