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    Too numerous to mention them all so the short list mini painting, knitting, RPGing, needle point, video gaming, passing my university courses.

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  1. Ah, come on, you don't even have snow, and it thawed. I was in that several week ice storm of 91. It was three weeks of no power in my area. The days use to be shared shifts 24 hours a day to keep an eye on our two fire places. Go in the morning to the local pick up point, help the nice army men load our daily quota of wood and coleman fuel into the van, and head home. All the stores were out of power too, so it was cash only at the stores. Oh and the streets were coated with solid ice, but that's pretty normal. Mainly it was dull, eventually you run out of puzzles and books. It made for a weird life, especially as montreal was only out of power for a couple of hours, and therefore both of my bothers had to go into university everyday. All work was pretty much closed we lived though.
  2. On the same lines type quebec commission on reasonable accommodation into google. I'd link to an article, but it's been happening for the last month and a half. So there's more than a few. It's hit the front page roughly once a week of the local montreal english paper. I think the vast majority of regular people are sick of the entire thing. I figure some of the comments could keep bee keepers going for ever.
  3. She's arrived and got a place of honour in my case. You did a good job.
  4. His arm fell off. I'll have him mailed by friday.
  5. Well I have no new advice, but gosh. I want an engagement ring. I want it to be relatively expensive. My reason, I've already recieved a ring worth a hundred something dollars as a christmas gift. If He's working he regularly slots a section of his disposable income to buy me something nice (uaually not jewelry). (Though I've been to known to spontaneously do the happy clap when looking at my shinies) That month I buy the minis, or anime, or whatever. I want my engagement ring to be a bit special. We've been together 8 years, I'd like to think he's not just dong it because I'm here, and yes a diamond or sapphire or alexandrite (love that colour change) picked out by him, (after lots of suggestions examples and advice) would make me extremely happy, and sure of that. There's effort involved. I'm not going to say no if I don't get a ring, I'll probably just squeal more if I get one. So, I have psychological hang-ups about feeling apprieciated. It's not that I need an expensive ring, it's that I know myself well enough to know that I would like one, because often more expensive rings are nicer shinies. Oh, and anything above 2,000 is stupid unless you can really, really afford it. Oh, and second hand would be fine by me. So call me shallow, call me horrible, call me someone who has seriously considered collecting gemstones as an occasional hobby. I already have a large collection of semi precious, spectacular fossils, and giant chunks of boulder opal, jade etc. I also really really love rings, and currently wear four,(yep he gave me them all) they're all silver (even the expensive one, very very nice large topaz in a setting by a quebec jeweler) . One of them he wears a matching one on a cord It's enscribed with a verse in latin. They were poesy rings. Urg, sorry I love my jewelry a lot, even my two twenty dollar silver knotwork rings. And no I won't be taking any of them off if I get two more, things will just be rearranged. I look at and appreciate them all every day. Canadian diamonds have a polar bear engaved in the center of them. I believe it's only visible under a jeweler's eyepiece.
  6. I discovered I had several copies of the elven bard with the guitar/harp. So I made a vain D&D charater, and I paint her up a new outfit about once a month, and each game she decides what she's going to wear this week.
  7. You know it's a disease right? I started out with one D&D charater a dozen years ago, and now I'm in three, um no four weekly games.
  8. My nearest set of gaming stores is 45 minute drive, 1.25hour by bus&metro away. Same for comic books, manga, store that actually carries a selection of non-mainstream (i.e. fullmetal alchemist) english DVDs, english books of any kind, etc. Of course as I get charged 1.5 the price of all these goods for the honour of living in Canada I usually just order on-line from american sites. The saving due to the exchange rate pays for shipping, gas and then some usually.
  9. In the end they came out blurry. My camera hates me, that's my reasoning, or possibly the focal length was wrong. Needless to say he looks better in person.
  10. For the pouncing cat problem, hiss. Yeah it sounds daft, and you feel silly, but learn to hiss like a really huge, really angry cat. It's how we trained our two cats. After a while you don't have to do it ever again. Both of our cats have/had (one died several years ago) all their claws and hunted outside. One even actively hated everything except my brother, and this method worked. It seems to be a normal thing between cats. My boyfriend has three that sleep together, eat together etc., but when one of them doesn't want to play you know it from the wicked hissing. It doesn't seem to cause any hard feelings between the cats.
  11. Never had a problem, I'm also not hot. I gues I fit into that unattractive section of girls that hang out in hobby stores. There's one store out of five or six in montreal I've been told not to go to by my friends. I just go to the others most of which have women on staff. I've never even really felt uncomfortable. So in that respect I've never quite understood all the articles complaining. Okay, one in a train hobby store where I was asked if I knew how to use a pin vise in a not nice tone, but that store went bust soon after, so I figure they were terrible to everyone. Oh and my EB had a mad keen videogamer girl on staff. I'm also in almost every week, arguing with my boyfriend over which games to buy and which of us will like what, so no odd looks. I guess I'm lucky. Never had a bad RPg experience either of the type described or anything even remotely like it. I have had to convince people I'm not at sessions beccause I'm one of those girls who plays because her boyfriend does. That's always been solved by the first time I show up with out him though, or keep playing after he's left the campaign. That's my biggest problem, convincing guys that I play because I enjoy it, not to humour my SO. It's an annoying assumption. I have to admit I'm also kinda proud that I started RP'ing before I dated Chris, as almost all the girls in my group now play or played because their boyfriend asked them to. Here's another excellent video from about videgames very funny linky Though that's why god made the pause button.
  12. I like to collect things, and one of them is hobbies. I'm up to ten or twelve now. I tend to run six month shifts of any 2 or 3 of them simultaneously then take a break. Come to think of it I haven't knitted in a couple of years, and that half finished afghan would make a great christmas gift for my boyfriend's parents.
  13. I mailed mine a few days ago. I hate the post office. Why is it cheaper to mail it to germany than two towns over? And why does the price differ depending on which person serves me?
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