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  1. That's kind of how it went for me. I was planning to get the core set to fill out my collection and supply my friends who are just starting out, and then I was planning on getting a few big things. And then along came Brinewind. And Dark Depths is a really good accompaniment for that... And we've gotta fill it out with the Brinewind Extras. And if they're gonna be in a port town, they'll be looking for passage on a ship, right? I don't even run seafaring missions that much, but I can't pass up that pirate aesthetic! Yeah, I may be able to fit in the box when it arrives.
  2. I thought about it, but not being able to move my wrist at all kind of limited the angles. Ended up just using my good hand to reposition it a lot. For the blue, I started with black mixed with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, then highlighted up with the Dark Prussian Blue, and then up to Reaper Ultramarine Blue. At the end, I did a really light drybrush of DecoArt blue interference paint over the scales. It doesn't show much in the photos, but in person it gives it a subtle iridescence.
  3. I broke my arm during a hiking "adventure". While it was healing, I wanted to see if I could paint something one-handed. Luckily, the broken arm was not my dominant arm, but holding the model while I painted was rather difficult. I figured a larger model would be a little easier to hold, so I chose to paint up Narthrax in a black / shadowy sort of palette.
  4. I would love to see non-human children (both villagers and adventurers). Dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, tieflings, firbolgs, orcs. Actually, I'd love some baby / young monsters too. Also female baddies- bandits, orcs, trolls, ogres, hobgoblins, giants, etc. And they should be in fighting poses, not just standing around looking pretty like most of the existing female giants. And we could all use more female models in general- wearing practical clothing, please!
  5. Just got the actual email from Reaper! I saw the shipping information in the pledge manager at 10 this morning, just took 6 hours for the email to catch up. Still waiting for UPS pickup, but they're estimating delivery on Wednesday.
  6. Mine is packed up and awaiting the truck to Wisconsin! It looks like we've reached the 9/12 lock-ins (though I don't know what time I locked in). My box is 22.5 lbs and contains all 3 of the items on the dreaded list, so we still have chicken huts for now!
  7. This has been my main problem. I've backed 4 more kickstarters, along with continuously purchasing more minis for D&D (I NEEDED them to run the encounter, right?). Actually, it's my brother's fault for starting all of this in the first place. He bought me that first dragon and said, "You're crafty; you can paint this no problem". Over 350 minis painted since then...
  8. I can't decide what I'm most excited for. Dreadmere, Darkreach, and the Frost Giant Raiders are definitely top contenders, though! I set an ambitious goal of having 70% of my minis painted by the time it arrives. I'm sitting at 68% right now. So close!
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