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  1. Sorry I had to dash, eldest was having bad dreams.
  2. Even though I'm in Texas with pretty good humidity, I still experience heat which can dry out paints. 1) Rinse your brush often. This is something @Kuro Cleanbrush and I do to keep drying paint from sticking in your brush hairs and transferring to the mini. It also keeps your brush wet, which helps keep the paint wet. Rinse brush, grab paint, brush excess on my thumb, paint a few strokes, grab paint from excess on my thumb, paint, rinse brush, repeat. Even if it's the same color. My thumb ends up like this: 2) Extender medium. You might do quite well using the Liquitex Professional Slow-Dri Blending Gel Medium. It comes in matte and gloss, and does a great job of slowing paint drying time. As a gel it may seem to make your paint thicker, but I add a bit of water as well to thin it down. Easily found at Michael's, Amazon, or any art supply store. 3) Have you considered a wet palette? I don't use one, but many do. For me, I use a ceramic palette in a good sealing plasticware with a wet (saturated) papertowel underneath. It helps provide a tiny humid environment around my paint. After painting, I seal it up and set aside. I've had paints sit a few weeks and still be useable like this. Hope that helps! Edit: I second the bigger brush. A larger belly will hold more paint, and the better brushes (Windsor & Newton Series 7, Davinci, Rosemary & Company) will keep a point as fine or finer than a size 0 or smaller. While I love my W&NS7 size 0, I find myself switching to my size 1 or 2 quite often. Make sure you get the round and not miniature if you go with S7s. A size 2 S7 miniature is = a size 0 round.
  3. A picture of the offending paint problem would help. It would assist us in telling exactly what the problem is. I suspect it's paint drying in the pot/bottle. To fix: Pot style, use a toothpick to stir the paint. The grain of the wood should be enough to grab most of the offending bits. Dropper style, carefully remove the dropper tip and use a thin bamboo skewer (average toothpicks aren't quite long enough) to stir. Or you can use a toothpick to pick out the dried bits of paint after transferring to your palette.
  4. Sersphim, as described in the following: Here I see one pair of wings covering the feet one wing in front, one in back. Lots of eyes, randomly placed all over the body and on the underside of the wings along the humerus, radius/ulna, and metacarpals.
  5. It was nearly midnight and I was tired. I basically crashed hard.
  6. I may wander in after this movie is over.
  7. Great character actor. His talent will be missed. R.I.P.
  8. What: Computer Single Player: Skyrim Computer MMO: City of Heroes Tabletop RPG: Champions/Hero System Boardgame: Life Why: Skyrim: Rich and diverse environment, character personalization, free-will style play. COH: Fun and rich environment, highly diverse character customization, fun people to play with. Ability to customize supergroup bases. Hero System: Complex (if a pita) complete character customization system. Easy to run as GM. The sound of many six-sided dice clattering. Staying up until dawn playing with old friends. Life: Easy to learn and start. Always slightly different each time played. No extreme strategy to win and the winner can be quickly changed at the end. No backstabbing. Last Played Skyrim: 2 days ago COH: November 30, 2012 23:59:59 Hero System: 1999 Life: About ten years ago
  9. LOL! That's because you've met *BONK!* Actually, I do. Only to trusted personages. And @Reaperbryan. Also, Anne Foerster has a *BONK!* of her own, made by my mom and I. And, since Reaperbryan has a Sir *BONK!*Scale, he has full *BONK!*ing privileges.
  10. I just don't know how to react. The trailer left me a little... meh.
  11. My maiden name is the same, except mine ends in a y because my dad, listening to his eldest brother (there were about 16 kids, not all made it through childhood) believed his dad (my grandfather) signed his name with an "i." Turns out grandpa hooked his i so it looked like a y. With such a large family, and some of my cousins living in Milwaukee, we weren't sure if the crazy man was related or not at first. He isn't.
  12. Ahh yes, Mr. Jakubowski. Yes, I can spell that name without looking it up. It has been verified he is no relation.
  13. While I like power windows and locks (I have kids, specifically one who likes to play with windows and opening car doors ) I prefer the manual kind. If I lose power in the car on a hot day, I can roll down windows while I wait for a tow. Handle breaks? Easy to replace. Power window beeaks, costly. Etcetera.
  14. Am better now. In fact, if anyone is on Hangouts now I may hop on to chat as I work.
  15. Welp, Hela is correct. Publication date of this Marvel Universe: I am corrected.
  16. I crashed hard after developing a headache.
  17. You'll get it back next year at tax time, though your new job may bump up your tax bracket. Make certain you havr the appropriate amount being taken from your taxes so it's not too little.
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