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  1. 1 hour ago, Grayfax said:

    Good Mornin' Ever'body!

    As the proud benefactor of some nebulous Admin or Professionals Day and a mighty fine breakfast spread, I figured I would share the good cheer!  May you be as full as we are! May your coffee be strong, dark and smooth!  May the breakfast desert induced euphoria last through the entire day!  And may the rain gently fall upon your fields and forests...

    I'll be over here at my desk trying to stay awake... 


    I am missing our "out to extended lunch" Admin celebration today because I had to telework. :down:

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Unlike the USA which has to have taxes done by April 15th, Canadians need to get them done by April 30th. Though I've been told that the government doesn't care if you're late filing your taxes if they owe YOU money.


    I could answer this, but I'd lose my job, so I'll just leave you wondering.


    22 minutes ago, Unruly said:

    So I just ran into a somewhat awkward situation. I placed an order for food at a place, and on my way to go pick it up I stopped at one of the parking lots I'm supposed to check on. This parking lot happens to be right behind the place that I ordered food from. I found a car with enough unpaid tickets that it qualified for a bright orange wheel accessory, and began the process of putting on its new bling. Then the guy who owns the car comes out of the restaurant that I ordered food from, says it's his car, and asks for leniency until Thursday, when he'll have the money to pay off the tickets. Turns out he's one of the managers there.


    Being that I just ordered food from the place, and would be walking inside in mere minutes to get said food, I decided to cut him a break in hopes of having a spit-free meal. It took a few minutes for them to bring my food to me after I went in to get it, so I probably just ate a spit burger anyways. It was delicious though...


    Not sure if I should like or not... :unsure:

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  3. But for my headache... *sigh*


    They're getting a bit ridiculous. <_<


    I did take out my primary project, looked at it, and thought "Oh, further along than I remembered..."


    It's heartening, but I can't paint through a headache.


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  4. Also, I've been on these forums since August, 2002, have been to ReaperCon, have met some of these awesome people...


    And am still scared witless to see/meet them again in October because my brain is a stupid blithering gibber. I know they're awesome people and my chosen family, but I still have severe anxiety attacks about seeing them again.


    Best part? They get it and respect it. :wub:

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Bloodiedfallen said:

    Just the thought of going is exciting and VERY anxiety inducing. 


    I don't know how I am going to handle this. 


    I really truly hate having a severe social anxiety issue. 


    Many of us also have social anxiety issues, among others. You're in the right group. :;): If you find you need space, just take a breather, step away, and do what you need to. We get it. ^_^

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  6. 6 hours ago, David Brawley said:

    Question for Tuesday, April 25

    If you could bring back any fashion trend, what would it be, and why?




    Because if we're going to be retro, let's revive some ancient fashions that don't center around the 20th century.

    3 hours ago, hdclearman said:


    Members Only jacket?  Parachute pants? Lots of good memories... 


    I still have my parachute pants from high school. They're over 30 years old, now.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Arc 724 said:

    I appreciate that. I think it's the lazy bit in me; All that planning! AHHHH! I have to psyche myself up and into it. Hotel & transportation is the key stumbling blocks for me at this juncture. I really wanted a spot at the HGI. Sounded really nice. LOL .


    I have a room at HGI, just me. Willing to get a roomie, but I am still unsure if I'm even going. Right now I'm trying to go, but the forecast is bleak both work-wise and mentally.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Question for April 22 & 23:

    Who would win in a fight: a gorilla or a unicorn? State why you believe your choice is the correct one.


    Neither. The protagonist of the movie wins the girl, the antagonist who tried to financially gain from the Greatest Fight of All Time loses his shirt paying for the damage caused, and both the Unicorn and Gorilla are destroyed because people are horrible.


    27 minutes ago, NomadZeke said:


    Why does the unicorn have human hands. Creeeeeeepy.

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  9. 27 minutes ago, Pingo said:

    Hmm.  So "Full Throttle" was a pretty decent video game?


    Actually, it was. I own the cd of the main song music (The Gone Jackals). It got me to purchase more of their music, too.


    And it was a fun video game.


    Edit: Yes, I played the original and finished it.


    Legacy by Gone Jackals


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  10. 1 hour ago, Grayfax said:

    After seeing all the "First Picture" posts, I looked and finally realized that I don't have one... mainly because of other sites I always used an external link.  Maybe I should rectify that in the near future, but I may save it for a finished mini.


    My "first picture" is my first personal picture. Ones before it were pictures of others' minis I downloaded, corrected for color/exposure, and reuploaded. Likely I have others linked to my website.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Grayfax said:

    How many entries do most of you bring to ReaperCon?  

    I'm planning one complicated one and might bring a second...


    If I can get off my booty and paint...


    1 diorama

    1 Bombshell entry

    1 Darksword Entry

    1 Open


    And that's going to be pushing it for me. If I get more done they'll likely go into Open. I can't get more than one diorama done.

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