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  1. Just got the actual email from Reaper! I saw the shipping information in the pledge manager at 10 this morning, just took 6 hours for the email to catch up. Still waiting for UPS pickup, but they're estimating delivery on Wednesday.
  2. Mine is packed up and awaiting the truck to Wisconsin! It looks like we've reached the 9/12 lock-ins (though I don't know what time I locked in). My box is 22.5 lbs and contains all 3 of the items on the dreaded list, so we still have chicken huts for now!
  3. This has been my main problem. I've backed 4 more kickstarters, along with continuously purchasing more minis for D&D (I NEEDED them to run the encounter, right?). Actually, it's my brother's fault for starting all of this in the first place. He bought me that first dragon and said, "You're crafty; you can paint this no problem". Over 350 minis painted since then...
  4. I can't decide what I'm most excited for. Dreadmere, Darkreach, and the Frost Giant Raiders are definitely top contenders, though! I set an ambitious goal of having 70% of my minis painted by the time it arrives. I'm sitting at 68% right now. So close!
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