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  1. Iridil

    Tech Priestess (Games Workshop Conversion)

    Gorgous cape - how did you shade the white?
  2. Iridil

    77459 Elven Blacksmith (Mini Diorama)

    Nice vignette - really like the hot part of the sword. Please share if you add the OSL - that would increase the awesome
  3. Iridil

    Dragon Zombie

    This is a very cool idea - and I like how the fleshy bits look like they have a film of the ooze.
  4. Iridil

    Ardeus Encounters Ebonwrath (77102)

    Very nice with the green on his wings. Outstanding base!
  5. Iridil

    02643: Diedra Dark Willow

    Nice work on the clothing and hair - the overalls/jumpsuit is sooo smooth. Eyes look a bit odd though - maybe too wide? Might be the sculpt
  6. Iridil

    Lady Tamar Carchost

    What a great face! Overall great coloring on her - love the worn but cared for look of her gear.
  7. Iridil

    Reaper Bones Battleguard Golem turned Warforge

    Nice weapon swap!
  8. Iridil

    Veteran Chisel

    Really like the pants and her overall look.
  9. Iridil

    Black warg

    Nice wolf - great eyes and dark palette. You might think of adding a darker undertone - maybe a wash, to provide more contrast - maybe something Like MSP walnut brown of Vallejo german black brown?
  10. Iridil

    Nocturnal Fairy

    Very expressive piece well done - her face is very nice and the echoing of that dark palette in the base is perfect!
  11. Iridil

    77344 - Ice Troll - Different paint scheme.

    Love the magenta/green. Great leathers too, espcially the lioncloth/skirt/girdle.
  12. Iridil

    BONES IV: "Dance of Death"

    Wow - very nice! It's a joy to see this done up so well.
  13. Iridil

    Reaper 4 wraiths

    Looking good - But I'm having a hard time really seeing the details due to the lighting in the pics -
  14. Iridil

    I have hobbied! Bones IV Wraiths

    Nice variety well done! Love the contrast between robe texture and armor texture -
  15. Iridil

    Unknown Reaper Necromancer

    Well done mini and that base is spectacular and the perfect color!
  16. Iridil

    Dwarven Bear Cavalry by Sandra Garrity

    The more brown look really works - this bear is even better -
  17. Iridil

    Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider by Werner Klocke

    Love the blue armor, the axe blade and the polar bear - especially the glossy black feet and lips
  18. Impressive mini painting start! And great job getting them finished for the table!
  19. Iridil

    03884 Komodo Dragon by Glitterwolf

    He looks like he's going to crawl off that base - very natural and realistic painting of the wonderful sculpt. That base is fabulous - what a great set piece!
  20. Iridil


    Beautiful wings! Any way to get a close up against a neutral background?
  21. Iridil

    77190 : Nethyrmaul the Undying

    Wow - amazing piece - all the work on the scale pays off! Wonderful desaturated pallet and outstanding base!
  22. Iridil

    GW Deathrattle Skeletons.

    Looks good - pics are a bit dark, so hard to see all your detail work clearly.
  23. Iridil

    Demon from Bones 4

    Congrats on the one day paint with lava base! i like the pale fleshy wing membranes.
  24. Iridil

    5 Bones Speedpaints

    Nice group - really like the black ogre in particular
  25. Iridil

    Ral Partha Northern Female Barbarian

    Great face, hair, boots. I like the shield - seems barbarian appropriate!