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  1. I made a classic Victoria Sponge about 2 months ago.I don't bake that much- my housemate is an insanely good baker, so I usually end up helping them with all the tedious stuff like weighing stuff and cleaning up instead. I'm currently eating a big Walnut cookie from the local Chinese bakery, with a massive mug of tea
  2. Those sculpts are fantastic. I'm seriously tempted to back this, even though I promised that the Legends of Signum was my last one for a while :o
  3. Maybe heat them up, then try to attach them with elastic bands to something curved like a rolling pin? That way you could cool them slowly.
  4. I can't binge watch unless I'm sick. The last time I had the flu, I watched the entire first season of The Following in one day. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what happened in it and had to watch it again when I was better :(
  5. That is a really nice effect, well done you (I'm totally going to steal that idea.......I mean, be inspired to try it myself)
  6. I think the eyes look great! They really look like the ones from hieroglyphics :)
  7. It's just the Circle of Life........and a good dose of Karma.
  8. Probably a Yasai Bento box and a little bowl of miso soup.
  9. Arrggh, now I can't unsee the tiny little Godzilla feet! I might have to try and resculpt them now... Or I could make a whole bunch of tiny trees to hide the feet- that would make her look even bigger
  10. Cork bark is also really nice looking and very easy to cut. If you can't source any, compressed cork coasters from IKEA can make surprisingly good rocks when you break it apart
  11. I've used the "Orchid Bark" that is sold for reptiles. Bit of a misnomer, as it's pine bark FOR orchids. i sprayed some disinfectant on it and left it to dry on an extremely hot, sunny window sill. That was 2 years ago, no smells or weird growths so far Edit- Freezing would work too
  12. Hello, I'm new *waves* and here's a firework story from Bonnie Scotland 7 years ago in the Highland town of Oban, everyone was very excited about the annual bonfire night fireworks display. When it started, people were understandably impressed as the sky turned white with the truly impressive amount of fireworks in the sky. There was no gaps between the fireworks, just sheer, unrelenting noise and light. This continued for 50 seconds, then.........nothing. Someone had made a terrible mistake setting it up, considering it was supposed to last half an hour :D
  13. That orc is awesome, I'm glad he'll be available in the store afterwards :) Can't really justify an order until I buy all of my bases for the Bones 4 kickstarter
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