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  1. To keep Brutus company: Mika: Blaze: Jungo (stray who lives outside whom we've kinda adopted): My beloved Cindy, long departed from the prime material plane:
  2. Dr. Who jokes never get old. Oooh, that's a thought.
  3. I want to give ribbons out, not scare people away.
  4. IF I go, I need a ribbon idea that isn't *BONK!*
  5. Mr. Thomas Vannatta. English teacher, but for me Creative Writing. Well over 6' tall, and around 300 lbs, he was half Inuit, half Japanese, lightning quick sense of humor, and told crazy stories about growing up in Japan... At a baseball game: "... and so I took a giant bite of the hot dog and thought 'this doesn't taste right'... because they put a herring in the middle of the hot dog!" Not sure how true his stories were, but he really taught us how to write. Miss him.
  6. Why not both? Use purple contact paper and cover the exterior. But seriously, spray painting the metal might help keep it in good shape for longer by preventing rust. You'll be protecting your investment.
  7. Personally I find it repulsive to laugh at someone else's name, whether they chose it or not.
  8. Central Daylight savings Time (CDT). As of this post it is 8:50 am at Reaper.
  9. As a side to this scrumptious dish, thick cut potato wedge fries with chilé con queso. I like sour cream mixed with red salsa as a salad dressing. I do the tuna and mac & cheese. Just a tuna cassarole. My kids love my homemade mac & cheese with diced ham.
  10. This calls for her favorite dinner out, sans kids, upon your return.
  11. They are assembling more and will restock at midnight. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82460-reapercon-18-swag-bag-online-version/&do=findComment&comment=1749653
  12. Thanks for your breakdown, @Kuro Cleanbrush. That will help me better analyze how I'm doing on my own. I came to the sad realization that my Sir *BONK!*Scale was lower level than I wanted. While the figure was done fairly well with freehand woodgrain, highlighting, etc, the modling of *BONK!* and that paint/freehand was rushed and subpar, especially compared to the rest of the mini. With information, you can take a step back from your work and appraise it with a critical eye. "Does something stand out? Why? Does the mini outshine the basing or vice versa? Is something lacking the work that the rest of the mini has?" I was very glad to see so many awesome pieces this year (even from a distance).
  13. As far as I recall, the VIP has never been on the store.
  14. September 1998. I worked customer service for Computer City which was in the death throes of being bought out by CompUSA. I was in a T-Bone car wreck. Ambulance took me in because of back pain. My truck was totaled. Initial x-ray showed nothing, and I spent a few months in physical therapy. I was "better," but still had a lot of pain. My managers were cool and understanding and allowed me a stool at the register to help alleviate my pain. In comes the new management team. Away go the old managers, and my precious stool. When I approached the managers, I was told I needed a doctor's note. I ended up back in physical therapy because of them. Got the doctor's note, then was promptly placed on "medical leave of absence." Not my choice nor my suggestion. I walked in at 8:00 am one morning after a 2 hour bus ride to work and was told this was my new designation. Not fired or let go, so no unemployment for me. Took a civil service exam, ended up where I work now. Sixteen years later, after a series of different doctors, found one who took more x-rays. Oh, look, my spine had been fractured and as a result of time and misdiagnoses, had slipped and is putting pressure on my spinal cord. At least I have a good, far better paying job and no longer work retail. And CompUSA? Bankrupt.
  15. They don't get into work until 9:00 am iirc. It's still 6 minutes til. Patience.
  16. Thank you. Since I wasn't there, I only saw a few pictures and thought "Oof..." But knowing you're being conscientious makes me feel much better that this is something being considered. Just yet again proving my Reaper family is full of awesome.
  17. Openfaced cheeseburger with all the fixings (meat, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, red onion, mustard, mayo) smothered in chili and topped with sour cream.
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