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  1. Ok. The the whole point of posting this on here was to get some feedback and to see if changes needed to be made. It now seems clear that some of the figures may need some Re-sculpting. Thank you once again for your feedback.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, ill look at that section.
  3. I know it looks like it might be awkward but we mould much more complicated models than him. Granted he may need a touch of back filling in one or two areas but they will be fine. The guy that makes my moulds is my oldest friend and has been doing it for 35 years and he thinks they will be ok. I must admit that mould making is a dark art to me so i stick to the casting side thats the easy part :)
  4. So to avoid any possible conflicts i have changed the wording. Now they are as Generic as you like. They can be used as and for anything. Thats the beauty of being able to show the project before it going live, it gives time for alterations. Thanks
  5. How is it IP theft? No Characters are the same only inspired by in part. As i explained they are a mix of inspiration from Dads Army and Terry Pratchett. There are hundreds and hundreds of figures out there that are similar to many other things. Look at any of the TV7 ranges for instance. Many fantasy figures can trace their roots in part if not in whole to Tolkein.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys i really appreciate it. Thanks for picking up on the spelling and grammar, thats one of the problems of working long hours and then sitting down to do other stuff (especially in the 30 degree + heat we are experiencing at the moment). As to the minis they will all be one piece castings. Video wise i'm certainly going to consider it but at the moment i only have the iphone video and my shaky hands! Postage wise i always use Royal Mail it may not always be the cheapest but i get less problems using them. Not sure why my previous campaign isn't showing. Look for Rudianos Raiders. They are a range of Celtic inspired Goblins sculpted by Kev Adams. Once again thanks for the feedback it's a big help before i go live.
  7. Thanks for the comments. In the gaming world inspiration comes from many areas, there is inspiration from Terry Pratchett (I,m a big fan) and also a bit of Dads Army thrown in amongst others. I appreciate the feedback so after a little bit of thought ive given the names a bit of a tweak and tidied a few of the images up.
  8. Hi Folks just a little preview of my forthcoming Kickstarter. Please feel free to have a look and any comments gratefully received. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonclawminiatures/750453509?ref=ghyrjo&token=7d6a211e
  9. I wasnt sure where to put it really, i thought here as it was presenting them, but you may be right. If the mods could move it to the correct part of the forum i would be grateful. Cheers Mark
  10. Firstly i'd like to say hello and thanks for having me. I hope this is the right place to these. I just wanted to share a project i'm working on for release a little later in the year. The first part of the project is a city watch group of characters that i have had sculpted fro the very talented Martin "Gero" Syzmanski. I'm very pleased with these as he really managed to get a lot of detail into the minis and i have lots more for him to work on once these are moulded and out. Please feel free to have a look and let me apologise in advance for the poor iphone photos. I'll take some better ones later. All comments appreciated.
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