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  1. Thanks all. Not a great day, but I've had worse, so will take it.
  2. Hey all. Apologies. I've been in a bad mental state. Not sure when I'll pull out of this. Still alive, though.
  3. Yes. I carry a very small pocket knife. I used to use it for dealing with staples when I was a Data Transcriber. Now I use the scissors for random stuff, as needed. Been through security numerous times without issue. Then again, it's tiny. Mind, my current area still has Exacto knives from when we were literally cutting and pasting (with glue) to develop training material to be sent to print.
  4. Truth. Michigan, went to their "Mexican" restaurant. Everything was heavily laden with chili powder. Apparently chili powder = Mexican food there. Bleh.
  5. What? Me worry? Pfft. I survived a month on popcorn, hotdogs from 7-Eleven, and soda with no tv and no phone service, alone in an apartment (there were Reasons for it). Who needs milk, bread, and eggs? I may have splurged on a bag of frozen fried okra during that time. It's... kinda blurry.
  6. Memory. I used to think I had a fabulous memory. Then multiple people gaslighted me. Over time I started to doubt myself. Especially when it came to GMing (a player was telling me things happened one way, I remembered it differently). I started recording my sessions and taking lots of notes. A GM did this to me as well. Found out I was mostly right. Between the player and boyfriends' gaslighting, I still have issues and second guess myself a lot. I know I'm not perfect, but I do remember things others don't. The women on my mom's side tend to suffer dementia as they get older. It's a fear of mine, so being told I don't remember right really makes me skittish now.
  7. Might appeal to some... Pizza with bacon as the crust. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a22688640/bacon-weave-pizza-recipe/
  8. Being caucasion. Electricity. Readily accessible clean water. Food (even though I hate it).
  9. Right, I now vaguely recall that Merlin. But don't remember her as evil so much as trying to cling to her cultural heritage which was being wiped out by invaders. Maybe I just overly sympathize with the fae courts.
  10. Been sick today. Started last night and spent most the night and today in a semi-awake state. Stomach cramps and associated joys that come with it. Finally managed to keep ramen and 1 bottle of Gatorade down. Hoping to sleep better tonight.
  11. Paypal doesn't send the order notes through iirc.
  12. We had a black and white up to 1980. Angsty teenagers.
  13. Yeah, I'm allergic to avocados. I break out in hives (and living in Texas, surrounded by guacamole which is used as a garnish, I have to be careful about what I order). My youngest is allergic to Jell-O. I had a boss allergic to cucumbers. And shellfish allergies are a thing. A lot of gumbos have shrimp (I looooove shrimp gumbo). So a posting of the ingredients would be a good thing.
  14. I'll need to check my copy, but I don't think mine smelled.
  15. It's not just men who do this. I see women at work do this all the time.
  16. I did not attend and still got smacked down. Long distance con crud?
  17. Sounds yummy. From those participating, though, check on food allergies. Had a friend who is deathly allergic to nuts eat something made with peanut oil while visiting here from Australia. ER visit was not fun for him.
  18. You should put up rules: No rocks from the hotel grounds. Nothing larger than your fist (because you know us... someone will wheel in a large suitcase with a boulder inside).
  19. Mika is the real scoundrel. Jungo is a love bug.
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