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  1. Almost spat out my tea at that, we're lucky if we get that in high summer We were once asked by a group of American tourists "If it ever got warm here". It was our hottest day of the year
  2. One super quick Leucrotta for @Humansquish
  3. This is my current favorite workhorse, a Greenstuff World #2 synthetic. I switch to one of it's smaller siblings when it's time for details, but it's surprising how much detail I can get done with it. I wash them hot water, straight from the tap, which may extend their life span somewhat. I've always used synthetics. Not judging anyone else's choice, but it simply doesn't sit well with me to use natural hair. Never has. Maybe I could get better results with them, but it's not something that I'm willing to do. This fellow from my Nighthaunt army. He is stricken with a terrible rage due to the crippling injury that he suffered when a small, angry feline tossed him off the painting desk and he now has a distinct tilt due to being wired to his scenic base I hate the part when you've put down some primer/basecoat and it just won't dry fast enough. Come on, I just want to paint my mini already! I drill one of the sides, then put a pin in the hole(no glue) just ever so slightly longer than the hole is deep. Put a tiny dab of white paint on the teeny protruding pin and carefully align it to the other part that you need to drill. The resultant dot should give you a good indication of where to drill. It's saved me a lot of time with Infinity Tags!
  4. I just found out that the Royal Shakespeare Company are doing a stage show based on one of my favorite ever films, My Neighbour Totoro Which is totally awesome, but how the heck are they going to do Cat Bus?!?!?
  5. Mini greenhouse is full to bursting, I really need to get some stuff planted out soon. Just potted up some begonia corms and dahlia tubers from a company in @Glitterwolfs neck of the woods, here's hoping that they do well. The tiny, super cheap violas that I bought in late February are going crazy and I'm probably going to have to buy some more planters to do them justice
  6. I'd say not, but this guy may disagree with me. I don't think that they'll complain, as long as you don't send them to this place
  7. It was so good to get back on that track, what with lockdowns, travel restrictions and whatnot, it's been three years since we've been there. Was considering going up Ben Ledi, but thought that we best not push it. This is the walk if you're interested https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/lochlomond/stank-glen.shtml Thanks! The light was not great( lots of heather and bees though) but I promise that there'll be much better pics posted over the next few months. Hopefully going to get back up Ben A'an soon I'm guessing that you didn't get bitten but Clegs though, I really need to pack the bug repellent next time! It was warm! ( Checks C to f calculator) A whole 54°, which is positively tropical for April here 🙂 We had a flask of tea with us too, it's practically illegal to go out in the wilds without one. I'll post some more pics from my camera later but here's a view from the first slope and a lichen reference photo that I took for terrain reference.
  8. Oh noes! @Humansquish I'll paint the Leucrotta ASAP! We can do a double post!
  9. Thanks Thoramel, that's exactly the vibe that I was going for! Well, this month has been somewhat sparse on the painting front due to health issues and general life stuff. I may be able to get some more finished before Sunday, but heres my co-op minis for this month. Cerebus from Bones 5 Greek Expansion, my Duo mini with @Humansquish. I probably should have taken the highlights brighter, but I think that he works well as a hellhound! This is my Trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling, the Fire scion from Bones 5. He's a lovely mini and I'm really glad that I took note of the colours for the gold because I need to try it again sometime soon. It looks much better in real life, honest! Thanks for looking everyone!
  10. On an adventure today. Trying to get my stamina up for the summer hillwalks.
  11. Our players are incredibly picky about the clicky pencils - they usually bring their own to stop such complaints as "it's not the colour of my football team", "I don't want the purple one" and "why does X keep on hoarding all of them"(usually followed by denials and the realization that X has attracted all the pencils yet again)
  12. It's nice that you have a clicky pencil for each Harpy. Stops any fighting over them
  13. As long as he doesn't run into the Burryman, he should be fine...
  14. **sends hugs from Scotland** I am so very, very sorry. Please try and take small comfort from the fact that you did exactly the right thing and giving her a peaceful passing was the very best option that you had. Even if it never feels like it at the time. You'll see her again someday
  15. @Sylverthorne That's awful, I really hope that they can figure out what's wrong with your other half. You definitely should! I find it oddly calming to start off with a black basecoat and slowly and methodically build it up to bright points. Housemate says that it's like my version of meditation Oh, the irony! I found 3 bottles of Black Primer in my stash of random paint additives when I was searching for some Pure White. I'm pretty sure that I stockpiled them when I was in a Forgeworld phase because the black primer was the only thing that would stick to the cruddy shiny resin that they kept on sending me. Wish I could send you some(probably not using the previously discussed methods though!) Pure White is so, so good! It thins so well that I'm pretty sure Anne used some sort of alchemy because it works so much better than other brands versions. I haven't tried all the other brands whites but.... GW Whites- Cloggy, dries up in the bottle within 6 months. Once got a pot of unopened White Scar which was already solid. Army Painter- *throws bottle as far away as possible* Vallejo- Okay, I suppose. Will absolutely ruin an airbrushing session by clogging up the nozzle. Rinse your brush a lot because, boy does it like to cling to the bristles! Monument Pro Acryl- Nice and bright, but thin. Almost as good as Pure White. Bottle nozzles are a bit of a pain. Then again, I'm slightly biased because my paint collection is 90% Reaper and 10% Pro Acryl. YMMV
  16. Thanks for the attempt, I think that it got bounced back somewhere Mid-Atlantic Luckily I always have some half finished dragons in case of just such an emergency. It's certainly not because I'm a total flake with the attention span of a gnat, nope, not me....
  17. Panic time! I just ran out of white paint. Like, completely. The spare bottles that I thought that I had turned out to be brush on primer. No local shops sell reaper paint and any store that I order from online won't send it out until Tuesday due to the Easter holidays Of course I did have to be painting this fella, didn't I?
  18. Well, that was fortuitous- I was just about to order some bulbs and the place that I order from had them on sale. Thanks @Thoramel, those look gorgeous!
  19. I think that they're doing the update I Reaperlive at 6pm( or midnight here) Edit: Twitch stream just went live!
  20. Deer will eat pretty much anything if they're desperate, but they really don't like foxglove or peonies. Trouble is, it's because they can be toxic (at least with foxglove) so that's something to consider if you have small kids running around. They really don't like cranesbill geraniums (wild type, not the ones for hanging baskets) and mint, lavender and basil, but they're not that pretty- even if they are useful! Our temperatures are creeping up, which is a good thing- this was the temperature range in the mini greenhouse recently!
  21. Not going to lie, but my first reaction was wondering why you weren't that bothered about the UFO outside your house in the first photo! Seriously, please stay safe and warm inside and take it as a cosmic sign for you to paint more Space Marines. Hope it all melts soon.
  22. Albert looks like a very fine boy and I'm so glad that he's fallen on his feet with such good people. In my experience there are 3 kinds of cats, The ones that can control their claws, but feel like they need to occasionally keep you on your toes.... ...the ones that never learned to control their claws (Albert seems to be in this 'cat'-egory) and need them trimmed.... ....and those perfect little angels who have full control and never use them on you, like Loki. He's only clawed me once and that was only when I tripped whilst carrying him. I launched him away from me so that I didn't land on him. He somehow managed to cut open the back of my ear on the way and land like an elegant ninja 5 feet away from my inglorious faceplant. He can jump onto my shoulder from the ground without a single claw catching on my clothes, which is pretty good for 15lb cat! This is him telling me that I've painted for too long and he needs scritches That said, you should NEVER trim the claws of a cat that goes outdoors- they need them for defense from other cats and assorted wildlife. It's perfectly okay to trim the claws of an indoor cat though. Kurogane has no control over his claws and got them trimmed after one to many attempts at recreating a pirate going down a sail using our backs. We use one of these guillotine cutters to just take the very tips off his claws and it cuts out a lot of stress for both parties. Mind you, he's really trusting, so you'll probably want to get your vet to do it, at least the first few times. Make sure to give him some of his favorite treats as a reward after each little clip, it makes it a lot easier in the long run.
  23. Hey everyone. So, my recovery has hit a bump in the road. Argh, it's difficult to explain without specifics It's not lethal and I should still (hopefully) make a full recovery but it'll probably take longer than I was expecting. Plus points: I can walk, tootle about the house, paint and go to work, even if I'm exhausted when I get home most days. Negatives: I can't run, brainweasels are running rampant due to lack of proper exercise, can't lift heavy things, twist certain ways or do any strenuous gardening. Well, I can but it seriously risks messing stuff up again 😞 Anyways, sorry for being so vague. If any of you are super curious, feel free to pm me. We're all friends here and you're all awesome people I've done a few decent walks (which I really need to share pictures of) and I'm painting more than I ever thought that I could because of the RCL. My hands still have issues, but the painting really has helped(along with some exercises recommend by @ManvsMini!) So yeah, dragons! Here's what I've been doing... ....and these two who aren't finished yet... ...but yeah, onward and upward! Death to brainweasels!
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