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  1. Left is first, right is recent. I haven't decided if I'll do any basing or just stick with straight black
  2. He's the first mini I painted for my first DND group. I enjoyed it so much I got myself into the hobby. Thanks to Reaper for putting out such a spectacular figure.
  3. I agree, but I'm not sure what would make him look the best. I didn't end up liking the original model's basing material, it was too large and looks like crushed peanuts. I have some coffee grounds which are smaller. Maybe those painted with a grey color with a black wash and a light drybrush? Or do you think an outdoors/grass look would fit better? I'm open to suggestions.
  4. A year ago I painted my first minis for D&D. It's not my best work, but it's most definitely an upgrade!
  5. Painted these up over the weekend. They're a little shiny from the satin varnish, but I still love 'em. Had a blast painting them. Especially the skin, from Bones Dungeon Dwellers Monsters set.
  6. Here are four of the villagers I've painted up so far from the latest kickstarter
  7. Got to get a brighter light, but here are my bugbears.
  8. Before I started I was thinking of colors like this, https://coolors.co/26d300-00eaf2-dc0073-db68ff-ffff00, but I just don't have those and adding white would make them more pastel and not bright. The inspiration is obviously the cairn wraith dungeon dweller, https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/dungeondwellers/latest/07005. If I were to try again I'd see what I could do to get closer to that. Good luck!
  9. That's right, I had uploaded to imgur to share with a friend and just wasn't thinking, so thank you for the reminder.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/IvxuKSf I started with a green, but thought it might be boring to do six green wraiths. So I thought well, blue, white, red might look good. And then I just went for it. I think I ended up creating Sauron's rainbow kingsguard, or Wraiths: Power Rangers edition. The colors I have on hand weren't as neon as I was imagining for this scheme, but I think they came out pretty cool individually. Hopefully my players don't laugh when they see them in a dungeon.
  11. There are 13 villagers and a pig with cart in the 4th Bones kickstarter. Being pretty new and having not understood how the Kickstarter worked (if I understand correctly now I could have pledged $1 and then bought the set of villagers for $15), I didn't get anything. But now I find myself DMing for a D&D group, and I am seriously kicking myself for not having gotten it. Is it something that would be released in a group, a la 10029: The Village of Kullhaven: Townsfolk I, or should I keep my eyes open to pick them up once they are available individually (I assume sometime later this year?)?
  12. Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I opened the mini that the morning star/flail didn't get cast correctly. He was a challenge and he's not perfect, but I still like this guy.
  13. I noticed this model bears striking resemblance to the wizard from my favorite childhood LEGO set. The scroll was done by a friend using a .25mm micron pen.
  14. I'm basically brand new to mini painting, but I have some artistic abilities. Unfortunately I don't have a camera or miniature photo taking set up, but here are some phone pictures from what I've done so far. The first two minis (first picture) I did some months ago. The rest I did in the last two weeks after buying the paints. You're so kind to have put together a comparison of the different sets. When you expanded by 60, how did you choose which colors you did? Was it just individual colors, or did you give thought to triads at the time? My thought is that as a new painter they would provide ready-made sets of colors for shades, bases, and highlights. They also wouldn't clash with each other.
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