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  1. Very nice - I'll have to try out that mottled effect!
  2. He looks great - the moldy skin, the rotting cloth of the pants...
  3. These are so cool they make me want to look into the game!
  4. Really nice white armor - crisp paint job!
  5. Once again Wow! Splendid - his face speaks volumes about attitude as well!
  6. Nice job on the snarly facE!
  7. Very nice once again - I love how she seems so gleeful about her planned attack!
  8. What an odd sculpt (hamburger neck?) - nice painting
  9. All of your character's are painted with so much personality!
  10. Wonderful blood spatter! It really adds to the figure and is perfect for the pose!
  11. Those are really great - I really like the shading on the blue and how you also used the blue to highlight the black -
  12. What a wonderfully done wizard! To me he has a delightful old school feeling - I really like the way you highlighted the robe.
  13. Nice job on the overcoats - and I love the eyebrows
  14. beautiful all around painting and I'm also impressed by how each one of them seems to have an integrated look. My fav is also lantern girl.
  15. Great coloring on the vegetation.
  16. I like the way you did the 'flesh' remaining on him.
  17. Well done, great articulation on the armor
  18. Great eyes - good job having her look at the gem!
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