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  1. I really don't want to copy other's colors. Much leaning towards the rainbow.
  2. I did. I'm looking between 150 - 250, but not sure. Here are the colors I'm deciding on...
  3. How many ribbons should I get? Rainbow or Dark Purple?
  4. Alice Monster is full of awesome. Well, better than 2 floors beneath you, I guess? Best take the rest of the day off, just to be sure.
  5. Would be nice if I were, but I'm just pushing through one day at a time.
  6. I am missing our "out to extended lunch" Admin celebration today because I had to telework.
  7. I could answer this, but I'd lose my job, so I'll just leave you wondering. Not sure if I should like or not...
  8. When my paint area was set up, I could paint all day. Now I am at the whim of headaches, back problems, crippling depression, and kids. I paint when I can.
  9. But for my headache... *sigh* They're getting a bit ridiculous. I did take out my primary project, looked at it, and thought "Oh, further along than I remembered..." It's heartening, but I can't paint through a headache.
  10. There's also a ReaperCon Rides thread located at Don't be surprised to find this thread merged with the other.
  11. Ooooh Rhonda's paint is superb! Nice pants.
  12. Also, I've been on these forums since August, 2002, have been to ReaperCon, have met some of these awesome people... And am still scared witless to see/meet them again in October because my brain is a stupid blithering gibber. I know they're awesome people and my chosen family, but I still have severe anxiety attacks about seeing them again. Best part? They get it and respect it.
  13. Many of us also have social anxiety issues, among others. You're in the right group. If you find you need space, just take a breather, step away, and do what you need to. We get it.
  14. Sadly I cannot fit into my parachute pants anymore.
  15. Togas. Because if we're going to be retro, let's revive some ancient fashions that don't center around the 20th century. I still have my parachute pants from high school. They're over 30 years old, now.
  16. @knarthex George, did your account get hacked? Are you actually proposing to this group to spray perfectly good beer on their lawns instead of drinking it? And you sound suspiciously like a random single post person to random forums looking to sell nonsense. Something smells, and I suspect shenanigans.
  17. I have a room at HGI, just me. Willing to get a roomie, but I am still unsure if I'm even going. Right now I'm trying to go, but the forecast is bleak both work-wise and mentally.
  18. That's really kind of disappointing.
  19. Neither. The protagonist of the movie wins the girl, the antagonist who tried to financially gain from the Greatest Fight of All Time loses his shirt paying for the damage caused, and both the Unicorn and Gorilla are destroyed because people are horrible. Why does the unicorn have human hands. Creeeeeeepy.
  20. Actually, it was. I own the cd of the main song music (The Gone Jackals). It got me to purchase more of their music, too. And it was a fun video game. Edit: Yes, I played the original and finished it. Legacy by Gone Jackals
  21. My BS and DS entries will be single figures. The diorama will clearly be a diorama. When I read more about each of the categories I'll more readily decide whete they go. That's if I even get anything done. At my current rate nothing will get entered.
  22. My "first picture" is my first personal picture. Ones before it were pictures of others' minis I downloaded, corrected for color/exposure, and reuploaded. Likely I have others linked to my website.
  23. I Oldest image. Thomas, about 2 years old. He'll be 13 in 10 days.
  24. If I can get off my booty and paint... 1 diorama 1 Bombshell entry 1 Darksword Entry 1 Open And that's going to be pushing it for me. If I get more done they'll likely go into Open. I can't get more than one diorama done.
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