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  1. Bughouse

    Count Lorenth - 77355

    My gawd... it's full of stars! DETAIL! I mean, lovely wonderful detail!
  2. Bughouse

    03787: The Crimson Herald (and cultists!)

    The King in Yellow! Very awesome.
  3. Bughouse

    Kev!'s 77306: Translucent Slime

  4. Bughouse

    Beholder (WizKids)

    Paint is great! The mouth is wonderful, but I like the small eyes and back scales even more. Makes me want to get one.
  5. Bughouse

    Mashaaf 77375

    Loves me some big nightmare woogieness!
  6. Bughouse

    Coral Golem

    That is a really sweet golem. The multiple colors definately help distiguish it.
  7. Bughouse

    14583: Hrodash, Orcish Painmaster

    I dig it! The poker is convincingly searing IMO.
  8. Bughouse


    Did you sculpt this guy? His pose is awesome, and the paintjob is sweet.
  9. Bughouse

    Hippogriff - pic heavy

    Very nice, and reminds me that I have one... must dig through the reserves to find it now.
  10. Bughouse

    Flail Snail

    Lovely model and painting!
  11. Bughouse

    Goremaw, the Devourer and Wolf Demon

    Love that worm!
  12. Bughouse

    The Great Race of Yith (Custom Mini)

    Flipping fantastic! Though I wonder... did you have your mind transposed with one to get the details?
  13. Bughouse

    Swamp Dragon

    The pebble-like scales are wonderful.