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  1. I'm not sure this mini is worth a Show Off post, but I'm really happy with how she turned out. I tried to make her scarves look like Ursula's pet eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, but it was not entirely successful. I would have spent longer on her, but its a short month and @ManvsMini needs some usable pics to work his photomanipulation wizardry on!
  2. I think that the limited pallette looks amazing, the water looks lovely and tropical
  3. He probably smelled better than Loki did last night! Unlike your poor, innocent wee cat, he stole most of the cheesy crust on a pan of macaroni cheese and had a predictably stinky/foul reaction. We ended up giving him a bath. Thankfully he's a good boy, let us clean him and then went and picked a fight with his brother. He's now sleeping it off after getting some paste from the vet.
  4. St Kilda was amazing, totally worth the 5 hour boat trip. Totally lives up to its reputation of being at the edge of the world, but has a sad backstory. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Kilda,_Scotland The standing stones at Callanish in Lewis were amazing. My favorite place in Europe was San Marino... But most of all, I just want to go back home. It's been almost 2 years at this point and it's not looking great for this year either. I need to win the lottery so I can buy a plot of land and build an eco-house overlooking the sea, somewhere on this wee stretch of coast My birding name should be "5 minutes", because that's by how much time I miss all the really rare stuff! I'd love to go to Reapercon to get the chance to go birding with you too! You'd be amazed how many of my photos are taken in pretty much urban environments Which reminds me that I've got a bunch of photos from the last month that I haven't shared with the forum.....
  5. When I started the challenge league, my one condition was that it wasn't going to be an excuse to buy more minis. I already have a massive backlog and unless it's a new release then it's off limits. Well, I HAD to buy a new copy of that elf cleric because my existing one didn't have much of a face and then I looked at the seasonal minis that everyone was putting up online. There was so many Valentine's day and Lunar New Year entries, so I ended up looking at my calendar and guess what I found in March?
  6. Well, that and Irn Bru, otherwise known as "Scotland's other national drink" Next time, tell your subconscious to get you vaccinated in Salisbury Cathedral, it's a lot roomier there :) Can confirm, @Kangaroorex make epic biscuits! Housemate was unsupervised in the shops and brought back Jammie Dodgers, Rich Tea, Chocolate Hob Nobs and Shortbread. So I guess they would be English biscuits to you guys. Rich Tea biscuits are otherwise known as "one dips" because that's how many dunks into the tea you get!
  7. I've been getting up before dawn so that I don't have to share the park with people that don't know the meaning of 'social distancing' and to also try and get pictures of the sunrise. So I may be consuming just a tad more caffeine than is normal In unrelated news, we need more biscuits... Wishing you a fast recovery!
  8. I'm already in a couple of trios, but PM me if no-one gets back to you or if you need a third person. I'm on furlough at the moment and I'm painting most days anyway, so it wouldn't be a problem for me.
  9. He looks great! I'm really going to have to order one from one of the people on Etsy that print stuff to order....
  10. Maybe, it's ten to four at the moment. I'm usually on my forth cup by now.....
  11. Thanks @Loim, you've just reminded me that it's been way too long since I watched Porco Rosso. I can sense a Ghibli marathon is imminent
  12. It varies, this week it's been this picture. It's usually one of the cats or, like this one, stuff I've seen on my morning exercise route. I feed these guys every day.
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