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  1. Thus hasn't been my best month for painting, but at least I got my co op minis done! Without further ado, here's some of my RCL entries. First up is this lovely lady, who comes from the Bones V Greek Expansion. I painted this alongside @Humansquish and she was a lot of fun to paint Next up is my group entry with @Inarah, @Thoramel, @Maledrakh, @ManvsMini and @Lt Flowbee. I tried to go way outside my comfort zone and I'm not entirely sure that I managed to capture the effect that I wanted, but here she is! Last is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. I love this mini but I think that I definitely need to repaint him at some point as I'm not that happy with his skin, the cloth or the smoke. Still a lovely mini though! (I have no idea why that second pic is upside down, sorry) Obligatory WIP dragon pic Thanks for looking everyone!
  2. Sorry everyone, I've been in a bit of a panic due to some medical issues and I haven't been on the forums much. Hopefully everything's okay, but it's a resurgence of something that I really hoped that I'd put behind me. It seems to have calmed down now so I'm hoping that it's not going to be such an ongoing issue from now on. Regarding the box, apparently they're being super strict with it, for example if you're sending clothes then you can't just label it as "£35 worth clothes". You have to list each individual item ie 1 t-shirt £8, 2x scarves £3 each etc. That said, I'm currently trying to figure out a way to categorise them a bit more efficientlyI. I'm also adding some homemade stuff to the box, so I'm not sure how to categorise that.... One other thing that I meant to ask about, the UK has this awful policy of taxing the parcel value AND the postage cost added together. Does that happen in the EU?
  3. "Oh right, the hat's green. Guess it must be St Patrick's Day. Happy whatever, internet peeps"
  4. My gardening efforts were hit quite badly last year when I was hospitalized right when everything needed to be repotted or planted on. Housemate did their best with the watering, but they really don't have a talent for gardening. I've bought seeds recently and I'll probably start them off in the mini greenhouse soon. Possibly after the weekend as we're due some fine, but cold weather. I've mostly got easy stuff like peas, beans and salad leaves, with borage, nasturtium, sweet peas, Californian poppies and sunflowers for the pretty part of the garden. My begonia and Dahlia tubers seem to have made it throughout the winter without succumbing to rot or being stolen by mice and I've got some new varieties coming by post soon. I've also got some cranesbill roots and I need to move a giant verbena that decided to take over the veggie patch last year. Housemate bought some nice gladiola bulbs, so I'll have to plant those as soon as I get some netting to keep the neighbors cat from digging up that particular flower bed. Cats do what they do and she does a fine job of keeping our garden free of the pigeons that try to empty the bird feeders but a nicely turned out flower bed is always going to look like a giant litter box! We'll probably get some tomato and pepper plants when they arrive in the garden centres, along with some lobelia, geranium, fuchsia for the hanging baskets. We get a lot of bumble bees and this year I'm planning on trying to identify as many as possible. Here's to a great gardening year for us all!
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I was waylaid by the dreaded migraines. I'm happy to send the box on but whoever receives it may still fall afoul of the authorities. I've got tomorrow off work, so I'll go through everything in it and see how much the total value of the box is.
  6. Hey everyone. Well, apparently my ongoing subscription to Migraineville wasn't finished with me I've talked so many meds that you can hear me rattling as I approach and I've had exactly one pain free day since the last time I posted. Which was nice, because that was the day we went to see some lovely big kittehs at the wildlife park(will post pics later). Unfortunately, I still had to go to work and it was just a period of sleep/work/pain for the last wee while. Thankfully, it seems to have fully abated just as I have a few days off. Was going to do some gardening, but it's a really rubbish rainy day, so I'm going to try and paint, chill and maybe watch a silly horror movie. Stay safe all
  7. I use shrubby tufts from Warpainter Scenics, they are nice and 'weedy' looking and cone in many different hues. If you clump them together they look pretty good and they're self adhesive so you can position them however you want. I also use these from Greenstuff World, they look really different and come in lots of colours
  8. I have no idea when or how I managed to sign up for these migraines, but I'd like to stop the free trial now please Thank goodness I don't get ones that bad very often. In better news, Happy St David's Day everyone! I even managed to drag myself out of bed to see the dawn, which is always a bonus.
  9. These pictures were brought to you by the properties of three different types of painkiller. I'm currently on day 4 of a particularly migraine and after I post this I'm crawling back into bed Yet again, the month got away from me(even before the migraine!) but I prioritized my group minis. First up is my duo with @Humansquish, The Argonaught from the Bones V Greek Expansion. Its a great little mini that has already been reserved by my GM as a potential Big Bads champion. Next up is my Trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. Its the Catoblepas from Bones V Core set, sculpted by @TaleSpinner. I love this mini and I based the colouration on an alpine newt. Here's my duo with @Thoramel, the Dunkleosteus from Bones V Dark Depths expansion. My first attempt was a pale blue/yellow and it was absolutely hideous! I ended up going for a slightly more subtle green/red scheme, which I like a lot more. I even managed a solo mini! These two are 80% and 30% done respectively. Painting dragons is my absolutely favourite part of the hobby and I'm really enjoying these two Thanks for looking everyone, all comments and critiques are very welcome. I'm going back to bed now!
  10. Thank you for relaying this, here's hoping that they stay safe.
  11. I realise that there's a no politics rule here on the forums, so I'll stick to facts. Kharkiv, where Signum Games is based, is currently under attack. As is pretty much all of Ukraine. I sincerely hope that the Signum guys and gals are not in imminent danger. At this point I don't care if I never get my pledge, I just want them to be safe and sound.
  12. We've got another storm, with only 50mph winds this time. Our mini greenhouse got loose of it's moorings and tried to escape but luckily it couldn't climb the fence to see the neighbours trampoline which is currently doing lazy laps of their garden. Just spent half an hour in the wind and rain corralling and tethering the greenhouse so hopefully it'll stay put now. The trampoline remains at large, hopefully it won't end up like this one in Edinburgh
  13. Thank you! Oddly, the litterbox is his go to place for being sick. He's such a helpful boy! Thankfully, he seems almost back to normal now. Current theories regarding his sickness include eating too many spiders, stealing Divas' fancy food or just being stressed out over the constant high winds that we've had lately. He woke up my housemate(still on the sofa) at 5.40am with the attitude of "Hey, why aren't we in bed yet?" Here's a picture from this evening, doing his standard paw on my hand to remind me that I've been sitting at the desk for over three hours and I really should feed him soon
  14. We were supposed to go out into the wilds today but we had to cancel our plans due to this little guy doing a spectacular projectile vom into the litterbox. Called the vet, they advised to keep an eye on him and bring him in if he didn't get better or was sick again. He's had two small meals of tuna and is now snoozing on my housemate, who at this rate may be spending the night on the sofa if the little prince decides to stay put!
  15. I'm not a fan of the wings either, but I'm pretty sure that I can modify them to being more my tastes. Love to the T-Rex inspired body, reminds me of this fella from Monster Hunter
  16. Good morning everyone! We got a day of relative calm before yet another storm hitting late tonight. Time to go feed the locals and stretch our legs. Hope you all have a great weekend!
  17. I love these, especially the one with the closed mouth. He has such an "Urgh, more adventurers" expression!
  18. Apparently my housemate is Lawful Evil 😱
  19. "You know that person you love that has that bad habit you hate? It's going to end them. For the love of all things holy, somehow get them to stop"
  20. I feel personally attacked by this statement
  21. What about painters that haven't had a game in almost 2 years due to the 'rona, paint minis but don't display them and carefully put them away into box of completion because looking at them is too stressful because all they can see is flaws? Asking for a friend, obviously
  22. **hits the snooze button** zzzz....gimme another 5 years...zzz
  23. Definitely an improvement! Googly eyes make everything better!
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