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  1. I have found a thing exists... A Sean Connery thing. I must own this.
  2. Anyone else have their back make popping/cracking sounds when they take a deep breath? Trying to get back into things. Painting bug is nipping, but no where to set up. Too much overwhelming stuff to do to get set up. Bleh. @Glitterwolf, because it's a thing. *waves at Brutus*
  3. Lunches at work as of late, already ate the red grapes and drank the milk, and am kinda full. No canteloupe today. Yes, the Coke is the one deviation. I need caffiene, and no decent coffee here. After the soda I'll fill my big 40 ounce mug with ice and water and enjoy that for the rest of the day. What are others doing to beat the heat? In other news: Titanoboa. 40' snake. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/how-titanoboa-the-40-foot-long-snake-was-found-115791429/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=socialmedia
  4. Will be in Dallas next weekend. Taking kids to the World Aquarium. Might stop at Reaper HQ to buy stuff.
  5. Checking in. Name merge has occurred. Some of my old posts say "Guest" I noticed. Also referred a coworker's son here. He plays D&D but doesn't have a lot of social groups here. Thought this would be a good place for him. Always good to expand the family.
  6. *BONK!* is here to answer your questions and give badmost excellent advice. Disclaimer: Not responsible for incidents, accidents, disability, dismemberments, bite marks, lumps on heads, death, random bits of cat fur or mummy wrappings, or monetary loss for following the advice of a mummified cat plush toy.
  7. Richard Kerr, one time sculptor at Ral Partha and Reaper, passed away November 2nd. Sandra Garrity posted he had taught her about working with putty. I recognized the name and he is the one to sculpt the original Four Horsemen for Reaper (Dark Heaven #s 2001-2004). RIP to one who helped make this hobby great.
  8. I am not entirely certain who to blame, though I am most certain @Morihalda and @knarthex had major parts in this (especially since knarthex had Mori hand deliver ... does "deliver" look odd to you? De Liver. Who wants to De Liver... that's gross and we need our livers, but I digress).... ALL OF YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME AND THE GREATEST FRIENDS IN THE HISTORY OF FRIENDSHIP EVER I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU!!!! In other words: SQUEEEEEE!!! ReaperCon Sophie Blanket Throw is soooooooo soft and snuggly. I her!!! Gonna go cry now. Thank you to all who participated in this surprise.
  9. City of Heroes. Someone bringing it live again.
  10. I can do Registration Desk, sounds like, and since I'll be driving*, I know when I'll be arriving. * Dependant on me passing my road test in June.
  11. ^^^This^^^ because there are some jobs some of us may be unable to do due to disability. For instance, as much as I'd like to be able to help set uptear down, my back and knee are most emphatic in saying "no way you crazy *BONK!*meister."
  12. Looks too Halloweenish. I started with an orange ribbon with black lettering. PM sent.
  13. I have decided on something other than any of the above. Thanks for the input!
  14. I LOVE Plan 9!! It is a hoot! Sooooo cheesy! And Maila Nurmi's waist... soo soo teeny. Omg. 4/27 I mostly stopped doing the things I loved because I was getting so much flack or made to feel guilty for loving things no one around me understood.
  15. Yeah. Actually it would be gold. I may try a darker color. I do appreciate the feedback, all! Edit: Here's some edited Rainbow versions...
  16. Living. When I was born I had ABO Blood Incompatibility. I jaundiced badly 12 hours after birth, so that would be about 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm. It was 1967, so during the Vietnam era. On an Air Force Base. And I needed a blood transfusion. Doctors had a very hard time finding someone compatible on base who was sober. They did find someone, and I rallied. 49 years later... very mixed results, mostly in the "why did I bother" column.
  17. I really don't want to copy other's colors. Much leaning towards the rainbow.
  18. I did. I'm looking between 150 - 250, but not sure. Here are the colors I'm deciding on...
  19. How many ribbons should I get? Rainbow or Dark Purple?
  20. Alice Monster is full of awesome. Well, better than 2 floors beneath you, I guess? Best take the rest of the day off, just to be sure.
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