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  1. Wonderful tweed! Inspiring
  2. Another great story and reimagining of miniatures - I love this ecosystem!
  3. This is wonderful - I love the modifications and the story - and well executed
  4. I like the contrast between his gritty sword and bright cloths!
  5. This is really creepy - so well done! I like the sickly flesh color, the glossy bits, the bright blue sharkeyness of the 'mouth' - and perfect cultists!
  6. Inspiring! Really like the sculpt and you've brought it to life with the color patterning on the skin and the wonderful grey of the robe
  7. Wow fantastic! I love the classic Partha gnolls and you did them justice -
  8. Are you sure it's not real Excellent snake!
  9. Nice painting! - really like the cockatrices(is that the plural of cockatrice?) and the feral vampire's touch of gore - but the stitch golems are my favorite! it's like they're a family.... the way you did the buttons gives them a lot of character
  10. I am not Reaper's target audience. I think I've never been anyone's target audience. I'm good with that. But Ihaven't been here from the start, so maybe I'm less invested in that. Yet somehow I now have hundreds of plastic mini's waiting for paint..... I don't think 6 was as great as 5... but I like what I'm getting!
  11. 2yrs to get all my current mini's painted.... all 20
  12. I am tempted for multiples of the Phoenix encounter - the characters I could use as parts or mod... but I definately want 2 of everything else
  13. Nice work with the egg shells and the green - cute little guys!
  14. I am reaching a point of real excitement! Not quite Bones V level... but that one had 3 expansions I loved every figure from. But I'm happy for the ride! PS. I think a future of smaller, more frequent KS would be great! Indeed, the world keeps getting more specialized as we have access to so many options
  15. And now I need two - one to do each way.... or maybe, if I am truthful two to sit in the drawer and keep each other company....
  16. Nice work on these tiny guys! Love the mushrooms
  17. Great job - I love Peregrines! Fastest animal alive.
  18. Beautiful sword and OSL -
  19. Another beautfy! Love the spectrum and the gemstones - so creative yet once I see it, a perfect fit!
  20. Beautiful work - love the shading on the wings. What I most admire is that the paintjob is both showy (contrast between wings and scales) and subtle (shading on wings, variation in scales)! Inspiring!
  21. Fun concept well executed - love the thematic contrast with the lava base!
  22. I love these - the style really works for them, love the pink pigness and brown leathers and the purple tufts are perfect!
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