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  1. Hopping onto @ManvsMinis coat tails again(sorry!) but 12th June is the 40th anniversary of this slice of fried gold being released (Listen closely, can't you hear the theme music?)
  2. Oh no, @haldir, I'm so very sorry. Thumper was an awesome bunny.
  3. The Eyes in the Darkness has just heard the news about the UK fulfillment possibly being the last to start and is now absolutely seething with inner rage. We might have to go to IKEA to buy boxes to keep him placated, purely for our own safety
  4. Well, it's more of a guideline than a rule....
  5. Yup! Totally what I do! I always finish up my backlog before ordering something else!
  6. The Eyes in the Darkness patiently lie in wait for their Kickstarter box......."soon, it shall be mine" he murmurs.....
  7. My apologies, I've been neglecting these threads for far too long *takes deep breath* There's plenty! Snow peas/mange tout, eggplant/aubergine, saran wrap/clingfilm to name but a few, but my favourite is the bird species known as a Jaeger. @ManvsMini used one as his inspiration in a recent rcl collaboration with @Thoramel and myself. I was like "wow, I've never heard of those, they must be a North American specialty" . I was somewhat surprised to find out that it was one of these fine birdies We call them Skuas, but up where I come from they ar
  8. Well, the official word(from ReaperJon) is that they haven't heard anything about the UK Hub getting their find container. In related news, I almost had palpitations when I saw a 'postage received' email in my inbox from Reaper. I was so excited until I remembered that I'd placed an order yesterday.....
  9. I might be wrong, but I'd really only expect them to update once they were ready to start shipping. However, ReaperRon is the guest on the Crows Nest Twitch show tonight, so I could stay up and try and ask about it in chat if anyone is interested?
  10. They look fantastic!
  11. If @ManvsMini doesn't mind, I'd like to add another notable event which happened today. This slice of awesomeness was released on June 8th 1984. We're going to rewatch it again tonight.
  12. I just told Kurogane that the UK Hub might get their final Kickstarter container today and this was his reaction... Truly, the beast has been roused(and wants his new box)
  13. I love those comics, this is one of my favorites
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