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  1. I just pretend the vampire figs aren't vampires, although some of them are hard to not classify in that sense. Monique is one of those that can easily be classified as the "big super nasty evil bad girl of the world" or as the "super huge hero who should be deified." I've so far have about three or four color schemes I want to paint her in.
  2. *BONK!s smokingwreckage* Okay, so you'll take his place, then. *BONK! BONK! BONK!*
  3. You forget again, lstorm, I'm not in your game !! *BONK!*
  4. Yes, but being as I'm just a observer, please use a text color that is readable, especially against the gray !!
  5. *BONK!s* lstormhammer You forgot Aramis. Remember, the three Muskateers were Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. D'Artangian was a ne'er-do-well interloper on their little group.
  6. Remember, I've been playing in this style of rp for almost 5 years now at Shadowland. There are even rules there as to how to format your post. :D Oh, all the posts I've read so far have been great and everyone has been doing this. Just remember that using paragraphs makes a post much easier to read !!
  7. A suggestion for everyone in the Darakan game. Again, from experience. Use standard rules for writing your posts. When your character says something, put it in quotes. This makes it much easier to pick out. When your character does something, in normal text. When your character is thinking something, use italics. Example: The long road had taken it's toll on the weary paladin. What was I thinking, agreeing to help this dwarf regain his throne? The words aren't spoken outloud, but Isfret is beginning to wonder the wisdom in her actions. Looking over at the uncomplaining and dedicated dwarf, she can't help but marvel at his perseverance. Indeed, a lesson or two can be learned from him. "So, how much further is this town anyway, I'm starving."
  8. Dragons need to be abusively HUGE in comparison to the pc minis. If the PC mini is a Reaper Warlord, for instance, the dragon needs to be a little larger than a cockatiel. I would love to see a large, glorious, 5 headed winged Tiamat. I've looked at the Takhisis model of Ral Partha, and it's just not that pretty of a dragon. Too linear.
  9. YEEESSSSSSS a larger dragon. A dragon with which to terrify the players with. Yeeeeessssss. My precioussss.
  10. See, I'm not allowed to make a mess, so I gotta be careful. House is barely two years old.
  11. Yeah, I agree. All paints should be thinned outside of the bottle. I got a lot of eyedroppers at a local pharmacy (they came two in a pack and I got three packs). Very useful items.
  12. I advise that you set a schedule that people should be prepared to post once a day, except maybe on weekends, and that they shouldn't let their posting get ahead of what the dm is planning. Also, by enforcing the "post once a day" rule, this gives everyone a chance to keep up with what is happening in case someone has a better chance to post in the late evening hours as opposed to throughout the day like some other people. I speak from personal experience, btw.
  13. While I own a lot of modules, I've only run a few of those in the beginning of my gaming career way back in the 7th grade. I write my own adventures. So far my favorite has to be "Rose Red" but then, that one isn't finished yet either. While I've run it, it's one of those continuing projects where I wonder if it will ever be truly completed.
  14. I had an odd idea for snow. You know those white, stryofoam packing peanuts? Ever thought about sanding them down and using the shavings for snow?
  15. I don't add feathers until everything, including sealing, is done. That way they don't get mucked up. And if the feather ends up starting to look ragged at all, I just grab a new one !!
  16. Another good place for feathers... birds. I have two cockatiels and they have some beautiful crests made of small feathers perfect for minis. Now, before you go off half-cocked, no, I don't pluck my beautiful babies. I harvest the feathers that have already fallen off.
  17. Actually, I'm thinking this is the forum that was requested for the forum-based rpg. That's just *my* guess, though.
  18. Oooooo... more Egyptian style minis... and a FROST DRAGON !! Woo hoo !!
  19. Thank you, Lars. At least you told us which color was darker and which was lighter. Please, when referring to paint by names, also indicate in some way which is darker and which is lighter. I don't memorize paint names, but work by what the color is. Also, I only have some Reaper Pro Paints, so I wouldn't know what to compare with in Ral Partha, GW, or Vallejo if my life depended on it. Just a small complaint on my part.
  20. You need a primer. Primer has a special composition that allows it to stick to the metal, and the paint to the primer. This is the reason primer exists in the first place :D Btw-, I've tried painting without primer, and to be honest, those that don't have primer look worse over the same time period as those with primer. Some of them you can't even tell they were painted at one time.
  21. Soldering might be a good way. I've found some interesting websites... Miniaturemolds.com This is one of the more interesting and informative, though.
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