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  1. Here are 2 more Wizkids townsfolk for the 'B-team' adventure. Savus, a middle aged ex-caravan guard/trader, and Deevid, a rouge hired to scout a building site. I worry a bit about that town if the thief is lurking about... Tried some new fast painting (for me 3-4hrs per figure) ideas with these... some worked better than others... again facial features were very undefined, but I like the feel of the sculpts and the straps and buckles were not a chore.
  2. I love this sculpt and you've made it even better! Love the touch of green on the wings, the dark swampy base, the detail on the scales and eyes!
  3. Welcome - wonderful base and gorgeous blues - thanks for sharing!
  4. Fantastic group - thanks for posting them all together like that - nice to see the bee cloak again!
  5. Here is a figure I painted up as a character in what my group calls "the B team adventure" - which revolves around the supporting cast for a more standard party. She is the cook/maid. I like the townsfolk from the WIzkids set a lot better than the other humanoids I have painted from them, like the elves. They have a lot of character which makes up for the sometimes shallow detail. I'm proud of this one because she basically had no face and I painted one on with fair success I think.
  6. Here is a village priest from Bones IV (core I think? not sure). His face was hard to get to and it shows, but I feel successful with the blue cowl and general feel of the character.
  7. Great job - wonderful chitinousness.... it looks so real ... nice touch with the green on the rocks really adds as well
  8. Nice - I like the robes and the way the details stand out - he looks like he's seen some wear and tear - really like the face/head he's holding
  9. Beautiful! The fabric of the train and the cat really stand out, but overall just gorgeous!
  10. I like them both - The black has great eyes and the contrast with the green grass makes it stand out The white has a great muzzle and tongue
  11. Beautiful beast! Would love some close ups.
  12. Great group and love the cocoons. Would love some individual shots of the rangers in particular.
  13. The winder theme is perfect - love the base. Great use of white and wow, wonderful definition of each piece of her dress. Great face too!
  14. Beautiful - really smooth and great work with the beige and shadows
  15. That is really cool - great idea well executed. What a wonderful gift!
  16. Gorgeous skin tones and blending.... and great call with the sea serpent. I like how the elve's scant clothing blends into the water colors as well.
  17. Another great setting - love the stories. My favorite is the chief - his face says it all...
  18. Wow - outstanding. I really like the blood on the axe, the spatters on his skin and how the red is echoed on his shield and leather. Great work on the face too - love the mouth. Inspirational!
  19. These are a great set - I like how you worked in the ethereal bits - and the cook is my favorite - so much character and the bottles...
  20. This is wonderful! It really sets a scene - very creative and well executed!
  21. Very nice set of dragons - my favorite pose is the back dragon and my favorite paint job is the white!
  22. Looks nice. As a lazy photographer, I recommend using a piece of printer paper as the background.
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