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  1. I'm more impressed that you live near somewhere called the Treasure and Magic Valleys. That must be a great place for getting XP!
  2. Found an old Scottish version of the Twelve Days of Christmas called the Thirteen Days of Yule (spoilered because it's loooonnng!). Thank goodness for copy/paste.
  3. Considering that I'm still knitting a scarf for someone at 01.40 AM Christmas morning, I think that you're doing fine! Unusually, I've had Christmas Eve off(and might be off for another week!) so we've been baking, cooking, eating, giving the cats their new catnip toys and we popped into the city to drop off presents to friends. Everything looks so nice right now! Stay safe everyone, eat well and have a fantastic Christmas/Holiday of your choosing. Raise a glass to those that we miss and tell the people you love that you do. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Holy moly, that's gorgeous!
  5. ***crawls back into the forums*** Hey everyone, hoping that everyone is doing well. Not doing so well myself with brainweasels running rampant and my body still not obeying perfectly reasonable instructions. On the plus side, I tested negative for you-know-what today so I don't need to isolate like a bunch of my workmates are currently doing. To celebrate, here's some recent photos from our daily walks with our recent, Silent Hill-esque fog. Normal swans Swans from Silent Hill Right, I'm off to catch up on all the forum stuff that I've missed. See you all later!
  6. Thanks! That picture is awesome! Anyways, Happy St Andrews Day everyone! I was going to post some stirring, patriotic pictures, but I'll just leave this here instead
  7. Those look fantastic @Thoramel! My month hasn't been very productive with only two finished minis but I'm planning on making it up for it in December. This is my Stone Golem from Bones V, painted to look like he was carved from jade, or possibly malachite. Really looking forward to seeing how @Pochi and @Evilhalfling tackled this one. As ever, @Humansquish finds minis that I've overlooked and I always have the best time painting them! This particular one is Giselle from this years Reapercon Swag Box> I'm particularly happy with this one as I think that it's my best blending since my body betrayed me earlier in the year. Anyway, it's certainly been a lean month for finished minis so here's some of my work in progress pieces from the painting table. Thanks for looking everyone!
  8. Great work on all those minis! I especially love the first one, the contrast that you got on her is really good.
  9. Morning all. It's a lovely day here, but we've got deliveries coming in the afternoon so we can't go anywhere exiting. Managed to get out to the local park earlier to shake some cobwebs loose, so it's not a total bust of a day. Hope Monday doesn't mail you all too much!
  10. Thank you! Onward and upward! Wait... they don't? Aw heck :( Also, thank you! Thank you, hopefully I'll get a bit more elevation next time. My homeland is truly gorgeous on the 3 days per year that it doesn't rain! I used to be able to happily run that distance before my body betrayed me, so yeah, it's all recovery at the moment. That said, easy paths and not walking through mud make a world of difference. The previous walk was awful, with the highlight being a bridge over a burn(Scots for stream) that had another burn running downhill over it! Shortbread is sooo good! Dean's or Patterson's shortbread is even better, but I don't know if they even get shipped across the Atlantic. We got some exotic biscuits today too
  11. So, my recovery is slowly trundling along (just like myself) and I ended up going on my biggest adventure since everything went downhill early in the summer. A 6 mile hike and a mighty hill of 200m was attempted and conquered, with only a few stops to catch my breath and to have a rejuvenations cup of tea. Photos are spoilered for those on low data. All in all, it was really nice. I just need to get my hands working properly and I'll be all set! Thanks for looking everybody!
  12. I'm not going to say that I read the BBC article this morning about the wildlife survey in the Thames river system.....but my totally uninformed opinion is that you don't want to mess with Spurdogs(the hint is in the name!)
  13. Speaking as someone who got the bright idea to paint this monstrosity, I can totally relate to your thinking
  14. Sadly, not as much as in pre-covid times. Our public transport system isn't too bad, but I really don't want to sit that close to strangers right now. Even if we are all wearing masks.
  15. Non hobby stuff- I'd like to get better please! I actually saw a shooting star a couple of weeks ago and that's what I wished for as it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Apparently I want that more than the giant lottery prize that was being drawn the next day Hobby stuff is kind of related to that. I'd love to get my painting mojo back and getting my hand to cooperate would be fantastic. I've got all these Kickstarters that I backed solely for the minis and I just don't have the skill to do them justice. Sorry for the mini rant, I just want to get back to normal...... even if normal is sitting hunched over a tiny mini, trying to make matt paints look metallic
  16. Well this month was certainly interesting, but not in a good way! As such, my RCL output has been pretty much limited to co-op work with my painting partners. You guys and gals are the best and pretty much the only reason why I pick up a paintbrush nowadays. Yet again, a massive thanks to you all! First of all is this imposing Cyclops, which is my collaboration with @Humansquish My totally not a Ringwraith with @Thoramel And my Basilisk, Which is part of my trio with @Evilhalfling and @Pochi Thanks for looking everyone!
  17. Zero is a such a handsome boy! As someone whose forum name literally means "Blackcat" in Japanese, I hereby officially donate my share of treats to Zero. He deserves nothing less.
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