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  1. Intranet is down at work. Sitting here on my phone browsing stuff. Boooooored.
  2. Mobile version is. Can't check desktop until later.
  3. Music: Suit of Armor by Trash Brats https://youtu.be/fFbJ-HC2V0o Legacy by Gone Jackals https://youtu.be/2OY5sUGxweM Castle Walls by Styx https://youtu.be/09l_zXCQpik
  4. My worst was cleaning an apartment we had moved out of in August with no AC. Outside heat was about 110°F, heat index popping that over 115°F, and inside the apartment was death. Gatorade got us through that but uuuuuugh.
  5. Q: Mommie Dearest, Howard the Duck, and Titanic.
  6. There are toll roads on parts of the non-toll roads that make it hard to discern. Also, Google maps was crap for avoiding tolls. Belt Line/Main goes around Dallas and Northwest Hwy is a decent connector but... that's all I know.
  7. Q: Met Loretta "Margaret Hot Lips Hoolihan" Swit at a bead show selling jewelry and perfume. Bought some perfume and had a long chat with her. Super nice lady. M*A*S*H was one of my favorite shows growing up. AQ: Sleep. I did not sleep well this weekend.
  8. Visited Dallas (and Reaper HQ) over the weekend. Dallas World Aquarium on Saturday was packed. I think weekdays are less crowded. Benihana's for dinner. Thomas tried sushi. Both ate well. Was very glad they tried the food and stayed off the electronics while eating. Sunday: National Video Game Museum Overall, a fun weekend. In Frisco, yup. Not hard to find.
  9. Saw no mold lines, but didn't look carefully. It's one piece, but may have been factory assembled. I'll have to look at home.
  10. Icy Hot Patch: Just used my last one last night.
  11. Went to Dallas World Aquarium. Figured this would be awesome for an undersea diorama.
  12. When you're traveling and staying in a hotel and the first one awake.
  13. Went to Reaper HQ today: Also stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat. They had a Halloween display: Excited kids caused camera shake.
  14. Taking the kids to the World Aquarium and just getting away for a few day. Too much work and no room service.
  15. They were open. They were awesome (as always). Spent too much (as always). Kids loved it (as I knew they would). Thread can be locked now.
  16. Am now chilling in the hotel in Dallas. It's 112°F. Or 110°, depending what app you believe. It's hot. I'm melting. Send ice.
  17. I have seen closing at 6:00 pm and 12:00 am for tonight. I'd like to go buy stuff tonight if they're open. Might also be able to go tomorrow or Sunday if they're open.
  18. I have been sick. Wednesday, bad stomach cramps. Last night was worse. This morning I nearly violently expelled my stomach contents in the shower from the pain. Called in sick, went back to bed. Then had to go shopping before the trip tomorrow. We're never eating at that particular Sonic again (we were all ill).
  19. Be glad you did not raise your face to the sky to catch said "droplets" on your tongue.
  20. Apparently my reappearance is at fault. I don't bite, really. Also all *BONK!*ing has been stopped.
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