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  1. I am packed... I think the patch on my bag may be foreshadowing for how the weekend may go...
  2. My limited experience - I like Stynlrez on plastic an Vallejo Surface Primer on resin.
  3. Cleaning will never hurt, as long as you get all the soap off. Everyone seems to have their own prep methods and styles. Some are more thorough than others. Some will say "I never wash and I've been fine" and some invoke ancient rituals, urban legend, and recipes passed down since the internet was just 2 guys arguing about star wars vs. star trek. Bottom line, you had an issue here so need to adjust. In general, resin models tend to be more fussy and do like to be washed. Washing plastic models won't hurt, as long as you get all the soap off. What primer did you use and is the model resin or plastic?
  4. Work will have me travelling the month prior, to include the first 2 days of the con. I have airline reservations to arrive at DFW late-ish on Friday. But with the work travel, I need to have my entry DONE by mid-July. I won't be able to wait until August for a final push and then do touch-ups in the hotel room like last time! Lack of a procrastination buffer is killing me! 🙂
  5. Probably the best 'advanced' class I've taken was Ben Cantor's class on composition (don't recall the name). Planning, reference art, and overall composition of a contest piece. Freehand is another 'advanced' class I'd take again until it sticks.
  6. I started assembly months ago, but still haven't finished gap filling and nowhere near primer. 😛
  7. I think they had more shoulder room, in general. I know that the area appeared fairly empty, but reflecting on it, I recall bumping into all my instructors at various points and they always seemed to be in motion.
  8. My feedback is generally positive. We didn't have any major disconnects, and adapted to a few surprises as we went. No sweat. This was our 3rd Reapercon - all at the Embassy. It was good to be 'home' after the past 18 months of shenanigans. I didn't realize how much I needed to check out from the world around me until about Friday. Just a general reminder to myself, more than anything, that I should throttle back more and more often. So I guess that's feedback to myself. I give Hilton/Embassy high marks. The property is now a few years old and holding up well. Our interactions with staff were good to great. The poor lady at the Starbucks always seemed frazzled. I used the Hilton phone app to request room service and it worked great. I liked the MSP Open area being in a separate room (and I think the lighting was better in there), and I liked pre-registration. I didn't miss the auction. We've enjoyed it in years past, but also know it was a stressor for some. I wouldn't be upset if the auction didn't come back. I liked the class length being a little shorter and the ability to take a breather between classes - or crazy enough - actually eat lunch. Some might argue, but I don't think the extra 15 minutes would have helped my learning (When the schedule was tighter, I was mentally checking out at the end and stressing about where I need to be). There were a few times where I wish we were spread out more. Awards ceremony in particular. No easy solution, and I think they did the best they could with what they had. Meet and greet food - I'm not there for the food, but a lukewarm hot dog wasn't awesome. Next time I'd just make a Whataburger run. PS: Thank you Reaper for arranging no construction this year on I44. It was much appreciated. 🙂
  9. Zoxe

    Home safe

    We set out a little after 6 this morning and plowed 14.5 hrs straight home, counting stops for driver swaps, gas, dinner, and a really nice picnic lunch at a freshly redone rest area somewhere in Missouri. Denton feels far away already, but we are home safely.
  10. We enjoy a good road trip and look forward to the drive to Denton. It's 16h for us without stops from the eastern midwest. We'll break it up into 2 days - first leg after work Tuesday, driving through the day Wednesday to be onsite in time for the meet and greet. We've had a couple of different formats going home - one year we did it in one shot (never again!) and in 2019 we departed after the Auction and made it as far as Tulsa before finding a hotel. This year I'm using the trip as the milestone wherein I need to have a new vehicle. Will be our shot to break it in 'right.'
  11. As a participant, part of the appeal to me is to get the score and feedback from the Reaper judges while ALSO highlighting the great work of one of the sponsors. I'd be sad if this were changed.
  12. Zoxe


    I've seen kitchen staff at the Denton ES in a bit of cosplay (within the limits of their corporate uniform guidance) and then attend the 'con once they got off work.
  13. I signed on as Stormchaser, but I do have one question.... Why is the rum gone?
  14. We are talking about different things, but this would describe the journey that a few of my projects are on. :) I haven't been at the bench for any significant time since Christmas Day. I could say it was because I got sick (twice!) or that I was waiting on parts/bases (I was!) but the real reason is that as most of us do, I went through a hobby funk.* Not sure I'm entirely cured, but my office is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. I was just frying a couple of eggs planning my morning. Most of what I'd work on today isn't for RC2020, but my one big project certainly is. *Note: Hobby funk was, I think, due in part to this: the 'big' project is a resin cast, but the master was 3D printed and the mold had some issues (mold lines, 3dprint lines, and some glorious mold tearing and blowouts). I had high hopes of this being my first Gold, but as I'm working the issues I know that some of them are beyond my ability to fix and I'll (rightfully) get knocked back. I set it aside mid-December to work on other stuff, but with a sigh I know that "this ain't the one." I'm going to see what I can do, and spent a little time last night looking for a mini that would serve me better in another category.
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