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  1. W.O.O.F's latest recruit really isn't up to much
  2. 2, for the different tones of white. It was a tough choice!
  3. These make much more sense now.... My housemate is allergic to most alcohol, they get the hangover as soon as they start drinking. It's very odd.
  4. I absolutely love ziplining, but I can see how it terrifies some people. I especially love the ones where you get to walk up a hill/mountain to the top of the zip line. I really want to go on one of the "Superman" versions someday. How awesome does that look?
  5. I'm late, but in my defence I was asleep when the call went out Here's Kurogane, where a weird forced perspective gave him Ghibli-esque ears.
  6. That's a shame, both of you do such good WIP threads, but it you aren't enjoying it or getting anything from it then I totally understand your reasons for not continuing. I'll still look forward to your finished minis. I always feel odd critiquing minis, mostly because I don't think that I understand how painting actually works on an intrinsic level. My colour theory is spotty at best and I usually just slap on whatever colours I feel like painting on a given day. I'm happy when it works, but sometimes I look at old stuff and wonder what the heck I was thinking. Oddly, I'm actually planning on doing more WIPs in the future, mostly as a way to keep me focused on a project. I've recently stalled on Ma'al and Argent and any feedback I got for them would be really appreciated.
  7. Climbing up the front side of this magnificent Toblerone lookalike. In winter. Stupid, foolhardy Kuroneko! I was about two thirds of the way up when I had a pretty bad fall. Nothing broken, thank goodness but I was fairly battered and I realized that once I got off this lump of rock I was done with winter climbing and doing stuff the hard way. I ended up finishing the climb and heading down the easy way, which how I should've gone up in the first place
  8. I can truthfully say that as awesome and impressive as the Pirate Ship is, I'm not going to be picking one up. We just don't have space for it and I'd rather spend my money on more dragons and monsters to throw at my players. That said, I've already spent more in this kickstarter than in Bones 4 and I'm not finished by a long shot. I'm pretty sure that the ship and chronoscope are the only things that I'm not planning to buy as long as I don't run out of time/money. Edit: that sounds a bit grim, doesn't it? I meant time left in the Pledge Manager
  9. I had to look it up as well My plans for today include finally getting into the supermarket(been queueing for 45 minutes!), fighting with the kitteh so that she'll take her meds and doing some painting.
  10. I can relate to that- my hands get itchy when I smell Greenstuff, even if I'm wearing gloves
  11. Yup! Well, half Bengal, but we don't tell her that- she acts like a highly bred aristocat after all We're just back and the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her We got 5 days worth of anti inflammatory medication and I've to give them a call on day 6 to give a report on how she's doing. Hopefully she'll respond to them. As usual, she had a great time socializing with the vet, nurses and receptionists. She wasn't allowed to give head bumps, but she got lots of scritches from (gloved) hands and seemed quite satisfied with the whole experience. She demanded her dinner as soon as she got in, so I'll be giving her the first tablet in a wee while
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