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  1. I am shadow. I am magic. I dip my hands directly into the magical ley lines that criss-cross the planet, and bring them forth as darkness. I am Omen. I do not last long in prison, for I allowed myself to be caught. I am there for one thing, to bring true darkness, true fear into the hearts of those who prey on others. Once the fear is released, I travel the ley lines to escape and am far away in another state before the guards are aware I was even there. ((Yes, my character Omen, in a superhero campaign, released a bunch of manna shadows into a prison as part of her personal crusade to take down her father's drug business.))
  2. Ugh. I had a friend who was involved in a hit and run on the NB side of the elevated 35 downtown. Nearly pushed him off. Either side is bad at that time of the morning. The entrance and exit ramps are way too short.
  3. I am hoping for Hangouts tomorrow, likely in the afternoon after I get some house things done. I'm too wiped out today.
  4. I have gotten highway hyonosis on a busy freeway during rush hour. I attrbute this to the migraines I get. It did happen on a route I was using frequestly, so being able to drive it "with my eyes closed" likely helped me manuever safely. @Unruly, this was on Mopac heading south from Far West Blvd. to the W. 1st St./Cesar Chavez exit. I'd take W 1st (it wasn't called Cesar Chavez back then) to Lamar, to Riverside. I lived on E. Riverside and took that route daily for 5+ years (working 6 days a week). At that time, AC or windows rolled down plus loud music were what I used to break my focus. My mind has a tendency to wander.
  5. The Confederate States = South. Union States = North Newer states in the south = Sourhwest Newer states in the north =Pacific Northwest States between the Mississippi and Rocky Mountains = Midwest That's my story and I'm sticking to it. *throws a snowball made of styrofoam at David*
  6. It really is important for her to be able to drive and take the kid in if there's an emergency. I've taken it before. Three times. Got my license on the third try. I lost it because I didn't renew within two years of it expiring due to reasons, which means I have to do it all over again.
  7. Hoping so. My mom is aging and it'll eventually get to where she really shouldn't be driving. Plus I'll have a bit more freedom in if I want to run down to the store and grab something. And once I get a money-sucking black hole car of my own, I'll be free to get healthier lunch options or to go out with coworkers.
  8. Friday, June 9th, I am scheduled to take my road driving test. Passed the written a couple of years ago. Need a full-on license to get to ReaperCon. I hope I pass.
  9. Problem with my back is the spondilolythesis. I overdo it and my back hateses it. At Scarborough Fair I walked over 11K steps (more than double my usual amount), and up & down stairs. I haven't had time to just sit back and let myself recover.
  10. I fear Something is really wrong with my back. No matter what is behind me, pillow, chair back, wall, mattress, it feels like I have a tennis ball pressing against my lumbar. Lots of pain, too, that isn't lessening. I have too much to do at work and I need to go to ReaperCon. My sanity is at stake!
  11. I was going to hop on and paint or sculpt, but then my youngest stabbed a full shampoo bottle to death and I had to clean that up. Back is now very P.O.'d at everything.
  12. It feels like my lower spine is leaning against a tennis ball. I'm leaning on pillows. I miss the resident Alien Queen. Who's looking after the kids?
  13. January 1, 2007. Plan on moving when the kids move out, or when stairs become impossible for me, whichever comes first.
  14. No posts on Facebook since. She hasn't been here, either.
  15. For your first, you're doing way better than I on my first. And second. And third... You'll want to start off by: Okay, so don't go overboard like my son, there, but do thin them a bit. This will help with control, layering, blending, washes, glazes and the like. Also, at the top of this forum is a pinned post called "Directory of Tips & Advice Resources." Very very good links to all sorts of good knowledge collected over the years. I'll let you browse for now and not overwhelm you. Welcome to the forum.
  16. Speaking of Bones, our Benevolent Reaper Overlords have been soooooo quiet. Edit: Okay, because I've been avoiding the Kickstarter forum on purpose so I don't get swept up into a ReaperCon Fund Draining Enterprise, I missed some @Reaperbryan updates. All is good. Carry on. Announcements will occur when they occur and not a moment before.
  17. Unfortunately because my scheduling has to include people in Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones... it's going to cross over someone's lunchtime. I try, but I have to make sure my training rooms are available for those, too, so I work with what I have. Tomorrow I have meetings from 11:00 to 3:00 with a one hour lunch between them. This is far better than the days I have just 30 minutes between.
  18. First, thank you to all for helping to pay my salary. My taxes were filed in January 24th (day after the earliest I could file), and refund received and spent on bills. Had to replace my AC unit instead of socking that $1600 away for ReaperCon. The tax system is very complex, unfortunately, due to the people in the domed building in DC constantly changing things and flubbing them up. A lot of people blame the IRS, but we're just the enforcers of the tax code your beloved elected leaders created over the past 104 years. Blame them.
  19. Ooookay. Yes, I have seen that before. I tried pouring it, bit by bit into a stainless steel mortar and pestle. I have tried straining it through very fine coffee/tea strainers I bought specifically for this. Neither worked very well. Regulate that paint to use for basing only. Sorry. Those are dried granules, common in browns. It will add a nice dirt-like texture to bases, but you can try thinning it until it's overdone and they won't come out. Sorry.
  20. @Pezler the Polychromatic, no wonder I was confused, you weren't talking about my post... My AC does not go above 76°F. Can't stand the heat. And at night, ceiling fan must be on. During the winter, I open windows when northern winds blow in.
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