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  1. I am cautiously intrigued for all reasons, pro and con, already stated. For those who cannot drive for whatever reason, this gives them more freedom. For long trips, this could cut time to reach your destination since, in theory, you could sleep for portions of the drive without stopping overnight at a hotel. But, I can see the possible and probable problems that linger.
  2. Still a maybe. Trying to cook dinner and The Tired is stsrting to hit.
  3. Yup, Hobby Hangouts through a Facebook group. Lots of popular and exceptional painters on there.
  4. I've had a lot of headaches lately, plus wrenched my back so I've been uncomfortable sitting in office chairs, then I walked over 11K steps at Scarborough. Give me grief and I'll go to another Hangout.
  5. I can't come up with £100 worth of 35mm and scenery I want.
  6. What time is hotel check-in. I think most are 3:00 pm, so arriving before then might be moot? I still plan to arrive by 2:00 pm. I want to leave Austin at 9:00 am, and I'll make a stretch-stop in Waco (which is about half-way to Dallas). There's construction (of course) between Salado and Waco which might slow me down, though.
  7. I'm with you @Pingo. I have some old Marvel Universe books on a shelf by my bed. I'll check it out.
  8. The plan tonight, should things go right, is to get on Hangout and paint some. Or at least prep. This weekend, barring headaches, should see me on, possibly with the webcam if I can get the area cleaned up enough.
  9. Uh wut? Apparently she's always been Hela? I'll check my Marvel Universe books when I get home to verify.
  10. I will be working tomorrow. From home. Stop that! *BONK!* For breaking the thread margins and freaking people out. Yup, sounds like an ocular migraine. Hope the doctor checks it out soon.
  11. Also given but not Birthday (Christmas): I was dirt poor, barely earning above minimum wage, and on salary. I was recently separated from my first husband and driving a POS car (Subaru Justy - three cylinder thing someone had repainted a very bright turquoise color). I bring up the car because it was a piece of crap and always needing something done. I worked in a photolab, so most of my presents (to the adults, at least) were pictures I thought they'd like. My dad, a big fisherman, got a picture of a whole bunch of striped bass I had caught off the Colorado Arroyo. Anyway, I was doing a lot of pastel painting at the time and decided to do something for my mom. She loves elephants, so that's what I did. We didn't get it framed until years later. Most of the picture was done sitting in a garage waiting on my car to be fixed.
  12. Best I ever gave and received are one and the same. I'll be receiving my gift to myself about a month early when I attend ReaperCon, no kids or anyone else in tow. Just me with my favorite people. <3
  13. I didn't mention my mom's worst, which was only one she witnessed. Drunk driving and severed limbs were involved. She still won't drive down that road.
  14. And if you can, go to ReaperCon. It's very much worth it.
  15. Ooof. My sympathies to her. Those suuuuuuck. Can she take Azo Standard to at least relieve the symptoms while antibiotics do their thing?
  16. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair... Actually, it was a bright, semi-cool (not really) late September morning. Sunday. I was driving to work down IH35, and because of the time and day, not a whole lot of traffic (about 9:00 am). So I get off the highway heading north at 51st Street, an exit earlier than the one I actually needed because having to scoot by a couple of lanes on the frontage road was a pita. So I get in the middle lane (there were three). The exit I could take comes up, and this one forms its own lane to the light ahead. This is a major intersection between IH35 and Hwy 290E. Back then (1998) it was not the system of bridges it is now. As I approach the ramp I see a large, green SUV (1999 Ford Expedition... brand new monster). I'm in my Dad's old 1986 Ford F150XL. No AC so my window is rolled down. In front of me in a teeny brown Honda Civic is my boss. That Expedition was going to hit my boss! I slow down (I was going 45 mph, Expedition was going faster). My boss is oblivious. Just past Capitol Plaza was Diamond Shamrock gas station. The Expedition, once off the exit ramp, makes a sharp right. I think he's heading for the station that cannot be reached from the highway. I lay on my horn, move to tbe left, and try to stop. The rolled down window kept me from being covered in glass. On the bench seat, even though I was wearing my seat belt, I was almost in the middle. The radiator was knocked loose and fluid was all over. I had a cell phone, and called police, but was stuttering so bad they could barely understand me. I left in an ambulance. My back. Find out 15 years later that my L5 was cracked. The guy who hit me had the gall to say I hit him. Insurance said I didn't do enough to avoid the accident. The lawyer I hired had me do all tbe work in trying to contact my job's HQ to get payroll records (they never called me back). Now I live in constant pain because some [MANY REDACTED CUSSWORDS] couldn't follow the damn rules of the road. At least he didn't hit my boss, who had a 3 month old baby and was the main wage earner. He would have been killed.
  17. Likely story, Red. Welcome. Make sure to share your work and ask for feedback. Also, Google Hangouts. They're a thing and all are welcome to paint and chat. No webcam necessary.
  18. http://www.wcvb.com/article/guitarist-known-as-j-geils-found-dead-in-massachusetts-home/9263211
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