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  1. Ouch! Assuming I don't forever wail in dispair/give up, I'd get Kyra and Lavarath - because I wouldn't mind painting it again, and I keep it out so it's absence would be a painful reminder
  2. Very nice and diseased looking!
  3. Absolutely stunning - inspiring! Those wings....
  4. Really like the different dark green palatte for the skintone - and they look moonlit - fantastic
  5. Great job - love the book, the tentacles, and the yellow - especially that there seems to be a glow from it on the crown
  6. Great base adds to the mini - she looks almost druidic with the sculpt's torn fabirc, wraps and the browns you used - splendid
  7. I like the darker than usual, gritter skin tone - I'll have to try that out!
  8. Fantastic on all the toy details and white hair/beard - and the face, wonderful rosey tones - what a Santa!
  9. Yes - England (Cambridge) and Missouri
  10. Nice group - really like the crouching one in particular
  11. She is beautiful! Love the hair, orange and yellow fabrics and how the dark sash (?) and chain make a nice contrast
  12. Splendid - really like the brickwork underneath them too
  13. So here is all I painted in Dec 2021 - didn't quite make it throught the Bones V campground items. My favorite is the Solar, because I had such low expectations of myself. The OSL on the campfire gave me a 'warm glow' as well. Oops - campfire will be part of the January paint group!
  14. My post Christmas recovery involved painting the campground scenics from Bones V off and on. Quite a bit of variety and glad I bought them, even if I may never use a video game arcade machine. I did enjoy my daughter's worried expression as I painted the porta potty!
  15. I've bought several Christmas minis over the years, but this is the first one I painted! He's such a cute fellow and I had fun with him, even if it was Dec 28th before he was done...
  16. Spectacular wings! and great mod A+
  17. Nice skin and fur... and the pink tongue!
  18. Here is a quickpaint of the boy and girl from Bones V townsfolk - I see a lot of flaws, and in another dimension with more time I would redo their hair in particular! But they are cabin boys on the Heartbreaker (aka Sophie's Revenge) for now,....
  19. She is beautiful! Love those greens and the crisp differntiation of her scales. Fearsome!
  20. So far everything is beautiful! Inspirational!
  21. Wonderful! very cute - great contrast between shell and hatchling - the little eye is great
  22. Something simple and relaxing, and useful for the game! I tried for a worn and stained top.
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