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  1. I've done a light/magic effect emanating from the portal itself, but I don't think it would really count as a scene per se. No worries, thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I'll just concentrate on finishing some dragons instead!
  2. Would the Mystic Portal 44133 be eligible for any of the categories? It's 115mms high, but I'm not sure that it qualifies as a single miniature in the large category. It's not really a figure or a diorama either, so I'm not sure if it fits in anywhere.
  3. For those for forumites interested in the ocean depths, here's a live stream to the EVNautilus exploring uncharted sections of the ocean floor https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WIdViC75CPI Well, I am blonde and I do like hitting things with spanners ....so... mebbe? Eds name is especially appropriate since that airbrush cost me an arm and a leg.... We rewatched the series recently and it was a unanimous decision that we didn't watch that episode or the ones with Nina. I don't need my heart ripped out twice, thank you very much. Yup! Thankfully without flames though. Technically he's Mustang the Second, the original Mustang was my metallic Blue Halfmoon Betta Splendens. He was a lovely boy, very peaceful and happily shared his tank with green neon tetras and dwarf danios. Absolutely hated killifish for some reason and really didn't like it when Diva messed with his bubble nests @ManvsMini glad you've gotten Dixie home, hopefully you can keep control of your charges, both human and canine!
  4. My first airbrush was an Iwata Neo(named Alphonse) and I still use it frequently. It's an absolute little workhorse and is pretty much indestructible. It's my go to brush if I need to do blending on anything larger than a centimeter. I've also got a HP-CH(named Edward) and it's a temperamental little bampot which can achieve beautiful things but I only have a 50/50 success rating with it. When I can get it to work the results are spectacular though. Oh, and the HP-CS is called Mustang, just in case you were wondering
  5. Outdoors, seeing this view at least once a day, even if it's usually raining! It's a great little spot for wildlife considering it's right in the middle of a fairly built up area. If it's rainy, I'll go for a run but if it's a nice day I'll take the camera and binoculars and go see what I can find. Indoors, my pets(represented by Loki) and painting at my desk whilst watching films that I love.
  6. I've got an Iwata HP-CS and it's hands down the best airbrush I've ever owned. Any problems I have with it is purely down to my inherent clumsiness. One thing that I'd definitely recommend for any airbrush is getting at least one extra needle for it. They are super delicate and it's really easy to dent or bend one ever so slightly when you're not used to cleaning them. Glad Dixie is doing well, hopefully her diagnosis is a positive one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.
  7. This lady built a remote beetlejuice sandworm to safely deliver candy to trick and treaters Link to story and how she made it here. https://www.boredpanda.com/trick-or-treat-monster-halloween-diy-martin-bruckner/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  8. As long as boundaries are respected, then I don't see any problems....
  9. He doesn't look too impressed. Maybe you should try some Babylon 5 Glad to hear that Brutus is doing better, it's always a relief when their meds finally kick in. Loki recently had laryngitis(very sneezy and lethargic)and it took 2 separate batches of meds to get rid of it. We knew he was starting to feel better when he started stealing my paint brushes again!
  10. @Glitterwolf, I found some more topiary dragons for you! My favorite is the last one.
  11. Thanks for all the encouragement and 'likes' everyone, without your support I probably would have talked myself out of finishing this awesome mini. I have a bad habit of getting to a certain point and then carefully putting the mini away "to finish it when I'm a better painter" You'd think I'd figure that was a bad idea after more than a decade, right? This afternoons painting was brought to you by some seasonal goodness, Trick r Treat and Dr Sleep. There wasn't even many feline interruptions either, mostly due to my housemate keeping them occupied. Apologies for the bad photography. Today was mostly concerned with all the fiddly details I continued the magical energies from the floor up onto the paving slabs. This is where this thread was invaluable as I'd completely forgotten which colours I had previously used :) I worked on the glowing eyes of the guardian statues and tried to lighten up the balls that they were holding. (posts photo of paints for future reference) So this is how its looking right now. I think I need to tighten up some of the details, but I'm going to sleep on it and look at it tomorrow. I think I'm almost done though. Any comments and suggestions are, as always, warmly appreciated.
  12. You could do what this fellow did and charge them for wasting your time https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20068927
  13. Oh, that's tempting. I passed on the previous one due to the cost of the resin casts. Maybe I can scrape together the money for at least the big feathery one.
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