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  1. Okay, I'll finally post here :D One of my favorites, and something I live by: "Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill
  2. Jewelry supply stores, such as a place that sells beads... try Hobby Lobby, they have a better selection of jewelry supplies than Michaels. Otherwise I suggest looking in the phone book under "beading supplies" and see what you can find.
  3. Heh, I have Peter Frampton and Shaun Cassidy on vinyl, does that count? Yeah, so we've proved there's lots of old chicks on here... let's hear from the old men !! :p *ponders the idea of a Pokemon line of miniatures* You know, Steve Jackson games is putting out a line of Pokethulhu miniatures...
  4. *drags mind from the gutter after laughing uproariously* Yeah, jewelry files and tiny drills work wonders for conversions. *snickers some more and slinks from this thread*
  5. The sad this is I'm still older than the both of you, although I beat Lady Tam only by 28 days. :p Sorry, I'll watch you guys dance, but I don't dance anymore.
  6. For one, Ral Partha went out of business. They were purchased by FASA, the original makers of Shadowrun and Battletech. When FASA went under a couple of years ago, the Ral Partha division was completely shut down and the Shadowrun line was sold to Wizkids, the makers Mageknight. The Ral Partha name happened to be part of that sale. Now, from what I understand, a there are some companies that are producing Ral Partha minis: Iron Wind Metals Ral Partha UK Also, Ral Partha did not have WoTC permission to produce D&D minis. It was TSR who had the deal. When TSR went under, so did the deal for the official AD&D line of minis. Since WoTC had their own mini line with Chainmail, they decided to produce their own rather than allow someone else make the money they could. How long this will occur, however, is still up in the air, as Chainmail, has had all production stopped. Rumors have it for a new Chainmail to be released, but we're still waiting for word on that as a certainty. †You can check in on the status of how WoTC is doing with D&D, their Minis, and Chainmail at their website, Wizards of the Coast Website or on their forums: And yes, I go by Aryanun at the WoTC board forums as well As for the minis that WoTC produces, some of them are really nice, like their Black Dragon. Others are less than attractive, and in that I'll agree with you. Personally, I've been sticking to Ebay to get my Ral Partha minis. I've had pretty good success there in getting the ones I really want. If you want more information about Ral Partha's downfall (which I still mourn), check: Great Website with a Comprehensive list of Ral Partha minis Golden Demon Paintshop Written by President of Ral Partha at the time of the writing
  7. Just Equinox through Kilroy was here? I have Lady. Styx II... Every single Styx album on vinyl except for Man of Miracles (still haven't been able to find it), Edge of the Century, Return to Paradise, Brave New World. Arch Allies, and Styx World (mainly because they're all on cd). And I doubt anyone can beat my 45 of "Seasons in the Sun" :laugh: I didn't post anything about detailed anatomy about horses because I didn't want to confuse anyone too much. I have a bad tendency to go into more than enough detail as it is, then I start to ramble, and somewhere along the way I'll get to talking about Egypt and it all falls apart from there, so it's best for me to just stick to basics. :) BONK!
  8. No, dating yourself would be admitting you have the vinal album of Aldo Nova and remember when it came out and can still sing the words.... "Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life." Great song. I also got it on cd and cassette.
  9. I've seen it used on Trading Spaces (gotta love that show for all the ideas, cheesy or not) but I haven't really thought of a good use for it on minis.
  10. lstorm, tried your Chicken and 40 cloves the other night. Very good. †:D Now, here's one I created on my own. Now, mind you, measurements are merely guesses on my part since I don't measure anything when I cook. For those who don't eat meat this is good even with the chicken not included, but no where near as spicy. You might want to mix a little of the marinade to the beans to spice it up if you don't use chicken. Teriyaki Chicken Black Bean Nachos 2 lbs Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts OR Boneless/Skinless Chicken Tenders (uncooked) 1-2 cans Black Beans (I use Progresso or Ranch Style brands) 1 Bag Tortilla Chips (baked has less fat, I use the Thin Restaurant Style White Corn) 1 minced garlic clove 1 tsp cayenne pepper (or more or less as you desire) 2 cups Teriyaki Marinade 1 Large fresh whole tomato 3-6 cups shredded cheese (depending on how you're going to cook it, explained below) 1 tablespoon Cholula red pepper sauce (Tabasco can be used, but gives an odd flavor that Cholula doesn't. Again, more or less as you desire.) 2 tbsp fresh minced onion dash of paprika pinch of sugar Sour Cream (optional) Green Onion (optional) (Sometimes I'll also add about 1 tsp of oregano, depending on my mood. As I said, I don't measure but cook by sight and smell, so spiciness is up to you) In large bowl mix ALL spices, Cholula with the Teriyaki. Dice chicken into 1/2 inch squares and add to marinade mix. Allow to marinade for 15-20 minutes. (DO NOT marinade overnight. I've tried it and it will overpower the chicken). Meanwhile dice up tomato and green onion. Set aside. Use a cooking spray to coat a large wok (or really large frying pan if you don't have one) †and heat pan. Add chicken with marinade and allow to simmer over medium-low heat until chicken is thoroughly done. While chicken is simmering, drain and rinse black beans (if using cooking method 1, keep beans seperate). Cooking method 1 will make more of a cassarole-style dish, while cooking method 2 will be more like nachos. Cooking Method 1: Preheat oven to 350f. Line bottom of a 9x13x2 inch baking pan with tortilla chips. Sprinkle 1 can of beans over chips and add 1/2 of chicken (sans marinade now) over beans. Cover with cheese. Repeat for second layer. Add about 1/4 cup of marinade over dish too keep from drying out too much. Bake until cheese is melted (about 15-25 minutes). When done, sprinkle diced tomato and green onion over top and serve with sour cream. Will yield 6-8 servings. Also keeps leftovers well. Cooking Method 2: Place amount of desired chips on plate. Using method like in 1, above, sprinkle on beans, chicken, and cheese for only 1 layer. Place in microwave until cheese is melted. Top with green onion, tomatos, and sour cream. Enjoy! Originally I began making it as per Method 1, but Method 2 is easier to manipulate for more or less ingredients and the chips don't come out too soggy (from too much marinade - again, I don't measure) or too dry (from too little or none). One thing I noticed was that in the oven the chips do tend to give the dish a dry texture, which is why I go with Method 2 mostly now. Maybe next time I'll post my full-blooded Polish grandmother's Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. †:D
  11. What worse is trying to get mold lines off of faces. WHY did some of these companies decide that the mold line should go diagonally across the face of the mini?
  12. Look around on the net for horse pictures in color. altavista.com is a good place to start. LOOK at the photos, get a clear idea of how highlights and shadows play on the coat, hoof colors, muzzle colors, mane and tail colors in relation to coat color... Then look for "horse anatomy" pictures. Look at how the skeleton and muscles are placed and how they work, this will give you a really good idea on how to paint them. It's really not all that difficult, though. Use the same general techniques as you do with painting people. Dark washes for the recesses, highlights on the raised areas. Now, if you're looking for coat patterns, such as found on Appaloosa's, Ponies of the Americas, dapplegrays, paints, piebalds... then you're really better off looking at pictures to get the general feel for those. Here are some links that might help you out. Horse Color Guide : Check the other links at the top for other colors. Horse Anatomy and Definitions of Colors : Has a good anatomy pic. Appaloosas : Great guide for Appaloosa colorings. Beautiful horses with wonderful color markings. More Appaloosas Wonderful pictures of some coat patterns Horse Color Coat Examples : some of the links are broken, but there are still some good pictures here. Hope those help. There are tons more on the net, too.
  13. Has anyone tried using the Delta Ceramcoat Paint Jewels? I noticed it at Michael's the other day and though "Wow, perfect for gems and maybe dragonscales and treasure." I didn't get any yet because I didn't have enough money at the time (no matter how cheap they were, other things, like lunch, were more important).
  14. I have found the worlds best tool to prying paint from hard to reach places during stripping is a beading needle. It's longer and thinner than a standard sewing needle. Just be careful, as they break very easily. otherwise I use a wide variety of mini-files (I found them at a local bead and jewelry fair) and an exacto knife to remove flash. My question is, were you wondering about "filing" or "filling"?
  15. Something else that goes good with that... Texas Style :cool: Trim off ends and cut 4-6 Jalapenos in Half Fill inside with Cream Cheese Wrap with bacon, use a toothpick to hold bacon in place. Place on grill and cook until bacon is done. It's really good. Will yield about 8-12 stuffed jalapenos.
  16. Does anyone have any tips for filing fine detail areas without obliterating the fine details (hair, fur, etc). I have recently been working on several minis with this problem. It has always bothered me thoug Any tricks, tips, brilliant insights, etc would be apperciated. ??? Flit
  17. That's it, you'll be our dealer !! We're your addicts !! FEED THE ADDICTION !! :p Seriously, you're being more than gener.... wait... I know your true scheme... to get all our addresses !!
  18. I found the Micron at Michael's in a blister. Only the black though. You might try there BP. Also, check at Hobby Lobby.
  19. Ooooo bricks..... *begins plotting and planning*
  20. We all love chile con queso, right? Wanna know how to make it spicy, good, and without processed cheese food? Fresh tomato, however much you want. For a pound of cheese I typically use about 2-3 Romaine tomatos. They're smaller, but tend to be a little better than your standard ones. Cilantro. about 1/4 cup of the leaves seperated from the stems. This is a staple for a lot of Mexican salsas and dips. Peppers. I use Jalapenos and Serranos. The smaller the pepper, generally, the hotter and better it will be. I'll use about 3-4 Jalapenos and about the same amount of Serranos. Green Chiles. These aren't real spicy, but have a good flavor to add to queso. Onion. White or Yellow is fine. About 1/4 to 1/2 cup per pound, dependant upon taste. Cheddar Cheese. I generally will make it all by the pound. Trim the stems from the peppers (jalapeno, serrano and green chile) and chop them up. Dice the tomatos and the onion. Mince the cilantro. Grate the cheese (or by the pre-shredded kind). This will melt smoother than buying it in blocks and dicing it. Mix the veggies and cilantro in with the cheese and dump it all in the top of a double-boiler. Pour water into the bottom part of the boiler and bring to a boil. Place the top part containing the cheese and veggies on the boiler and cover. Cook over meduim-high heat until cheese is melted, stirring occassionally and making sure the water in the bottom doesn't dry out. Serve with tortilla chips. You can also make it spicier by adding some cayenne pepper to the mix (not too much, that stuff can get really spicy quick!). Make it creamer by adding a couple of tablespoons of sourcream. Now you're going... "Uhh.. that's an awful lot to do..." Okay, here's the quick and dirty processed cheese type queso with a kick. 1 pound Velveeta processed cheese food (of you go for that kind of stuff) 2 small cans of Rotel brand DICED green chiles and tomatos (found with the rest of the canned tomatos) 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper 3 tablespoons of sour cream. Dice the velveeta, put in a bowl. Drain about 75% of the liquid from the Rotel and dump in bowl. Toss in the cayenne pepper and sour cream. Heat in the microwave until melted, stopping occassionally to stir. Stir throroughly before serving with chips. This makes it a lot spicier and some people who don't like Velveeta have tried this Quick and Dirty version and have really liked it. I prefer the first version. Good stuff there. FYI : the "chile" in Chile con Queso does not mean chili... as in the spicy meat dish. It refers to the green chile pepper that helps spice up the queso. Literally it means "Cheese with chile peppers." :laugh:
  21. I can see it now.... A white quartz crystal cave with some "snow" scattered around, a pile of gold and gem filled treasure... and a huge silver dragon sleeping on top of it all, maybe even with some "snow" sprinkled on his hide.
  22. I will if I can't find them relatively soonish. I also saw they had some rocks, amethyst clusters among some other pieces, for really cheap !! I could just see lots of possibilities for bases with those.
  23. Found Their Website Apparently those might be for use on pottery for glazing. :(
  24. hahaha yeah, I saw those glass marbles, but I wanted some red and goldish ones.. most of the ones mine had were purple and blue. I could just see using a bunch of red and gold mixed into some dragon's hoard.
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