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  1. Wonderful scene... like the dirt, the stone, the glow... how it all comes together
  2. Great bunch.... but now I can;t unsee demons doing jazz hands!
  3. Nice work - the rats are my favorite - they look real, and nicely creepy... so... many... rats....
  4. Love those mushrooms! Beautiful!
  5. What a wonderful forest dragon - that is a gorgous base!
  6. His cloak is wonderful! Nice work on the base - really sets his theiving scene!
  7. Looove your color choices to highlight the sculpt while keeping it dark!
  8. Wonderful choice with the alien colors of the base for this fellow!
  9. Wow that is quite te base! Overall scene is wonderful and inspiring - she is the jewel on the crown! Love the posing of the skeletons and how her colors draw you to her -
  10. Inspiring - monochromatic yet the cloth and 'skin' are so distinct
  11. Great group - I especially like the blond guy's hair and the Argonian's skin
  12. So cute, and I like how you made the skin look moist - wonderful job with the eyes
  13. Wonderful color choices really bring out the intersting sculpt - very dynamic and colorful without be garish!
  14. Really like the skin color and the pop of purple
  15. I like the look of that armor... and the wings are fantastic - she has so much character
  16. You're off to a strong start! Welcome... but beware, once you start.... it may never stop! Looking forward to seeing more!
  17. Nice painting, but those Chitter conversions are grabbing my attention! - So much personality! Inspiring!
  18. She looks great - brings up memories as I still have her, painted up back when I didn't need magnifiers (ah, youth....)
  19. That's a lot of good looking Hill Giants!
  20. Gorgeous - really like the base and I am very entranced by those neck scale and the color you chose/created
  21. These look great - that inn keeper is going to have a lot on her hands tonight... just another Tuesday for her
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