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  1. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words. Sir Conlan was a fun piece - I look forward to the next mini exchange. mattmcl/Mad Jack/Dilvish the Deliverer - I'm a lifetime Nutmegger - currently living in Enfield. I did my grad work at UCONN - Go Huskies! Sparrow's Tail - Here's my armor recipe 1. Basecoat - AMERICANA Grey Blue: this paint has good coverage over black primer 2. Shade - VALLEJO Model Color German Grey: thinned with water, but not a 'wash'. 3. Highlight1 - 50/50 AMERICANA Grey Blue + AMERICANA Winter Blue 4. Highlight2 - AMERICANA Winter Blue 5. Highlight3 - LIQUITEX Acrylic Artist Color Titanium White: I jump to white pretty quickly in order to 'push' the contrast between shade, base and highlight. Warmest Regards Rex
  2. This is the 20 Person Exchange Take 2 mini I did for Froggy the Great. I have had this Bobby Jackson figure on my 'must paint' list for a long time. It was good to finally put a brush to this mini. I stayed pretty close to the Crusader color scheme but chose a creamy white and a 'brighter' blue - still close enough to fit into a Crusader army. I kept the base simple just in case Sir Conlan finds his way into a game of WARLORD Comments/suggestions welcomed Rex
  3. Robert Great to see a new piece from you. Beautiful as always. Rex
  4. Jaw-dropping work! Great composition and execution. My favorite bits: Sophie's face, water base, treasure chest, flag, wings... Actually I love everything about this piece Did the vote thing: 10 - with enthusiasm! Rex
  5. Kengar created this wonderful piece for the Summer Exchange. It is titled 'King of the Hill' and captures the moment of victory pefectly. I had a great laugh when I opened the package. Great imagination and execution. A fantastic gift. Kengar -Thank you again Rex
  6. Ayin Great detail. I love the colors - they really pop. Rex
  7. Thank you for all the kind comments. This sculpt is really top-shelf and the mini painted itself. I've bought 5 more Tre Manor sculpts and I can't wait to put paint on them. Kelcore - Sorry no booty shots. I wanted to get this into the post as soon as possible and only took the 1 picture. Stubbdog - My previous PC went belly-up and took all my saved websites with it. I'll visit Exodus Road Hobbies and see if I can resurrect my account. Miniken - I only took this 1 shot before sending it off. I was surprised by the front of the shield when I opened the blister. It was a bit over the top for my taste, so I sanded it off (good ol' Dremel). TaleSpinner - The wood grain is very well sculpted on this model. My approach is to base the wood in a light brown, then shade the area with multiple washes using progressively darker browns. I finish up with a light tan (bone) highlight. Wyrmgear - The base is a Groundforge resin base. They have a variety of bases and come highly recommended. Rex
  8. Here is the the Summer Exchange mini I did for Ayin. I have been wanting to paint a Tre Manor figure so this was the perfect opportunity. A fun mini to paint. Comments/suggestions welcomed Rex
  9. Thank you for all the kind remarks. The Reaper exchanges are a lot of fun and help give me a project to focus on. Krztoff: I’m glad you like the mini. It was a fun piece. fieldarchy: Thanks for the undead skin suggestion. I have the MSP Bone triad – I’ll have to give that a try. Kelcore: I wasn’t wild about the gold either – kind of blah. I used Burnt Sienna for shading but it didn’t give enough ‘depth’ to sell the effect. Jabberwocky: Good point about weathering – it was something I considered when I was prepping the figure. Here was my conundrum… 1) I’m not confidant with the technique – I’ve tried it a few times and wasn’t thrilled with the results, 2) I don’t play the game and didn’t know the background of the character – did he have the ‘Amulet of Dry Cleaning’ for instance, and 3) the only reference I had was Anne’s example on the data card. Points 2 and 3 gave me excuses to avoid weathering – in short I wimped out Warmest Regards Rex
  10. This was a replacement figure for the Spring Exchange that I painted for Krztoff. Krztoff has a Necropolis army going, so I decided on painting up Moandain. I used fairly stock undead colors and kept the base pretty generic in hopes that the figure can find its way into Krztoff's army. Undead skin is always a bit of an adventure for me - for Moandain I used a number of inks to try and get an uneven tone, then highlighted to white. It came pretty close to the image I had in my head. I don't get an opportunity to paint undead figures very often - it was a nice change of pace. A big thank you to Erin (CuteButPsycho) for organizing the Spring Exchange. I'm glad I was able to help fill this exchange assignment. Comments/suggestions welcome Rex
  11. Wahoo! PM Sent Thanks for organizing another exchange Erin. Warmest Regards Rex
  12. CBP The face is gorgeous! Really fantastic! I like the hair color - it captures the autumnal theme of the piece. I like the color choices. I may have used the green again (maybe on her pouch) to tie it to the cape thingy. Overall composition is strong and the colors work nicely with one another. I agree with SK that the metallics seem a bit flat in the photo. Regardless, nice work. Thank you for sharing Rex
  13. Here is the Summer Exchange figure I painted for Dane. I wasn't in love with the sword she came with so I swapped it out for a GW plastic spear. While the spear may not be fit her paladin class, I think it works for the model. I want to thank Erin (CuteButPsycho) for organizing the Summer Exchange. I've been away from painting ever since my own full-scale miniature arrived in April - the exchange helped me get back into the swing of things. Comments/suggestions welcome Rex
  14. Patrick Sorry, I've been off-line for a couple weeks. Thank you very much for the wonderful gift. The colors work very well together and the contrast between shading and highlighting is excellent. The first thing that grabbed me when I opened the package was the face - just awesome. Again thank you for the great piece. Rex
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