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  1. Pin vice, beading needles, my Ott-Lite w/Magnifier, Craft Table, and old wooden thread spools. Wooden thread spools? You see, a long time ago, back in the days thread for sewing machines was once placed upon wooden spools instead of the lightweight, hollow, plastic one sees now. Nice, heavy, solid wood. Now, my greatgrandmother and grandmother were both packrats when it came to sewing to crafts. So much so that I had to use an exacto knife to remove the thread from the spool and the thread retained its shape. :p They are perfect for mounting minis on for handling while painting and the hole in the center makes it easy to mount the spool on a dowelrod for primering outside or to use the dowel for easy removal of the mini from the spool (I use white glue.. it holds well without being a permenant hold). I also use old plastic boxes one gets when one buys dice these days. For some minis they make an instant cover for when you want to set it aside for a while (so long as the mini isn't too big for the box).
  2. If these are what I think they are, you can get them at Michael's, but they're something like $9 each.
  3. War Web takes money orders !! Woo Hoo!! That's a big plus for them right there. Gotta wait until I get paid again, though.
  4. Of course, I'm spoilied in owning a router, but I buy strips of wood (pine or oak), cut them down into squares, and use a pencil to trace around the base of the mini. Then, using my router, I'll route out a small indentation where the mini will sit, glue it in there, and then base that. Still don't have any pics, though. I have this thing for power tools. :D
  5. I still think Dawn would be best served contacting Reaper about with the information as to where the paint was purchased and what the problem is. This way they have better controls over their QC, and they can send you a new paint pot of fresh paint.
  6. Nose oil is also great for making scratches not show up when printing from a negative. I used to use it all the time in the photolab as opposed to the expensive and nasty scratch remover.
  7. *adds to shopping list for the weekend* Thanks Kit !!
  8. That's a big company for you. Profit margins and stomping the enemy are everything to them, unfortunately. Just so long as they don't try and take over Reaper I'll be happy. If they do, I just might have to get medieval on someones rear-end with a dire flail. :p
  9. We'd like to formally request some Sluggy minis, though, RR. :D
  10. I knew there was a reason I thought you were cool. I'm glad I'm not alone in the Sluggy worship. :p Mmmmm Sluggy minis.
  11. Ahh, you like Furries then, eh? There are plenty minis like that out there if you look. Cleo Weretigress is a good one. TONS of "wolfmen" and "werewolves" out there too. I'm just too lazy right now to go link searching.
  12. I dunno... could be one or the other maybe... *shrug* Wolverine Another shot of a wolverine. Badger Another badger, showing massive claws. I dunno. They're kinda similar animals, I think the wolverine is larger, though. Dire Badger? You could paint it as either one though. btw - Altavista is a great source for images if you don't know how to paint a color scheme on an animal :D
  13. iirc, WoTC's mini line is kinda going down the proverbial drain. Of course, there are very few minis of theirs I actually like. They've got some funky sculpting... arms with swords raised in positions that would be ... improbable if not at least uncomfortable. Flash/mold lines straight down the faces... large minis in too many needless pieces... small minis in too many needless pieces... Needless to say, I don't own that many WoTC minis. I just don't care for them that much.
  14. Again, I reiterate. While that paintjob is good, to me it still looks like plastic. My opinion, granted, but we're all entitled to our opinions. And as for the above quote, it's because NMM is "what's in." It's the "cool thing to do." Of course judges are going to pick them. Of course they're going to sell better. Fads always do. And don't tell me judges for such events are impartial. I've been through all sorts of contests from competitive ice skating to corporate sponsored photography contests and UIL competitions. Judges tend to play favorites and fads. Granted, it's an artistic style. Doesn't make it any better or worse than someone who uses metallics. I've seen metallics that are exceedingly good and realistic. Art, in any medium, is a hard subject to discuss rationally, kind of like religion and politics. It's all based on opinion. †:p
  15. Hair spray can be used as a sealer, however hairspray tends to degrade after a while, and it gets sticky when wet. (Ever spray it in your hair and then go out in a rainstorm?) Not to mention the smell. I, personally, would not use it.
  16. So, here's a question. I've heard that some mini painters who are sealing things that will probably never see 'play' (like a contest piece, or display, or the like....) use arisol hair spray as a sealer. Is this true? Does it work? Does it come out flat, or gloss... or what? All this thinking is giving me a headache....
  17. Players fear my sewer crawls. For good reason. I loved the scene in Indiana Jones Last Crusade with the massive amount of rats. So I added to it. Rats. A veritable horde of them. Intermixed with giant rats, vampire rats, wererats, and the dreaded rathog. lstorm, if you want info on the rathog, let me know !! :p (think giant wild boar mixed with rat. whee !!)
  18. Personally, sm, I don't care for it, either. All the minis I've seen with this style look like plastic, not metal. At least the minis painted with metallics look more realistic than that Rackham fad. And we all know about fads, right? Judges adore them, so everyone tries to do them, but several years later we look at it and go "What were we THINKING?" Remember the fashions of the 80s? Traffic cones for bras and wearing our underwear outside of our regular clothes. Yeah, THERE'S a good fashion statement !! I'd rather go back to polyesther suits, silk shirts, and bellbottoms.
  19. I dunno about licking the stuff or the tools, though. :p
  20. That's it. Depress me more. :( I hate Texas.
  21. I need to talk to the owner of my FLGS and see if he's willing to stock Vallejo or if he can special order them. I'd really like to try them out, but I don't want to mail order them.
  22. After reading an interview with Sandra Garrity, I learned she uses either water or spit, normally spit. "Q: Which tools do you mainly use ? A: I mainly use a number 11 exacto blade (with the edge dulled), various dental tools and pointy tools such as needles, and a spoon shaped tool that I made from a brass rod. The majority of my tools are homemade and I make more tools from time to fill specialized needs that come up." "Q: Which are the general steps when you sculpt a miniature ? A: I start with an armature (Wire) and build up the figure in layers, allowing the layers to cure before going on to the next layer. I moisten the tools with water or spit (usually spit) to keep the putty from sticking to the tools." The full interview can be found Here
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