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  1. I attended last year for the first time and will +1 @Pegazus's advice. Read a bit here in this folder, but the first and most important step is ... show up! :)
  2. Zoxe

    Hobby Hijinx Corner 2019

    Mrs. Zoxe and I can help, and will have a car - so even if it's making food runs to keep @Ludo and others well fortified.
  3. Zoxe

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Chips and salsa, chex mix, cheese cubes, maybe popcorn seems to be en vogue these days with Embassy Suites' Manager's Reception (nationwide, not just Denton).
  4. Zoxe

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Me too! Buying a set for Mrs. Zoxe as well as myself. Survey only asked us once for which faction. I was able to edit the names on each ticket after the sale completed.
  5. Zoxe

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    We came to Denton last year for the first time, and I didn't have anything ready to submit (had just crashed to get to Gencon submissions a few weeks prior, the thought of kicking off something new was ... not practical, hah. :) ). This year I'm planning at least 3 entries, including - like you - my first diorama. Fresh back from Adepticon, I'm all full of nerd enthusiasm and have had a productive week at the bench. Clearing some stuff off for our gaming campaign, then hopefully full-on Gencon and Reapercon submissions in a few weeks. Then I went to order my diorama terrain supplies and found that the small business I planned to try is offline until almost Memorial Day for several consecutive conventions, and I imagine some well deserved time off. But sent me into a mild panic because if I round up, that's June!
  6. Zoxe

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I officially have primer on one of my Reapercon entries. No idea what to paint next, how to base it, or what the color scheme should be, but I have primer down!
  7. Yup! That's them, and why I asked. Glad to hear they've been contacted, hope they have time and ability to jump in.
  8. I don't know if this would be their thing, but is DGS Games on the radar at all?
  9. Zoxe

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I saw WinCo on google maps too. Missed it last year but admittedly didn't venture too far east of the Embassy Suites. We'll most likely have a car again this year; thoroughly enjoyed last year's road trip south. Hopefully we can get in a little earlier; last year we basically walked in and went straight to pizza on Wednesday. I also saw something on google maps called a Killer's Tacos that apparently serves Tacos and Beer. Those are two of my favorite food groups!
  10. Zoxe

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I'm curious what pops up around the hotel too. IHOP sounds yummy. We've been talking about how we'll approach this year. Last year we didn't leave the convention center very much, and ended up eating at Houlihan's quite a bit (which we enjoyed). This year, I vowed to find a grocery store after we check in and make better use of the room's fridge and kitchenette. For lunches, I'll happily eat PBJ or a quick sandwich after the mega-breakfast (and save some $$ for the vendor hall).
  11. Zoxe

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    I used the link on the ReaperCon FB page, not the older Reaper page. Worked great, we've got a room!
  12. I really like where the course labeling idea is going. As a first time attendee this year, signing up for courses was a little bit overwhelming. Whether it's in the text description or in the title, some way to communicate expectations would be helpful. I'm quoting my friend @Paradoxical Mouse because she draws out a really great point: Few of us are equally good at everything. While a 300-level course in one area might be appropriate for me, a 100-level is no doubt appropriate in another. If there was a class on fixing really dumb mistakes, I'd call myself advanced! :) :) So while I would call myself an intermediate painter (at least in most crowds, hah), one of the courses I signed up for this year was actually borderline beyond my capability. Did I have a good time? Yes! But I am not in a position to capitalize on the knowledge yet, and I know it.
  13. Zoxe

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Our box of supplies arrived today! I am out of excuses for beginning to design my diorama!
  14. Zoxe

    ReaperCon 2018 Review

    What game would you run? I woke up this morning thinking about how best to package and transport a copy of Shadows of Brimstone. The trouble is that my particular "copy" has been merged with oodles and oodles of expansions and bringing the whole thing would be a mess. I'd almost need to buy (and paint) a duplicate copy of one of the core sets. (Not that I don't have other mini games I could bring, but... I've been itching to play SoB in a 'con environment).
  15. Zoxe

    ReaperCon 2018 Review

    I actually agree that names shouldn't be publicly visible, but not for the reason cited. Pictures get taken of minis and put everywhere. The vibe at RCon is cool and accepting, but the internet as a whole is a toxic place and I can see scenarios where someone's work - with their name attached - could get ripped apart by unthinking trolls. I'm picturing a scenario where I log into a large Discord feed and stumble upon a group of goons picking apart my work against a picture that I didn't post, with a name that they can trace to FB or wherever. However, I think the judges NEED to see the names (i.e. on their own reference sheet) so they can do the right thing and bow out of judging a mini if there's a conflict of interest. It's too much to expect that they'll know every mini that every one of their friends submitted, and at the awards ceremony when that friend is walking across the stage is too late to realize you judged something you shouldn't have.