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  1. Thank you everyone! And sorry for the very late reply, I've not been doing so well lately. However I've managed to finish these collaborative minis for this month.


    First up is this fine figure of a minotaur that I did with @Humansquish .I tried to make him a bit shaggier, not entirely sure I succeeded but I think it suits him.




    Second is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. You definitely wouldn't want to meet this fellow on a dark night!




    Thanks for looking everyone, here's hoping that my output increases soon. Stay safe!


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  2. Thank you everyone! You are all too kind :wub:


    No cat pics this month, mostly because I locked them out of the room when I was trying to take photos. Little brats cried the entire time!


    First up is my Trio mini with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. Not my best work, but its been a struggle trying to get painting time this month so I'm happy just to get paint on something.




    My Duo with @Humansquish. I tried to divert attention away from my painting by overcompensating with cork/rock!






    This fella does look a lot better, but thats because most of the work on him was done last month. She's Shavynra the Slayer from Bones 5 and shes part of our Quarterly group which includes @Inarah, @Maledrakh, @Thoramel and @ManvsMini




    Thanks for looking everybody! I've got the next couple of days off so I'm hoping that I can get some more minis done asap!

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  3. Hey there @Venun, my sincerest apologies, I've been severely distracted by some heavy life stuff lately.


    I've talked to people from several different postal/courier services and it pretty much seems like its totally random whether or not customs snag packages or not. Sometimes things sail through, sometimes they get hit by customs. Properly filling out the forms isn't a guarantee of success either ::(:


    That said, I'm willing to send the box if you're happy to take the risk. I'll dig out my greenstuff rollers and make a bunch of bases for you and your friends just in case you do get hit by the dreaded duty!

  4. Well, it's been another unproductive month on the painting front. I might get some more stuff finished before the end, but for now here's my my collaborative efforts for this months Challenge League.


    First up is my duo with @Humansquish, which is the Artemis mini from the Bones 5 Greek expansion




    Second up is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling which is the Zombie Giant also from Bones 5.




    Bonus picture of my painting assistant ::D:




    A final shot of my current long running project with a new base and way too many hours invested in him!




    Thanks for looking everyone!

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  5. If anyone has a few million burning a hole in their pocket, this 5' 11" bottle of whiskey is going up for sale on the 25th May. Equivalent to 444 standard bottles, The Intrepid is a 32 year old single malt from the Macallan distillery and is hoped to break the record of the most expensive bottle of scotch ever sold at auction.






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  6. On 5/9/2022 at 12:07 PM, Chaoswolf said:

    Sounds like a well spent day off to me; glad you had a good day!


    It was an awesome day, unfortunately the Scottish saying of "We'll pay for this" kicked into effect in the early hours of Tuesday and it's been intermittent pain/numbness/more pain since then. Managed to get some painting done this morning, even if it was only one cherry blossom pink Infinity mini. Going to push my luck and work on that white dragon after lunch.



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  7. 6 hours ago, Marvin said:


    Anybody know if the hard Bones plastic will take aerosol primers, or does it do like the soft?


    There have been varying accounts, but I personally wouldn't risk it. You really don't need to prime Bones anyway. If you have any of the liners, then they make a really fantastic first coat. 


    Well, yesterday we escaped the madness from next door and had a fun day of cinematic thrills, eating too much rich food and retail therapy. Came back to the neighbors trying to clean up their garden (their lawn is toast) and broke out some boardgames. All in all, the kind of stuff that one of my coworkers calls "a total waste of a day off" :rolleyes:


    Was supposed to be going up a hill today but heavy rain and high winds put paid to that. Going to just chill, order in some pizza and do  some painting. Hope Monday doesn't maul you all too much.

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  8. 19 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:



    These flowers are so TINY. I have beads bigger than these flowers, and I can't get over how pretty they are.




    I think that those are Forget-Me-Nots, at least they look really close to our version. 


    Great pictures, by the way :winkthumbs:


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  9. 7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Be sure you leave early to avoid those long lineups. :poke:


    That's our plan, we don't want to be held up by the Sunday morning rush hour!


    7 hours ago, ShadowRaven said:

    Just be glad they gave you some advanced warning. Also, Hope you enjoy the Multiverse of Strangeness, get in a good late lunch, maybe a stroll down town if the weather isn't crap. A nice peaceful afternoon. 


    They are very nice people and I'm very glad that we got the warning. Their dogs are going to doggy daycare, so goodness knows how noisy it's going to get ::o:


    Really looking forward to the film, it's been a while since the director has had as big a budget and I'm curious to see what he does with it.


    6 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I'll second what others have already said - it's definitely nice they gave warning.  I'll also second the going for a nice long walk in the afternoon... 


    Our plan is cinema, lunch, model shop, FLGS and maybe do some clothes shopping if we have time. Maybe do a river walk afterwards if the rain holds off, but it's not looking likely at the moment. 


    Housemate is currently trying to get me to agree to going out for dinner too, just in case ::D:

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  10. Just had a talk with our neighbours, apparently their grandkids are having a massive birthday party in their garden tomorrow. Bouncy castle, clown, music, the whole shebang starting at 10.30 in the morning. Sounds nice.


    In completely unrelated news, we just booked tickets for the new Dr Strange movie 11am showing tomorrow.

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  11. On 5/4/2022 at 4:30 PM, Rob Dean said:


    Nice!  I work at a location next to the Chesapeake Bay, and we have several osprey nests I pass on a walk at a lunchtime, but I never get to see them from above!


    I've actually got a couple of osprey nests from Chesapeake Bay on my watch list, but both are empty at the moment. I'll link them as soon as I see any activity!


    On 5/5/2022 at 6:05 AM, haldir said:



    I do believe this faction is called Scum & Villainy in X-wing.::D:


    Lies! It's all lies......well, unless the Dark Side gives out comfy beds, that is...






    8 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    Good news everyone!

    //Farnsworth voice, in an anti-scarcastic ironic tone


    Well, that's encouraging! Already got her results from today's scans. Now, haven't heard back from the doc yet since it was 8pm when that dropped, so I'm going on my engineering hat interpretation of a radiologist report, but it appears that there's no signs of intrusion into the bones nor any spread to the lymphatic system. It also says that for a cancer, it doesn't look like one. Doesn't mean it isn't, but just doesn't look typical. I feel that's really a good sign. Have to see what the surgeons think!


    That's fantastic! Here's hoping for a confirmation ASAP!

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  12. 29 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:


    That is the most amazing cat-stand I have ever seen (whether intended as one or commandeered by the cat).




    The world needs more people like you. 🙂 If you hadn't planned to, include a nice note to encourage her.


    I found it during a random image search, but it's a purpose made thing....




    ...called a CAT CAT 😹 ::D:🙀

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  13. Not working(yay!), unfortunately it's a super rainy and windy. I managed to reschedule all of this week's deliveries to today so I'm going to take it easy and get some painting done. Maybe even tidy up my desk and put some Star Wars on in the background.




    Edit: Okay, the nest cam is that I'm watching is mocking me, apparently all the sun in Scotland is staying in Dunkeld ::o:

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  14. 1 hour ago, TGP said:

    Why is this amusing?

    Do the different shackle configurations signify something?

    Do the prisoners (musicians?) resemble a specific band?




    It references the dance for Y.M.C.A( where you spell out the letters with your arms) 


    It's sung by these fine fellows 



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  15. 3 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

    a lot of the fellow forum peeps are pretty cool and if you know any of them persoanlly, wil probably be willing to get an extra 1 for you.


    Yup, @aku-chan let me know if you want one and I'll grab an extra one for you when the pledge manager opens.

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  16. On 4/29/2022 at 6:52 AM, Glitterwolf said:

    WEEKEND QUESTION April 29th / May 1st.

    What common item have you converted/painted/changed so you could use it in your game world/with your minis?

    Think toys/statuettes/appliances/anything that wasn't meant for our hobby initially?


    Show us!


    Since May 1st falls in a weekend I have taken the liberty of hijacking that day.

    Our Quisitor for May is @Werkrobotwerk!

    I want to thank you all for playing along, I've seen some creative and interesting answers!


    In order to make sure that the minis you play with are safe for you, you can send all of your minis to WOOF HQ.

    We will carefully test them for you, take note that this can take a while...I'm a slow painter...we're understaffed at the moment.


    I use Ikea cork for a lot of hobby stuff, including these coasters that make great bases for Huge sized dragons




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  17. 7 hours ago, haldir said:


    Sooooo 110+ is a  very hot summer day then? 👹


    Considering our highest ever temp was 91°f, I'd say that I would spontaneously combust at that temperature! 


    The 91° degrees day was amazing, I remember it well...




    1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:


    Honestly, I'd prefer your weather; I'm not a fan of high temperatures. 


    Y'know, it's not too bad. Apart from the rain, no wonder we invented TVs ::D:

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