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  1. nice n frosty! love the base, especially the coins
  2. Your automata are always a pleasant addition to the day.
  3. Dig it. Great work on the base and the figure.
  4. Looks great. Wonderful wter effects on the base, and I really dig the wet and slimy skin.
  5. Gorgeous. Love the canopies, makes it look wholly different.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Super gibbery sloshy squirky! Really great work!
  8. Totally dig this! The head of the warlock and the freehand there looks pretty swift too.
  9. Those eyes really stand out. Makes a great pop of color.
  10. My gawd... it's full of stars! DETAIL! I mean, lovely wonderful detail!
  11. The King in Yellow! Very awesome.
  12. Paint is great! The mouth is wonderful, but I like the small eyes and back scales even more. Makes me want to get one.
  13. Loves me some big nightmare woogieness!
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