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  1. I found this awesome map online, I'm probably going to order one for my painting area My home island is apparently full of Sith(pronounced 'Shee', not anyone with red lightsabers) Quite frankly, it's a miracle that I made it off the island alive!
  2. Those look great! Do you mind if I steal this method? The colour of the collar depends on if you want it to stand out or blend in. Any warm yellow metal (brass, bronze or gold) would be great if you wanted to stay 'on theme', as it were. Personally, I'd go for the contrast of a dirty steel look, probably by using a bright silver and knocking the shine down by using layers of watered down brown and black washes. Likewise with the eyes- bright yellow white if you want the mini to stay warm or blue white for contrast. Either way works! Can't wait to see the results.
  3. Here's me thinking that I could sneak in unnoticed It's been nothing too serious, just too much work, stress and rampant brainweasels. Which is ironic, because I utterly adore real life weasels to the point of totally avoiding weasel buttfur brushes(and any fur/hair brushes for that matter). There's quite enough fur on my table as it is! Not much to report from these parts. My recovery is going well and I managed two 12 mile walks recently. Nothing to spectacular scenery wise, but I'll post some pictures soon. Thanks for the Cardinal picture @TGP, I wish we had those here! We recently took part in The Big Garden Birdwatch. You just watch the garden for an hour and record what you see. This is ours compared with the national average. The 42 strong flock of goldfinch really skewed our results
  4. I won't go back to anything other than Reaper paints, they give you a +4 to your skill rolls, after all. The other paints just fight me too much and I don't have time for that nowadays. I probably won't stop being over critical of my work either. It's too ingrained at this point, but I am trying to be more positive......honest. Someone once started picking up my painted minis with their pizza grease covered hands whilst we were in the middle of a D&D combat at our old game club. Not only was it disgusting, we were in the middle of combat with about 15ish opponents. Had to make a will save to stop myself from slapping them out of his hands. As a few people have said, rodents are probably more accurate than the human forecasters! Hold on, you guys DON'T know all the words to the songs you like?!? Okay maybe I'm the weird one as I get songs stuck in my head on repeat, so I have to listen to it multiple times to banish it from my noggin. I had to get multiple MRIs last year, with a few sessions lasting over an hour and they didn't have any headphones or music to give me. I ended up singing inside my head to keep myself entertained. Honorable mentions go to songs from The Lion King, Mulan, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran(especially the song Bloodstream). I ended up relaxing so much that I'm pretty sure that fell asleep at one point so at least my claustrophobia didn't have a chance to kick in My current earworm don't is this one from Rogers:The Musical. I can sing this all day! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a_JD6gt4asI
  5. Here's my first collaboration minis of the year. This month has not been particularly kind to me regarding painting but I managed to get my duos and trio done in time, thank goodness. First up is my Duo with @Humansquish, 77559 Undying Minotaur. I love this mini so much! Next up is my Duo with @Thoramel. We chose the fantastic Goroloth from Bones 5, Which is sculpted by the awesome @TaleSpinner. I'm not sure if I consider this mini 'done' because I still have trouble with fine detail and blending, so I'll probably revisit this one in 6 months or so. Or maybe just paint the other two that I have! This months trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling is this lovely Earth Scion from bones 5. I tried punching way above my weight with the NMM, but overall I'm happy with the mini. It's an amazing sculpt and I tried to do a cracked lava effect but I'm not sure how effective that is to be honest. Still, It's done and I'm looking forward to inflicting her on my players when we finally start our game again. Bonus pic! I'm doing a Discord challenge with Mighty Lancer Games as well, so I finished off this bad boy since he definitely qualified for the theme of 'Boss'! MLG are an awesome UK store that has become my go to place since they're great to deal with and they stock Reaper, GW, Greenstuff World and so much other awesome stuff. Here's Reikenor the Grimhailer who is unfortunately a wee bit squinty due to getting punted off the table by a nefarious feline..... Speaking of nefarious felines, my apologies for the slight wonky nature of some of this months photos. I recently reorganized my painting area and my go to spot for taking photos now contains my seat. "Not a problem", I thought "I'll just put a box there and jury rig a stable area with some trays and black felt for a background. This did not go as I intended... That's their innocent faces, the little brats! 😄 Anyways, thanks for looking and listening to my ramblings. Happy painting everyone!
  6. I'm finishing up a couple of minis that have been sitting on my desk for ages, then I'm cleaning everything down, doing a major decluttering and pivoting my entire setup 90° so that it's easier to look into the garden(and the bird feeders) as I paint. I am not looking forward to moving the 400 bottle paint rack, especially since it's a Frankenstein's monster, made from 4 separate 10x10 racks held together with glue, staples and duct tape First of all, thank you! I'm truly honored This is definitely my most photographed place, you can't beat sunrise over water. The wildlife is fantastic too. Winter is the best for it because you don't have to get up to early!
  7. Morning all! Here comes the sun, it's the first time that I've actually seen it this year! Edit: Would like to point out that we've had heavy rain and occasional storms for the last few days, NOT that I've been asleep and/or living a nocturnal life. Honest
  8. Very mild at 13°C (55f), with heavy rain and winds of up to 45mph. Seriously considering not going for my morning walk tomorrow as I got utterly soaked on today's foray. It's supposed to get more seasonably cold midweek so we might get out into the wilds of all the trails aren't flooded. I'm not too fussy, as long as we stay away from large groups of people.
  9. He looks fantastic! On the subject of terrorising the players, I found that a single sideways 28mm human sized mini fits perfectly into Mr Goremaws mouth. My players were less than happy about that discovery 😆
  10. Don't worry, most of our neighborhood didn't even start venturing outside until 6pm. I'm usually working on the first, so it was a nice change to chill and watch movies instead. Here's my first feline pic of the year, taken when he was watching Werewolves Within. Hope that he isn't picking up pointers...
  11. It really depends on who it is, but it's usually a "Yeah.....okay", so possibly 'C' I guess?
  12. We've been playing Flash Point recently, first with the basic rules and slowly introducing all the more complicated stuff. Sometimes it doesn't go so well.....
  13. I often call our kitteh the "feline overlords" , but I think this fellow actually fits the bill. He's not even two years old and is still growing
  14. No worries @Humansquish, will do. Your Sophie looks great!
  15. Woke up this morning with my worst migraine in almost a year. Couldn't walk properly and barely managed to keep the meds down. Ended up sleeping for 4 hours under 3 ferociously purring felines and now I feel woozy, but so much better. Had some late lunch and am now trying to paint, but Kurogane isn't quite convinced that I'm totally better just yet and is now forming a fuzzy barrier between myself and the painting desk. Here he is waiting for another brush to knock out of my hand
  16. Are you saying that this cinematic masterpiece actually LIED to me?!? Enjoy your Hogmanay! Sadly, our are pretty much cancelled for the second year running Hopefully you can find a proper ceilidh to enjoy. I'm so done with 2021, I know that 2022 won't be magically better but at least that it means that I can draw a line through this musterduck of a year. Now if it would only stop raining I might be able to actually get up some hills again....
  17. Wow! Everyone's stuff is looking fantastic! Well, the year is drawing to a close(where did this year go to?) and it's time to start panicking about all those unfinished minis for the Challenge League. Here's all my collaborative minis for this month. First of all is my version of Western Sophie 03985, which is my duo with @Humansquish Group mini with @Inarah, @ManvsMini, @Thoramel, @Maledrakh and @Lt Flowbee. The theme was 'We could be Heroes', so naturally I picked a black furred catfolk swashbuckler from Bones 5 I also signed up for a Halloween themed group, led by the awesome @NomadZeke. I won't get points for this but I love this mini so much! Finally, the mini that nearly broke me. Been painting it for two months and I'm still not happy with it. I call him Captain Chromatic or "Use all the colours and they won't notice the terribad blending" Hopefully he wont look too bad next to @Pochi and @Evilhalflings versions! More pictures of Captain Chromatic here Time to try and finish all my own minis, which includes two more dragons Thanks for looking everyone!
  18. Happy Boxing Day everyone! Remember to give the customary gift of cardboard to your designated Feline Overlord. Fail to do so and they may have to call in reinforcements....
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