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  1. Once again - great scenes! Nice worn look to his clothes too.
  2. Iridil

    Pack Tortoise and Handler

    Very nice - the tortise skin is perfect
  3. Great storytelling and setting - perfect for the well painted figs!
  4. Iridil

    Pig and Cart Speedpaints (Bones 4)

    Now I want an army of these! Love the eyes on the pink one - he looks very suspicious!
  5. Iridil

    Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Orrery

    Nice paint-up! I like the bright planets against the stone and metal colors - certaintly something like this would have precious stones and enchantments!
  6. Iridil

    Stone Giant Conversion (Ral Partha 1988)

    Wonderful mod and cool idea with the boulders. This is such a great stone giant IMHO - good job moving him into modern size range and painting him up!
  7. Iridil

    Dreadmere Pack turtle

    Nice pair - great touch with the bright red flowers. Great turtle skin.
  8. Iridil

    Calamari of Unusual Size (pic-heavy)

    That base is really spectacular - perfect for the giant calamri ring doner - nice shading on the tentacles and eye - dramatic piece!
  9. Iridil

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Thanks for sharing about the base - it levels up the figure!
  10. Iridil

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera plus vampire rider

    Great idea - really like that you also did that head swap and the dramatic highlighting on the armor.
  11. Iridil

    02780 Water Elemental by J. VanSchaik

    Great job capturing the spirit of the mini - I like the beach base as well!
  12. Iridil

    Maledrakh's 77201 Dragoth the Defiler

    Like how you did the throne and the contrast with the dark red cloak.
  13. Iridil

    Maledrakh's 77073 Freja Fangbreaker

    I like her darker, stern pallete - she clearly means business!
  14. Iridil

    Maledrakh's 89031 Whispering Tyrant aka Loki

    Nice conversion and the gold has a rich, shiney look - Looks great against the cloth cloak (cape?)
  15. Iridil

    Maledrakh's 77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee

    Great technique for a transluscent mini - really uses the material!
  16. Iridil

    Bones 4 Dragon Turtle

    Well done - I like the color choice for the shell and the blue on the neck.
  17. Iridil

    Crabman and the Crablings - Bones 4

    Very crabby colors - good job capturing the look of the shell!
  18. Iridil

    Shipwreck golem

    Looks very weathered and overgrown - definitely a creature of the sea - nice work
  19. Iridil

    Malifaux Metal Pandora, 1st use Kimera paint

    Beautiful colors!
  20. Iridil

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

    Great job - the blue roof works really well to contrast the worn wood and the feet are very chicken like!
  21. Iridil

    SUPERHEROES! 02496, Swamp Shambler

    Like the way you worked in a pinkish tint - looks both plant and fleshlike!
  22. Iridil

    Reaper Bones 4 Six Wraiths

    I really like the white, red and green ones - nice idea - I think I'll try it on mine and hope the come out half as good as yours!
  23. Iridil

    Dr. Helen Matronic - Field Medic

    Wonderful paint-job on a beautiful figure! Great job on the face and love the color you choose for her tunic.
  24. Iridil

    Nolzur's Shambling Mound

    Love the mushroom additions! Wonder how it would go with these guys vs the apes?