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  1. Wonderful skintone - and great work with all the dangly bits (I bet they were tiny!) So much character in the color choices!
  2. I still vote for 1 - beautiful freehand on 2, but the color combination, skin, and details on 1 or so great - it really brings out the sculpt.
  3. I can see why you couldn;t part with the color scheme - looks fantastic!
  4. I like them both - but it's very nice to see the progression of skills - especially visible in the armor and the hood - plus very nice basing for the new one.
  5. Love this progression! Especially the brown traveling mage and the purples on the arcane master
  6. Very nice, the colors are great - really like the bird in particular
  7. Absolutely love this! Concept, watery/sea base, coloring of the wyvern - execution on the wings - wow!
  8. Nice work on the fan!
  9. That worked out fantastically - very natural shading/texture
  10. Nice group - my favorite is the bugbear - really like that skintone.
  11. Love her overall look - and he yellow eyeshadow is sooo 80s...
  12. The colors really work for me - love that skin. And fantastic job keeping all those details clean and clear.
  13. Really like the color selections and her face. Looking good!
  14. Amazing wings! Love this dessert creature - natural and magical!
  15. Iridil

    GW’s Doomseeker

    Really like the icy colors - clearly those ruins protect him from freezing to death!
  16. Love that toad - great poisonous coloring (and nice touch with the pallid tongue)
  17. Relly like her skin! That's quite an outfit she is wearing, sure she's not performing flame juggling for the nobles?
  18. Iridil

    Colourful Band

    Nice set - I like the carpet. The celloist is my favorite.
  19. Nice - really like that blue crab in particular!
  20. Stunning weapon blades - NMM plus rust! Very nice wounds - perfectly necrotic with white at the center and the reddishpurple edges
  21. OOO... the ogre is real contender! But 1. still beats him for me.
  22. Nice transition from green to orange/brown - 'looking' good
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