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  1. Definite success. Love the back of the cloak
  2. Really nice - especially for random + 1 hour...
  3. Iridil

    Gantrell's Shipwreck Revenant - 77627

    Welcom! Great version - the water base is perfect, like how you picked out the the seaweed, and the purple octopus is a nice touch!
  4. Iridil

    "Animal Crossing" ReaperCon 2019 Dark Sword Diorama

    Well deserved award! Great scene, and adding the grocer + his goods to the scene is genius - wonderful OSL on the mage
  5. This is a really nice piece -poignant and humorous - love the color of the banner and the pink flowers on the base
  6. Iridil

    Chibi Monique Denoir (Bones 4)

    Love the blue in her skintone and how you did her hair!
  7. Iridil

    "Life on Vega" Bombshell Miniatures 'Raven Skye'

    Gorgeous lighting! It has a very successful retro future vibe! And her face does look very whistful and soul weary yet still young.
  8. Iridil

    44002 Crystal Troll

    Great crystals- captures a translucent look and I like the bits of earthy/yet skin tone on the back and elbows and how it mirrors the earth/crystals of the terrain behind him - nice!
  9. Iridil

    ReaperCon 2019 entries

    All three a really beautiful. My favorite parts are the dynamic interaction of the figures in the whack - love the hand sticking up- and the moonlight look of the banshee monochrome!
  10. Iridil

    Dumb & Dumber - Rat Ogre (Bones 4 Conversion)

    That is a great conversion! Nice pinky rat tail too.
  11. Iridil

    Zombie Farmer (Bones 4 Conversion)

    Very inventive - perfect zombie.
  12. Iridil

    77114 Faceless Horror

    Lovely (?) slick inner mouths - with the outer green it just feels, well putrescent!
  13. Iridil

    Maledrakh's Halfling Ghouls and Ghoul Lord

    Love the blue tongues - and great undead skin tones!
  14. Iridil

    Cheshire Cat

    Very whimsical!
  15. Iridil

    Juliana the Herbalist 44017

    Beautiful face and skin - you really captured her expression! The foliage in her basket is lush, her leather apron lovely and the off-white shirt seals the deal!
  16. Iridil

    Young Green Dragon - wizkids

    Beautiful verdant greens!
  17. Hi all, My daughter wanted an alicorn, so ----- Any tips/thoughts/approaches to share to adding wings to this? I currently have the griffon to steal wings from Not sure how to start - what would be the best way to carve out a place for the tabs, or would another approach work better? Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the tips - just to add, I am making this conversion and then my 8yr old daughter wants to paint it as her mount in a kid D&D game I'm hosting.
  19. Iridil

    Stone Giant (WizKIds)

    The skin tone is perfect - and the blood really sets it off, and is creepily similar to the tattoo color! Wow.
  20. Iridil

    91005 Undead Outlaw Savage Worlds

    Welcome back to painting! I love the back of his duster and your base!
  21. Iridil

    Invisible humans and Ghosts

    I like the cleric as a spiritual wielder of the hammer - nice idea!
  22. Iridil

    Ragnaros Evil Warrior

    I really like the armor - it looks almost like hardened leather.
  23. Iridil

    Maledrakh's Bones 4 knights

    Individually very sharp and my favorite is 60 - together they look even better - I like the unifying white with the individual colors a lot and the armor is great.
  24. Iridil

    Maledrakh's B4 Core #20 Male Knight on Foot

    Nice shading on the armor!