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    I've seen kitchen staff at the Denton ES in a bit of cosplay (within the limits of their corporate uniform guidance) and then attend the 'con once they got off work.
  2. I signed on as Stormchaser, but I do have one question.... Why is the rum gone?
  3. We are talking about different things, but this would describe the journey that a few of my projects are on. :) I haven't been at the bench for any significant time since Christmas Day. I could say it was because I got sick (twice!) or that I was waiting on parts/bases (I was!) but the real reason is that as most of us do, I went through a hobby funk.* Not sure I'm entirely cured, but my office is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. I was just frying a couple of eggs planning my morning. Most of what I'd work on today isn't for RC2020, but my one big project certainly is. *Note: Hobby funk was, I think, due in part to this: the 'big' project is a resin cast, but the master was 3D printed and the mold had some issues (mold lines, 3dprint lines, and some glorious mold tearing and blowouts). I had high hopes of this being my first Gold, but as I'm working the issues I know that some of them are beyond my ability to fix and I'll (rightfully) get knocked back. I set it aside mid-December to work on other stuff, but with a sigh I know that "this ain't the one." I'm going to see what I can do, and spent a little time last night looking for a mini that would serve me better in another category.
  4. Worked a little bit on my main RC2020 entry. I'm still at the gap filling phase, but progress is progress!
  5. This conversation is making me hungry for Whataburger!!
  6. I am seeing rooms available at the AAA rate of $215. Is still a huge price difference, but if people are considering going rogue (i.e. outside the block), you could buy a AAA membership and still be money ahead to buy a lot of paint and minis at the 'con!!!!
  7. From memory, the hotel swag was 1 mini and maybe 1 bottle of paint? Maybe just 1 mini. The swag that comes with the badge purchase is where most things are.
  8. ReaperAHawk said this in another thread: Posted 13 hours ago Hi Y'all! We are sorry that all our blocks of rooms at the Embassy Suites sold out in one hour. This has never happened before....we usually have a couple of months before they all sell out. We were just as surprised today, but happy so many of you are so excited for ReaperCon 2020!! With that said, the popularity of our show has increased every year immensely. That just means we are going to have a fantastic show and I hope everyone can make it. If we are able to get a new room block contract going with Embassy Suites, then we will let everyone know. We are working on it. As for now, we do have a overflow hotel at the Fairfield hotel that will have shuttles running. The link to book with that hotel has been posted on all social medias as well as ReaperCon 2020 hotel thread. We will try our hardest to monitor any questions/concerns on the forums and social media regarding hotels, but as always you can email us at [email protected]
  9. I worked from home today but did the calendar math wrong (thought the block opened tomorrow). I resisted temptation/distraction all day and didn't boot the personal laptop and things were sold by the time I got online and then I cussed. I was able to book a room for the same dates with the AAA rate and spent some Hilton Points to offset the cost. Rooms CAN be found (or at least could as of 4:30 eastern), but at a much less favorable rate. (Burning points to be onsite is worth it to me, other's situations may dictate otherwise).
  10. Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe out there - eat, drink, and be merry paint minis. This fall has very much been on fast forward for me. It feels like we just got in the car and drove home from Denton and RC2019. Shortly after that, work sent me on several trips rapid fire and we had a couple of other personal commitments through late Sep, all of October, and into November. Stepped straight from that into year-end at work. Taking a few days around Christmas to regroup, and hopefully get some bench time.
  11. I just spent a week at an Embassy Suites in Florida for a working group (business trip). It was an older property, but the breakfast was almost equally impressive. Yesterday they sent me the exit survey. The background image of the survey was actually the Denton Embassy Suites. I had to go back and make sure they didn't send me a link for the previous stay, but realized it was just a coincidence. I sighed at "home" and finished the survey.
  12. I read the first line and will admit I had a little panic. My main entry is currently needing some additional fine tuning on the fitting and then I need to bit the bullet and commit to gluing it together. I also need to work on the diorama that I started for 2019 but didn't get finished. :)
  13. I will give @LordDave a shout out for his Water Effects class (Reaper U: Basing – Realistic Water Effects (Cecil), Thursday, 10am). Was a really fun class, very hands on, and he was the most prepared of any hobby/painting instructor I've ever had. Target audience is maybe tabletop and those new to the world of clear resin, but basics could be extrapolated to more refined projects as well. Editing to add a pic of our results to give a better sense of scope of the class. Each student started with a blank base and learned to glue down and seal the cork. We set that aside and each student was handed a cured cork base and asked to do basecoat and some details. This second stage was then poured over with clear resin (the result is in the mini cup behind the index card). Lastly, we were handed a cured base and asked to create the wave and add the rippled water surface seen in the foreground. The multiple stages were required because of cure times; this way we got to see all stages of the process in rapid succession.
  14. Zoxe

    Reapercon Report

    I understand the concern about the logistics (burden of logging all the entries in, making judging happen, awards, pickup) of so many entries. I think Reaper does a stellar job of it all. I like that Reapercon is more about being inclusive, at all painting levels, and less about who's the best of the best of the best, or who's cool and who's not cool. I loved seeing the huge tables full of minis - all shapes, sizes, and skill levels - and the ballroom full of people there to celebrate everyone's accomplishments. I'd sit through the awards ceremony tomorrow if I could.
  15. Omg the catfish conversion is both inspired and .... a little disturbing.
  16. Zoxe

    Safe arrivals!

    Pulled in the driveway and just ate some drive thru burgers. Seems weird to think I woke up in Tulsa this morning. Traffic wasn't bad, tho we did get into some holiday crazy around St Louis. Campers, RVs, trailers full of 4 wheelers, or kayaks, or bicycles, or moto cross, or classic cars. You name it, it was in front of us doing 5 under the speed limit.
  17. Food: last year we spent a fortune on sit down meals. We enjoyed it but our pocketbook didn't. This year we went to the Winco and got some premade salads to put in the mix. It was only 3 meals across the entire weekend but helped quite a bit.
  18. Zoxe

    Safe arrivals!

    Heads up to anyone driving through Joplin MO today. There are ramps closed but not marked, i.e. you can get off I44 but not back on. And the workaround that Google send you on is also closed. What should have been a simple gas and go cost us a bonus 20 minutes of screwing around.
  19. Zoxe

    Safe arrivals!

    Made our overnight stop in Tulsa. Up early and about to go raid a different embassy suites' breakfast buffet. We'll be on the road most of the day! Be safe out there everyone.
  20. We are/were driving tonight (Sunday) but planned to leave after the auction either way. I'll +1 the above comment. It didn't hurt us, and we enjoyed the occasional break in the auction, but would not be fussed if the drawings were first to enable earlier departures for some.
  21. 16 hrs in the car for us to strategize. Had the basics down before we hit OKC.
  22. Random picture dump! The pictures of the entry table was around 3pm yesterday. The two figures at the end are Liz Beckley, unreleased Kingdom Death figures.
  23. Just finished our lunch stop! Onward towards Oklahoma. Currently just over 5 hrs away but will probably stop twice between here and there.
  24. It got better once we had the minis in the car! On the road now, I'm navigating. Weather is better than last year!! We spent 4 hours driving in a washing machine across Missouri.
  25. We got out last night later than I expected but traffic cooperated and we made it to our overnight hotel. It's been a cruddy week (Mrs. Zoxe got declined for a promotion, my job imploded, and we had to call the plumber on Monday night due to a water pipe spraying in the crawl space, for a little while our trip was in doubt.) Because of all that, I didn't set an alarm this morning and we're on vacation time! Means we may not make pizza tonight but we'll show up eventually! About to go down for hotel lobby breakfast and wish I were already atbthe Embassys spread.
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