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  1. Here we go again! My hands are still aren't obeying me properly(it's hurting to type this) but I think that I'm definitely improving. I managed a lot more minis this month and I'll post a group shot soon, but here's my collaborative efforts with all the awesome painters in my groups. Spoilered as there's a lot of pics this month
  2. I'm so sorry @Evilhalfling. Even when we know that it's going to happen, it's never easy. May his soul fly free.
  3. I don't normally pray, but consider yourself and your friend on my list of things to ask the big guy to consider. Sending hopes and good karma/kitty hugs from the house of Neko.
  4. Pivoting my entire painting desk/paint rack/hobby storage cubby 90°. It'll give me more space to move and will mean that I won't have to turn sideways to see what's happening outside at the bird feeders. What's stopping me? A whole bunch of physical issues and a temporarily low stamina bar. My 400 bottle paint rack is also a bit of a concern- do I try to move it as it is, or should I try and remove all the paints and risk messing up the carefully placed order? What if I mess it up? As you can see, analysis paralysis has been a bit rampant lately
  5. This. So much this. It's especially awesome when said kitteh started off as a tiny, angry feral floof and nowadays they start purring as soon as you pick them up (this is his "cuddles please!" face)
  6. This might sound daft, but did you use the same container of baking soda for all of the bases? . Cross contamination could be a factor, or possibly just a bad batch.
  7. Saw this whilst shopping recently- glitter booze! It's so pretty!
  8. It's a gazebo, hostility is in it's very nature.
  9. It means that the rain is vaguely warm, as opposed the cold winter rain
  10. 1. Cake? 2. We played the annual game of 'get the outfit on the cat" Last years pics were better, as he was a bit jumpy from our neighbors revving their cars yesterday.
  11. I got some new knitting needles from the big river site and they came with a free box for the cats!
  12. @CaptainPete Here's hoping that it's the less bad option. Glad that they caught it relatively early.
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