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  1. heh you forgot the ! It's not just BONK... it's BONK!
  2. Actually the only sarcophogus I have is 5' tall and made of soft plastic. I could use it as a life raft, if needed. It's an inflatable sarcophagus.
  3. The only Traveller books I own are those half-sized books from the early early 80's.
  4. It's all here, in Texas. Here, have some gen-u-ine Texas barbeque. *Hands lstorm a plate of barbequed beef ribs*
  5. I still state I have never, ever BONK!ed anyone in the face with BONK!. Top of the head and shoulders. That's where I limit it, and it's not that hard. And he's a soft, fuzzy, cuddly mummified cat !!
  6. It's mainly because some people, after reading the books, suddenly seem unable to have an idea of their own. They want to play Drizz't or a rip off of the character with the expectation that everyone will think it's cool and that the character will be just as effective and skilled as Drizz't is in the books. Then there are those, like me, who had a drow character long before Drizz't even happened and get accused of making Drizz't clones. btw - I've read and enjoyed all the books, but I have found Drizz't to still be the "low self esteem/self worth/self pitying super uber-munch ranger" who constantly whines about his feelings for Cattibrie. My opinion is... get over it already. After three trilogies you'd think the character would learn to grow a little.
  7. Seriously. Have you ever seen a bald female mini? Short hair is hard enough to come by as it is !!
  8. Make sure you guys don't outpace the scene. Read the posts made by others, especially the gm. I've noticed some jumping ahead to the next morning when people are still eating their food... :p Sorry, just as an observer, it gets confusing.
  9. It's a D&D creature. "The body of a catoblepus resembles that of a bloated buffalo, and it's legs are stumpy like those of a pigmy elephant or a hippopotamus. It's muscular tail, which it can move at blinding speed, ends in a chitinous knob. The head is perched on a long, weak neck that can barely support its weight so the creature tends to hold its head very low to the ground. The face looks like that of a warthog, but uglier." (note: it shoots a death ray from it's eyes, which makes it a nasty, ugly, smelly, wonderful monster to throw at your pcs. I've been wanting one for years."
  10. I use my silica packets in my camera bags (yes, multiple) and in my mini boxes to keep the moisture content down. I live in an area that can get to be 105 degrees outside at 98% humidity, and that's in June.
  11. Reaper needs to make a Catoblepus so we can make a proper marsh/swamp/boggy diaroma.
  12. Found a neat way to make rocks on bases. Use silica gell pellets that you sometimes find in packets that are thrown into boxes of things at the factory before they are shipped. They glue onto the bases well, then accept acrylic paint quite well. Makes for some neat looking bases.
  13. That's a good idea, ladystorm. I wish more parents were as responsible as you.
  14. Oh, poor you !! For us it was the Mad Screaming Uncontrolled Kids Whose Tattooed Parents Are Busily Trying To Decide Which Spray Paint To Purchase While Taking Up The Entire Aisle And Kids Decide That Playing With Random Things On Shelves And Bumping Into Other Customers Who Are Just Trying To Get By To Look At Something Uncaring Parents Are Blocking The Way Of. Why is it that it seems that with the sudden rise in awareness of abducted children that parents could care less of where their kids are in a store, or what they are doing? At the grocery store there were two kids in the Halloween aisle who found some plastic swords and decided to have a damned swordfight... right next to me and my mom who just got over 8 stitches in her finger. Sometimes it takes every ounce of patience and mental willpower I have to not scream at these kids to get a *insert multiple bad words here* clue and get a life. /rant
  15. ??? Vinegar is bad but stops it from turning black... hrm... Still not certain if I want to try that.
  16. The great thing about velcro is the backing is normally a hard-sh plastic/glue what will hold with other glue (superglue) a lot better than other materials. I'm going to give it a shot anyway. I'm still trying to figure out how to decently make a green/brown icky sewerish slime-looking stuff that is hard enough for a base. I have a dwarf on stilts (old old old and no idea who the manufacturer is) that I've always imagined as walking through slime.
  17. I went to Michaels today, myself. Got some of the Delta Paint Jewels to see how it works and found, in the oil paint section, a water acrylic by Liquitex... metallic iridescent white. I'm going to try it in a very thinned down version, maybe a bit mixed with whatever color I'm going to use with it, for dragonscales. Also picked up some really fine sand (the kind used in sandpainting). It's so fine it would look great based on minis. I have a pale sand and darker woody brown color too. While there, in the dried flora area, I noticed some long plants that, when cut to proper length and size and stuff, would make great trees. Got some other general stuff too. Whee !!
  18. I had an idea.... Velcro. ??? Yes, Velcro. Not the hard, hooked plastic side, but the soft, fuzzier side. You can glue it, and it comes pre-stickified (is that a word?) and can be cut and trimmed by scissors. ??? What are you talking about? GRASS !!! It comes in all sorts of colors, including green, and can be easily painted, and comes in assorted sizes and shapes !! :D
  19. For those who asked, yes, leet/1337 = elite/superior.
  20. Patience, young lstormhammer. The longer something takes to do, the more pleasure you will recieve in finally finishing.
  21. Use an old cd case, unless you need it a lot bigger. I'd personally use something like a carpenters square, but then I have things like that laying around. Why don't you build a wooden base for it, making sure all the edges are perfectly square and have a small edge around it so you can use that to keep the walls square and flat. Afterwards mount the inn on that and base it out.
  22. After this it's gonna be lstormhammer watching Trading Spaces for ideas on how to decorate the interior of his inn. :laugh:
  23. I have to conclude, after carful observation of the pic of Eredain, that this mini is, indeed, a male. No hair and not even a HINT of breasts.
  24. Darn it, I already sent my Christmas list off to my dad !! Argh !! Well, this leaves me something I can buy, at least until I see what I actually get. hrm...
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